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Crowd sourcing docket_ss


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Reaching larger concerned community to share and contribute

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Crowd sourcing docket_ss

  1. 1. CROWD SOURCINGReaching a larger concerned community to share and contributeMake l Manage l Monetize
  2. 2. For over 2300 years Crowd Sourcing has impacted Humanity, from creating Empires to Armies to Enterprises to Movies..Make l Manage l Monetize
  3. 3. Over Centuries Governments have changed and new Political Orders have set in through Crowd SourcingMake l Manage l Monetize
  4. 4. Proposition Helping NGO’s raise funds innovatively Using Integrated marketing to Crowd source Reach larger audience in a very short span of time Reaching the concerned Community to raise funds / resourcesMake l Manage l Monetize
  5. 5. How does it work ? We create and manage an The NGO communicates integrated marketing effort Provides social proof , so their vision, objectives and about the NGO to that any supporter gets activities to us. communicate and engage confidence. the interest groups. Apart from managing We regularly update and digital collaterals, we also engage the patrons / The funds are collected on manage the activity on public about the progress behalf of the NGO. relevant Crowd sourcing and activities of the NGO / Platforms. project.Make l Manage l Monetize
  6. 6. 3 CDM Model Our Proprietary Communicate model for Direct effective execution of Strategy Consolidate Collaborate Diaspora Digital Mobilize Monetize MaximizeMake l Manage l Monetize
  7. 7. Integrated Marketing Activities Public Mobile Relation Social Media Communication Media Web Site Print Out DoorMake l Manage l Monetize
  8. 8. Channels & Benefits E-mail Activity Web Site Campaign Mobile Channels Instant Messagingreach Crowd Blogs Sourcing Platform Social MediaMake l Manage l Monetize
  9. 9. Getting Started Signup communication Engage and Channels manage Consistently Activation One time Setup Fee Project Account Creation Photos, Audio, Video, Press Clips, etc. in Consultation with Collaterals from Campaign the Organization Organization DesignMake l Manage l Monetize
  10. 10. What does it include? Website Integrated • Design Communication • Annual Maintenance • Communication Strategy • Content • Multi Channel Coordination Integrated Campaign Collaterals Events • Digital Collaterals • Concept • Coordination • AnchoringMake l Manage l Monetize
  11. 11. About Us Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda: A Serial entrepreneur Satya Maddela: A seasoned and successful Leader and a dot com venture pioneer in India across, with track record of producing, presenting and Internet Technologies, Business Analytics and managing the implementation of innovative business Consulting. An active mentor and speaker on Social solutions. A Cloud specialist with innate Media and entrepreneurship across various forums, understanding and experience of Social media, is an is a Graduate from Bangalore University and an Electronics Engineer with MBA from Harvard alumni of IIM,Bangalore. University. +91 95388 90390: +91 98860 98480: satya@168interactive.comMake l Manage l Monetize