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Digital Marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital Marketing

  1. 1. “Designing & Managing Your Digital Profile”MAGNE CONSULTING Pvt. Ltd.© 2012 MAGNE Consulting. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Agenda■ Our Offering’s■ MAGNE’s Story■ Our Credentials 1
  3. 3. Digital Profile @ What Digital Profile of a brand enables Reach to a large segment of Online Users/ New Channel Customer Profiling Agile Customer Communication Cost Effective Helps in creating a “Buzz” around the brand keeping the brand “Fresh’ 2
  4. 4. MAGNE’s Offering – Digital Profile Management Objectivity Market Analysis Research Analytics Social Branding Marketing Thought Leadership Posting On VariousPortals Online Forums Customer Service Search Business Marketing Networking Agility Online Brand Advertising 3
  5. 5. How we execute with your help• Objective of the Digital Profile • Design and Set Up of Digital – Short term, Mid Term and Profile - Designing and setting Long Term. up of Digital Profile (Portal , Social Media Channels and• Know the “Brand” - Genesis of Business Networking Brand, brand Perception & its Channels) in sync with market validation.; objectives identified and the Understanding the current governance framework of the marketing Strategy of brand, brand. Understanding the target group.• Designing of Framework – Creation of Content; Strategy Digital Management framework and Profile• Building a Roadmap Roadmap Set - Up Digital• A dashboard is created to understand Analytics Profile • Building up a Community and the demographics and Management Increasing Interactivity - various trends in i.e. Increasing Reach. By Customer Behavior, and using a combination of expectations following techniques Bulk Emails, Word of Mouth, Bulk SMS, Mass Community Building through the Face book Ad, Google Adwords , Banner Ads etc 4
  6. 6. Our USPs ■ Ability to understand the key business objectives and design the digital profile to map them in a periodic manner. ■ Over 50 + Man years experience of design , development and management of customer Digital Profile. ■ Understanding of the “State of Art” technologies in online space and the ability to marry them with business, marketing and governance framework for the given organization. 5
  7. 7. Agenda■ Our Offering’s■ The MAGNE Story■ Our Credentials 6
  8. 8. The MAGNE’s Story ■ MAGNE Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional Management Company (headquartered in Kolkata) which specializes in providing Advisory & Implementation Services around Technology, Marketing & Operations ■ Team MAGNE believes in creating “VALUE” for its customers, i.e. – eValuate , Acquire Knowledge, Launch , Upkeep and Enhance technology process of an organization. ■ Team MAGNE consist of Business Analyst, Project managers, Web designers , graphic designers, specialist in Architecture Design and Quality control. 7
  9. 9. MAGNE’s Team Team Strength (13) ■ The current MAGNE team composition ■ Executive Directors (2) ■ Principal Consultant/ Associate Directors (3) ■ Senior Consultant (4) ■ Consultant (2) ■ Shared Services (2) Advisors ■ MAGNE shares a close association with some very talented and experienced brains spanning academia and industry and has been benefitted with their presence both at the strategic and operation level 8
  10. 10. Our Team – Executive Directors Mitul Das ■ Mitul has got around 11+ years of experience and brings to the table a unique combination of working on almost all aspects of IT value chain. He has journeyed from being a Solution Architect specializing in SOA to heading the Sales & Marketing for an Indian IT SME ; in the path traversed he has also worked as a lead consultant for strategic consulting engagements ■ Mitul brings in a strong domain knowledge in ‘Retail’ and has design and development of Retail point solutions ■ Mitul is a MCA from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and has done diploma in Strategic Management from IIM-C Ayesha Hazra ■ Ayesha has got around 12+ years of experience and brings to the table a comprehensive experience in “Retail Domain” along with “Product Strategy & Planning” and has lead several initiatives in conceiving business solutions for Retail Vertical. ■ She has got comprehensive experience of handling Retail SME accounts like Blue & Blues, BRL, HUNT, Touristor, Steel Junction etc. whereby she led the engagement right from sales , consulting to product deployment ■ Ayesha has co-authored articles on ‘SToRAI’ the flagship publication of RAI on ‘Adoption of analytics for Indian Retail SMEs’ ■ Ayesha is an Electrical Engineer from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and has done her management from SPJMR,Mumbai 9
  11. 11. Our Team – Associate Director Jayanta Chatterjee ■ More than 15+ years of total experience including 11+ years in web development with experiences in User Interface design for web, desktop and mobile. Handled various kind of project including Static Website development, Open Source CMS application, Open Source Shopping Cart application, e-learning, iPhone and iPad application (UI), WAP site etc. ■ Extensive knowledge and experience in W3C Web standards (HTML 5/XHTML, CSS), cross-browser compatibility issues. Also, have Knowledge of Web 2.0, Ajax, Unicode and internationalization. ■ Strong empathic skills, able to understand how and why an interface succeeds or fails and spot problems in layout, architecture, flow, copy or presentation before they go into production. ■ Experience in leading web projects from a requirements gathering stage through design and build to delivery. ■ Strong understanding of user-centered design principles with the ability to address complex design problems and provide sound design solutions. 10
  12. 12. We at MAGNE believe in becoming a true trusted partner in the transformational journey –and not just advise recommendations those are not implementable We are not “power-point” consultants ■ We believe in delivering outcomes, and not reports or software solutions ■ We are fact-based – and always keep long-term, sustainable profitability at the heart of every outcome we design ■ We get “hands-on”, and draw from our experience in similar clients as well as larger/international benchmarks We are independent ■ Whilst we have capabilities in managing large, transformational IT-enabled programmes and solutions, we have no "downstream" commitments to any one product, vendor, solution or system integrator. Our recommendations are based solely on your needs. We are young, and we are hungry ■ You may not have heard of MAGNE, but we are backed up by seasoned and experienced profiles from blue-chip firms who have been there, done that – but coming with an entrepreneurial vigour to make a difference 11
  13. 13. Agenda■ The MAGNE Story■ Our Offering’s■ Our Credentials 12
  14. 14. Some of Our Stories■ Set Up Digital Platforms for … – For a Kids Apparel Brand with PAN India presence (with e-commerce implementation) – One of the most upcoming Leather Accessories brand with Pan India presence , with e- commerce implementation. – Set Up an Online grocery Store for a brand in Western India – A community portal for a very known CS of Eastern India. 13
  15. 15. Some of Our Stories■ Digital Media Partners to …. – A well known Fashion Jewellery brand in Eastern Region. 2000+ members in the Online space created in 3 months with a high degree of interactivity – One of the most upcoming Leather Accessories brand with Pan India presence. 2500+ people created in the Online space. – Well known Fashion house which deals with both ethnic women wear and also has a in house designer label. The platform created reflects fashion in the truest sense – Lifestyle brand which deals with Home Cleaning Products. – Social media partner for ISKCON’s Kolkata Rath Yatra  Strategizing and implementing their entire Social Media presence through different Social media channels like Facebook, Blogspot, Youtube, etc. 14
  16. 16. Some of our Clients 15
  17. 17. ContactsMAGNE Consulting Pvt. CONSULTING Pvt. Ltd.© 2012 MAGNE Consulting. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.