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Optimizing Your Digital Content for Global, Mobile and Social Users

In our always-connected world, the new reality is that marketing prospects will complete 70% of their buyer's journey before engaging with a sales team. This presents marketers with a new set of challenges. They must employ creative ways to engage potential customers and convert them into leads, such as taking advantage of non-traditional digital channels to generate awareness and influence. The corporate website is the pivotal touch point, becoming a “virtual” sales rep to deepen the relationship with prospects who aren’t ready to take a sales call. Having the right content and offering a rich, engaging experience become imperative marketing goals.

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Optimizing Your Digital Content for Global, Mobile and Social Users

  1. 1. Optimizing Your Digital Content for Global,Mobile and Social UsersGreg Ott, CMO, DemandBaseJeff Freund, GM and CTO of SaaS, Limelight Networks
  2. 2. #digitalpresence LLNW survey: 28% of marketing leaders manage 6 to 10 regional websites, while 32% managed more: is a digitalpresence?It’s how customers and prospectsare engaging with your company.It’s where they are engaging withyour company.It’s what content they areengaging with.
  3. 3. Q: So in a crowded market, how do you make sure A: Digital Presence - Make sure your content is prospects can find and everywhere engage with you?
  4. 4. #digitalpresence SiriusDecisions: 70% of the Buyer’s journey is complete before it gets to Sales Community ContentContent in today’s Solution Overviews Podcasts/Videosbuyer’s journey Social Networks Search Engines Press Releases Analyst Repost Product Specs Case Studies TestimonialsThe right content to the right Webinarspeople at the right time in the Blogsright format…. Loosening the Status Quo Committing to Change Explore Solutions Commit to a Solution Justify the Decision Make a Selection
  5. 5. What is your digitalpresence?‣ Content: How much? Who creates it?‣ Management: How is it published and in what format?‣ Distribution: Where is it?‣ Engagement: Is it reaching your prospect?‣ Conversion: How engaging is it and what’s its ROI?
  6. 6. #digitalpresence IBM CMO Study: the digital revolution is providing unprecedented opportunities to engage with customers. Why Is Achieving a GoodDigital Presence So Hard?
  7. 7. 10 Consistent, User-centric design Repeat business & repeatable content Published by Multi-pronged optimized for sales brand trust through development business user via distribution funnel Social Advocacy standard workflow9 Focused on user Anonymous visitor Engaged users with personas and ID and progressive relevant content & Digital presence profiles profiling data tracking community Dynamic and static8 content Complete social Consistent brand Multi-variate - A/B media plan and promotion and testing adopted updates Targeted social control7 media channels Role-based publication across Flexible/adaptable Consistent content Active social media multiple sites low-cost, high-value6 creation program engagement interactions Consistent content creation program Active community & Anonymous visitor5 Social media online customer ID and progressive accounts Taxonomy, workflow support profiling and search Integrated CRM with4 marketing and PR User data available Multimedia content Some repeatable UX but not effectively for one-time use flow utilized IT-reliance for3 publication Digital PR and marketing efforts Undefined audience, Print materials limited content Anonymous users delivered digitally engagement2 Manual Limited presence UX unfunded and Low conversion, Limited content non-strategic static landing pages1 Content Management Distribution Engagement Conversion
  8. 8. #digitalpresence 53% of marketers say social content brings highest ROIInternal processes and are killing us‣ Content Development • Un-coordinated business processes for content development (marketing, agencies, IT, business units, product teams)‣ Content Management • Reliance on IT for web and content updates‣ Content Distribution • Inability to do targeted social media channel distribution consistently‣ Engagement • Inability to do anonymous visitor identification and progressive profiling‣ Conversion • Inability to effectively harness user into actionable programs that better engage users and determine higher engagement content
  9. 9. “A focus on digital content meansrethinking the way business isdone.”“ Ernst & Young, “Digital Content Faces Its Challenges” 9
  10. 10. Move From Generic to Personalized #digitalpresence personalization can reduce bounce rates by 25%0
  11. 11. ROI is achieved only when messages connectto real people -- not just impressions or clicks From this To this #digitalpresence Target PEOPLE NOT PAGES
  12. 12. Better Data Integration = SmarterMessaging Right Person Right Message Right Time Relevance + Consistency 12
  13. 13. Print TV Display Search Social Print TV Display Search Social$ $ $ $ $ ROI ROI ROI ROI ROI 57% of marketers measure each of their channels, but only 28% measure the influence of one interactive channel on another Moving Beyond Swimming Lanes 13
  14. 14. Content Development and ManagementDrive organizational People Process Implementing agreed-change, breakdown Cross-functional workflow Governance guidelines upon contentsilos, and improving development guidelines, Executive sponsorship Digital strategic support collaboration and practices and standards communication Management structure Measurement across the business Digital Presence Readiness Technology Investing in unified Integrated platforms platforms or integration #digitalpresence Video is easy to do, between platforms ensure hard to do right! Nowhere is this more consistent content delivery obvious than the intersection of video and distribution and content management systems.
  15. 15. When it all comes together…• Web, Mobile and Social managed • Efficient workflow processes and as one digital presence. empowered marketing team.• Seamless reuse of content.• Cross channel brand, campaign and content strategy.
  16. 16. The B2B mobile web experience• Repurpose rich content from desktop website.• Automatic formatting of web and video content for mobile devices.• Fast, easy, intuitive navigation to product and solution information.• Social tools to drive influence in buying cycle.
  17. 17. Summary: Optimizing Your Digital Content for theConnected User 1 Users are multi-screeners. You need to be able to 4 To do digital presence management well, you reach them at anytime, need to first need to do a anywhere and on any baseline assessment of device. your company’s digital presence maturity. 2 Users are driven by context: where they are, 5 You have to move from generic data analysis to what information they need personalized data or want to do, and the analysis in order to amount of time they have. deliver relevant content at right time in buying cycle. 3 Today’s buyers will use a combination of channels 6 Integrate data analysis across all your marketing, to gather information so social medial and CRM it’s crucial for your platforms. organization to evaluate, modify, and manage all digital touch points.
  18. 18. Questions?Jeff Freund, GM and CTO, Limelight Networksinfo@llnw.com602-850-5000Greg Ott, CMO, DemandBaseinfo@demandbase.com415.683.2660