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2012 Social Media Job Search


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How to find a job using social media. Social media job search presentation presented by James Loomstein, Digital Space Consulting. Dallas, Texas based social media consulting firm.

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  • Great presentation James - don't forget to include (as a tool that replaces the job search spreadsheet - organize your contacts, target companies, etc. Disclaimer: I created/designed this back in 2006)
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2012 Social Media Job Search

  1. The “How To Social Media Job Search” Overview Digital Space Consulting | 2012 “Nobody ever got a job sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.” - Me
  2. The lines aren’t airplanes - they represent the real time, constant flow of data across the world
  3. The New Reality….People use social media to create their personal brand,search for jobs, and connect with companies, products,people and ideas – how are you connected? Your resume is now a search
  4. Wait…About Me• Integrated marketing firm with over 10 years of direct advertising agency experience• Extensive expertise in core marketing – including: – Local search marketing – Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) – Search Engine Optimization – Insights and Web Analytics (Google Analytics) – Marketing Strategy – Brand Positioning – Targeting/Segmentation• Plus – I’m a dad, husband, and sports junkie• Oh, and I sat in your spot and used tools like these to find a job….
  5. Agenda• Why should social media should be a part of the job search strategy• A nice little video• Where do people get started / what platforms should they use (And, what’s a platform?)• How to create a game plan for job seekers• Daily resources for every job seeker• My warning• Q&A
  6. Why should social should be a part of your jobsearch strategy• Gain visibility • Unlimited access to professionals in your target audience• Provide transparency • Being open and honest allows you to connect with others on common ground• Helps you “give to get” • Ask for help only after offering help to others the majority of time• Allow “nobodies” to become somebody • Create and cultivate your personal brand What The ROI of Social Media?
  7. Social Media – Use These Platforms• Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are networking tools - Designed to connect you with friends, family, and employers• Social media helps you extend your reach • When you let people know you’re looking for work, they let their friends know, and so on and so on • By using social media to assist your job search you are potentially casting the widest global net you possible can
  8. Nice video – but seriously, is it really like that? • 695,000 Facebook status updates • 1,500 blog posts • 13,000 iPhone apps downloaded • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts • 694,455 Google searches • 98,000 Tweets
  9. The stats are wildly impressive – but not really helping. Can this blah, blah, Facebook, Twitter,blah, social media thing really… Help People get a Job?
  10. The “How To” Social Media JobSearch Hello World……
  11. Step 1: Create a home• What you will be able to do • Direct people to your online profile via email, business cards, LinkedIn, etc. • Provide a 30 second online commercial about you that works 24/7 • Create a centralized link to your digital footprint • LinkedIn • Twitter • Facebook • Blog
  12. Next, Create profiles – engage• Get a Gmail email address• Become a student of each platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)• Engage and start conversations – offer help and answer questions• Make sure that your profile is updated• Share useful content such as articles, etc. that your target market would value• Write your profile for the job you want, not just the job(s) you’ve had• Include keywords that are relevant to the type of job that you are searching for• Optimize your profiles to let recruiters find you
  13. Then, optimize your profiles (LinkedIn)• 100% completed profile• Write for the job you want, not for the job(s) you had• Add a picture• Share news• Ask for recommendations• Join groups• Section (certification, classes)• Skills
  14. So how to use LinkedIn in your job search• Create a detailed profile – write for the job you want / not for the job you had • Think about the top three to four keywords that you use to search for jobs• Include: employment descriptions, education, industry, photo, and website links• Include all of your resume keywords and skills in your profile • Make it easier for recruiters to find you• Get recommendations from people you have worked with• Follow your target companies• Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Job Search — sign up for automatic alerts• Use LinkedIn ‘Groups’ and ‘Answers’ to network and demonstrate your expertise in your field• More connections = More opportunities
  15. And then use these tools from LinkedIn
  16. Next, optimize Twitter• Add a picture • Use same picture across all social media profiles• Write a keyword based description • Use as your 30 second commercial• Use a link to your social media profiles • LinkedIn • Magnt /• Find people to follow (Like recruiters) •
  17. How to use Twitter in your job search• Follow known experts in your industry • Tools like can help you identify them • Follow (#) Hashtags and frequent• Follow job search sites • Search Twitter for job openings • Search by location, job titles, company names, or hashtags • I.e., #jobs, #job, #jobsearch #jobseeker, #dallas, #marketing, #career • • • (find people/recruiters) • Sign up for job alerts (mobile, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook)• Follow recruiters • Go to (log into Twiter) • Type “recruiters” in search box (search for lists) • Find what you like – click “follow” • You’re now following your selected list on Twitter
  18. Be An Authority – Find Something To Say: GoogleGoogle Reader• Web-based aggregator, capable of reading RSS feeds• Have content automatically sent to your Google account• Alerts• Set up Google Alerts to help you monitor job leads that never appear on major job boards• Search query: (Dallas AND marketing)• Set up a Google alert for : • Your own name to monitor your personal brand • Company press releases • Keyword research • Industry events/news updates •
  19. Be An Authority – Find Something To Say:LinkedIn• LinkedIn Signal -• Filter: Browse only relevant status updates from your stream• Search for keywords, topics or people across the stream• Get an auto updated real-time stream with rich content• Find the hottest trending links across any relevant topic• And one more thing: saved real time searches
  20. Game plan The key is to make• Create profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) yourself visible on the• Establish a simple one page website ( Internet – through your • Post your philosophy, passion, experience website, by blogging, and• Listen to what jobs are being posted via value based use of • Google Alerts social media. • Twitter:• Build and develop a personal and professional online brand that reflects your skills, background, passions, experience, and personality• Questions you should always be asking yourself • Who are you writing for? • What is the purpose? • What is the call to action? • What are you measuring?Platform Tools Description Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayLinkedIn Anwers, company follow,Twitter Search Search.twitter, wefollow,, KW search listorious.comTwitter Posting HootSuite Idea, questions, articles,Facebook Posting HootSuite Build communityBlog Wordpress Though leadership/solution
  21. That was a lot….Can we organize the chaos ?• Here is how to manage the social you • • • Google Alerts • Google Reader • What you will be able to do • Schedule tweets/Facebook/LinkedIn posts automatically • Automatically news alerts sent directly to you (person, company, industry)
  22. Social Media Job Search – The Bottom Line
  23. Two Last Things + My Warning
  24. 2 Find Out What People Are Searching For - Find your top 3-5 terms - People search (LinkedIn) - Google Insights1 Create Profiles - Optimize profiles - LinkedIn 3 - Add keywords to headlines, titles, - Facebook descriptions, summary, skills, links to - Twitter websites, bios, etc. 4 Find Stuff To Say / Organize Content - Google Alerts - Google Reader - LinkedIn News/Signal - Twitter List/ Listorious - 5 Say Something - Hootsuite - LinkedIn - Twitter Measure - Facebook 6 - # Followers - # Connections - # LinkedIn Views - # LinkedIn Searches
  25. ResourcesProfile set-up Google Tools Twitter Tools • • Google Reader • • • Google Insights • • • Google Trends • • Word press • Google Alerts • Job Search/NetworkingSocial media profiles Business Cards • • Facebook • • • Twitter • • • LinkedIn • • YouTube Automation Tools • • • Top ResourcesSocial Media Monitoring • • • • Google Alerts • • • Google Reader • • •
  26. My Warning• It’s your brand - Own it• Once you engage – you have to stay engaged• Build community and fans will expect you to be available• Expect raving fans who will want to get involved• You don’t have to do everything – do something• Perfection is the enemy of good
  27. Questions – Let’s connect 214.263.8522 James Loomstein, MBA
  28. Digital Space Consulting @eDigitalSpace Thank You