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This is a presentation I put together for a project working with jobseekers who were NOT high-end professionals. A large company laid off bunches of people, and most were retail workers and manufacturers who didn't know too much about online media. I was asked to put together a 4-day training that made it easy, and this is the result. Day 4 was reserved for any advanced material for which the group showed interest over the first 3 days.

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Social networking in the job search

  1. 1. How to “WOW” your Online NetworkPersonal Branding, Marketing, and Job Searching on Social Media
  2. 2. Social Networking in the Job Search Day 1 Introduction and Overview:Why use Social Networking to Find a Job?
  3. 3. What is an Online Profile?• Online snapshots of the user’s life• Professional or personal• Multimedia: Words, Photos, Audio, and Video, hyperlinks
  4. 4. Is Social Networking in a Job Search only for Executives?• More upper-level professionals and HR managers are on LinkedIn that anyone else – Connecting to them uncovers leads
  5. 5. Is Social Networking in a Job Search only for Executives?• LOTS of people are on Facebook – In July 2008 19.55% of USA used Facebook – In July 2009 22.52% of USA used Facebook – In July of 2010 about 150M – 50% of USA • And that’s of the total population! • (LinkedIn has only 70M worldwide
  6. 6. Do You have Specialized Skills?• Jobseekers with experience in a unique field, or working with rare machines or tools, should absolutely be online!• Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR staffers go looking for people with unique and specialized skills on the internet – They search social media – They use Google, which pulls up Facebook & LinkedIn
  7. 7. Did you work for a big name Company?• Employers in similar fields often search for competitors’ names on social media as a way of finding employees who already have the skills that employer needs.
  8. 8. Other Uses for Social Media in a Job Search• Connect directly to hiring managers and recruiters (overstated)• Find companies that are hiring• Create a positive result for Google searches
  9. 9. Using Social Media in Job Searches• Find people you know who work for companies that may need you• Find people you don’t yet know who can connect you to jobs• Communicate with multiple people at once about your search
  10. 10. Netiquette• Technology changes  changing rules – Spelling, abbreviations, acronyms, phrases • NOT acceptable for professional communications • NEVER TYPE IN ALL CAPS – THIS IS READ AS SHOUTING! • Blurred difference between professional and personal
  11. 11. Netiquette–R U abl 2 read ths Or RU a N00B? IC ur havin trouble OMG LOL! NP though. JK CU L8R :)
  12. 12. DOs and DON’Ts• Potholes to watch out for: – Inappropriate content on your own profile – Inappropriate content on others’ profiles – Content that you have deleted may come up in Google for months or years to come – Cyberstalking
  13. 13. DOs and DON’Ts• Dangers of Not Having a Profile – No control over the results of a Google search – Miss practical, useful connections without realizing it – What will happen over the next 5 or 10 years?
  14. 14. DOs and DON’Ts• Defenses – Be conscious of who can see your profile • Facebook – Private • LinkedIn – Public • Visual CV – Public • Emurse – Public • Twitter – Private or Public
  15. 15. What You Will Need to get StartedA Photo A Resume A Computer (Or a place you An address can access one)
  16. 16. Social Networking in the Job Search Day 2 Creating an Online Profile: Facebook and LinkedIn Unveiled
  17. 17. Facebook• Start here. It is more – Fun – Popular – Likely to get you hooked on social networking
  18. 18. FacebookLook Fancy! Let’s take some pict-chas!
  19. 19. Facebook
  20. 20. Facebook• Profile Building: • Do not have to answer every question. They will tell you if you have to answer. • Your answers do not have to appear publicly • Key points: – Profile Picture – Education and work – be extensive – SOME likes and interests – Contact info – link to your LinkedIn page, blog, website, visualcv, twitter, etc. – Bio (write something about yourself) – mention your job search
  21. 21. Follow Facebook’s Prompts toCreate a Profile
  22. 22. Facebook• What is a status update? What is the news feed? How do you use them for jobseeking? – Repeat important messages 2-3 times – Talk about successes from your job search frequently in your status message. Keeps your search fresh in friends’ minds. Keep it positive! – Tag your friends whenever you can talk about them in your search. They will be notified about your post, and so will their friends!
  23. 23. LinkedIn
  24. 24. LinkedIn
  25. 25. LinkedIn
  26. 26. LinkedIn• LinkedIn will also walk you through building a profile, and they will have a meter showing how much more you have to do.• Try to get this meter to 100%
  27. 27. LinkedIn• Once you have a profile begun, this video will help you use LinkedIn to proactively find a job
  28. 28. LinkedIn
  29. 29. Social Networking in the Job Search Day 3 Kick it Into High Gear: Joining Groups, Answering Questions, Blogging, & Managing Websites
  30. 30. Groups• A group on Facebook or LinkedIn is: – An online conversation between people who share an interest – A public statement about what your interests are – A great way to “meet” people who are in the same industry, field, or area of study as you
  31. 31. Groups  To browse Groups, click “MORE”, and then click “GROUPS” on your Home Page
  32. 32. Groups Machinist Use the search box at the top of the page to search for a term from your work.Then click again on “GROUPS”
  33. 33. GroupsPublic Groupscan be browsedby anyone.You must requestto join PrivateGroups
  34. 34. Groups• Use Groups on Facebook as a means of – showing off your knowledge – networking with other jobseekers – requesting and sharing leads• LinkedIn uses Groups as well, and will suggest Groups for you to join, based on your work history
  35. 35. Groups
  36. 36. Groups
  37. 37. Groups• LinkedIn also has a Q&A section to help you network and show off your knowledge.• The Q&A section pulls up in Google
  38. 38. Groups
  39. 39. GroupsYou can browsegroups by industry… 
  40. 40. Groups…and drill down intoyour specialty 
  41. 41. Blogging• Blogging requires being a producer or a conduit of information Blog = short for “Web log”: an online journal• One big form is “MicroBlogging” (i.e. Twitter)• Blogging is a way to allow potential hiring managers to passively get to know your personality and body of knowledge
  42. 42. Blogging••• (micro-blogging)
  43. 43. BloggingThings to Remember:• Write Frequently• Be positive• The best blog posts show off your personality• Promote your blog – tell your Facebook & LinkedIn friends. Tell your “real” friends!
  44. 44. Blogging You canstart yourblog inunder 15minutes –if you knowwhat youare goingto say!
  45. 45. Linking Your Websites Together You can enter the web address for your LinkedIn Page, and for a blog, on your Facebook profile. People who see this will be able to learn more about you. ↓
  46. 46. Linking Your Websites Together
  47. 47. Linking Your Websites Together  You can do the same thing on LinkedIn
  48. 48. Linking Your Websites Together For a blog, choose “other”. If you choose “blog”, you will not have a chance to label that blog with a description.
  49. 49. Linking Your Websites Together •You can also link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account. •Your Twitter updates will become your LinkedIn updates. •Less work for you! 
  50. 50. Linking Your Websites Together You can do the same thing with your blog
  51. 51. Linking Your Websites Together
  52. 52. Linking Your Websites Together
  53. 53. Linking Your Websites Together
  54. 54. Linking Your Websites Together• You may also want to check out which allows you to manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter from one site• Or, if you would like to run all 3 websites, you can use Twitter to post to both Facebook and LinkedIn
  55. 55. Social Networking in the Job Search Day 4 Advanced Social Media Features and Tools