Harvesting insights from social big data


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November 2012

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Harvesting insights from social big data

  1. 1. Harvesting insights fromsocial big data at DellGeorge SadlerDirector, Social Media and Customer InsightsGlobal Insights Group (GIG)
  2. 2. Conversations are happening… …whether you are listening or not2
  3. 3. Some “Predictions” Regarding Market Intelligence of Tomorrow 1. Market Intelligence is quickly coming under the same Transformational pressure that is sweeping through IT marketing organizations. 2. The New Buyer is the catalyst and will create a more demanding New Client for Market Intelligence teams. 3. Weekly or Daily intelligence demands will add to your Quarterly or Monthly demands. 4. The best Marketing organizations will integrate their MI assets into a single apparatus: today’s “traditional” MI with tomorrow’s Social Marketing Intelligence. 5. Disintermediation…MI organizations who do not seize this opportunity risk being bypassed by their internal clients.Copyright 2012 IDC Used with permission from IDC – Rich Vancil, Group Vice President – Executive Advisory Strategies 3
  4. 4. How Mature is YOUR Social Marketing Intelligence ? (IDC’s 2012 Social Marketing Maturity Model) OptimizingHIGH Formal People Formal Listening  Knowledge sharing culture Communicating  Distributed, Centers of First Listen…. …then Communicate Excellence org structure  Continued investment in Developing  Intelligence is gathered  Communication via training and staff from listening with planned campaigns socialytics (social data strengthened by listening Process analytics applications)  Socialytics embedded to PeopleMarket Impact Experimenting support executive decisions  Enthusiasts evolve into People  Social marketing is evangelists embedded in mktg/sales  Investment in Social Marketing staff  Collaboration difficult strategies People  Investment in training Process Technology  Enthusiasts emerge  Greater movement towards widespread use  Pockets of strategy  Predictive analytics in use  No formal Social Process Marketing staff  Little or no formal  Continued investment in  Corporate level executive sponsorship processes tools Process  Policies and guidelines are in place Technology Impact  No strategy Technology  Social Marketing increases  No policies/guidelines  Small budgets  IT is engaged awareness, provides value  No executive sponsorship  Some automation tools  Investment in socialytics (creating loyalty), and Technology  Rarely supported by IT drives leads Impact  No formal investment Impact  Message amplification  Inbound Social Marketing offers intelligence on markets, Impact  Initial successes help  Social Marketing ROI is prospects, and customers; and assists in product drive adoption within reach LOW  Low impact development  Outbound communications elevate awareness, have increased impact, and begin to influence buyers LOW Social Marketing Maturity HIGHCopyright 2012 IDC Used with permission from IDC – Rich Vancil, Group Vice President – Executive Advisory Strategies 4
  5. 5. Leading social listening at Dell • Chief Listening Officer and Director of Social Media and Customer Insights • 20+ years in intelligence, customer research, and large-scale data analytics spanning national defense, law enforcement, manufacturing, and technology industries. George Sadler • Current mission: Chief Listening Officer – Own Dell’s global social listening strategyDell Social Media and Communities Email: George_Sadler@Dell.com – Manage Dell’s Global Insight Group – Develop innovative methods to derive customer, competitive, and market insights from social media – Combine Social insights with other traditional research methods to build a more holistic view of customers and markets 5
  6. 6. Listening is a full-time commitment at Dell Listen, Learn, Engage & Act 6 years ago: 4000 posts per day (English) Today: 25,000 posts per day (English) - Listening in 11 languages 24/7 - 6
  7. 7. COTS tools we use…currently Listening, Publishing, Engaging, and Analytics Crimson Hexagon Sprinklr Vitrue Radian 6 Appinions Brandwatch Standard BI tools Data Processing (Excel, SQL, SAS) Clarabridge NodeXL Whit.li Visible Data Providers Kred DataSift FlipTop ExperianLexisNexis 7
  8. 8. Creating new tools for measuringmarketing impact• Using advanced statistical models to measure the impact of our business decisions on our brand• Measuring and quantifying customer sentiment and enabling deep analysis of trends• Working with academia to extend these models to new Dell use cases (e.g. NPS) Brand Health Model Social Net Advocacy (SNA) Dell Patent Pending8
  9. 9. Customer insights without socialis only half the picture How is social listening integrated with market, competitive and customer research at Dell Traditional research onlygives you half the picture and Listening to segmented “communities social alone isn’t enough of interest” for insights, leads, and influencers Passive segmentation of social signals for ethnographic and unaided customer research Quantifying social signals to improve brand health statistical models Benchmarking social research against more traditional methods9
  10. 10. Developing new methods to conductcustomer research• Answering questions without asking them and segmenting the responses in ways meaningful to us• Listening to special communities (medium businesses, manufacturing, Fast Forwards)• Developing comparable methodologies to traditional customer research approaches Segmenting customer conversations in social… …to do unaided research10
  11. 11. Some early successes…  Identified 27 new product search terms based on how customers talk about products – Increased SEM impressions by 27%  Product use issues identified and addressed in social media earlier than other feedback channels  Embedding social media sentiment analysis into our business management system / dashboard  Listening to Win8 conversations to influence our product naming, launch and GTM strategy  Preliminary analysis of customer sentiment trends have shown correlation with NPS = “Social Listening Post”11
  12. 12. Thank you