Networking, Job Seeking & Social Media


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Presentation on using Social Media for Networking and Job Seeking

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Networking, Job Seeking & Social Media

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Develop Your Network and Career Mark Hennessey
  2. 2. Session Objectives• Gain an understanding of why using Social Media is critical for finding opportunities and advancing your career• Learn best practices in creating your profile and building a social network• Learn how a small investment of time in developing your network can pay huge dividends in your career• Learn the Do’s and Donts of using Social Media in a job search
  3. 3. A Little Data About Social Media• If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd most populated in the world, ahead of the U.S.• 500 Billion – the number of minutes spent on Facebook per year• 95% of companies are using LinkedIn to recruit• 59% use Facebook• 42% use Twitter *Statistics from Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  4. 4. • LinkedIn is an Internet platform company focused on connecting the world’s professionals• Website launched in 2003 and is the world’s largest professional network – 85 million members – Representing every country and executives from every Fortune 500 company• Over two-thirds of the Fortune 100 now use LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions to find, contact and hire great talent for their organizations *Statistics from LinkedIn
  5. 5. Your Profile (And How to Get Found)• Photo• Work History/Summary/Specialties – resume feature• School• Interests• Contact Settings – use name (dot) (at) format• Be honest – People will call you out The closer to 100% complete, the better!
  6. 6. My Profile
  7. 7. How NOT to Make a Good Impression• 33,825 users who are in “mangement”• 60,085 users who are “mangers”• Only 10 Exceptional “commincator”s but 27 “communcator”s• 960 users who are a “professonal” and 150 who simply are “professonals”• 11 “Business Devlopment Professionals”
  8. 8. Groups• 50 Limit• Members• Rules• Job Boards• National & Local – Corridor Job Club, LinkedIowa, Diversity Focus, Alma Mater
  9. 9. Viewing Group Members
  10. 10. InMail• Why InMail? – You can reach out to people you may not actually have a face to face relationship with – You can send a message to the people that you need to contact without relying on a long chain of contacts using LinkedIn Introductions – You can contact a LinkedIn member without knowing that persons email address – You dont have to be a premium member to receive or respond to InMails – There is a 7 day guaranteed response. If no response is received within 7 days your account will be credited with an InMail on the 8th day. – Cost is $10 each with a free account
  11. 11. This Doesn’t Work AnymoreTo Whom This May Concern: I am interested in a position with your company, I and believe that my education and employment background that is equivalent to a significant amount of relevant experience together are appropriate for this position. I am confident that my background and skills in journalism, free lance writing and print media with additional exploration in social media research will prove to be an effective match for your qualifications. I believe that the combination of my print media, journalism, newspaper writing and editing experience is well-suited to the position you described. I have enclosed a copy of my resume as a Word attachment with additional information about my qualifications. I am also willing to volunteer or intern with your company to obtain the necessary skills to use in the Mass Communication field, I look forward to receiving your reply. Thank you for your consideration.Sincerely,XXXXXX
  12. 12. Introductions• It is a 2 way street – be willing to give and receive• Introductions let you contact members in your extended network through the people you know• All LinkedIn members (even those with free accounts) have a certain number of introductions they can request• Introductions expire after 6 months if the receiver doesnt respond• Once the member accepts your introduction you can exchange information and do business• You wont become 1st degree connections unless one of you invites the other to connect and the request is accepted
  13. 13. Invitations• Template – just change the name• Add value• The dreaded “IDK”• Limited number and eventually will have to request additional invites
  14. 14. TemplatesHello, As a member of the Corridor Job Club group, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m looking for a new opportunity (AS A BLANK) (OR IN THE FIELD OF) and wanted to connect with industry experts. If you are not open to connecting, please ignore this invitation. Thanks! Mark Hennessey Hello, I am hoping that you will help me with an introduction to XXX. I came across XXX profile on LinkedIn and wanted to introduce myself. I am looking for a new opportunity (AS A BLANK) (OR IN THE FIELD OF). Given XXXX background, I thought XXX may be willing to share their expertise. If you are not open to helping, that is fine. Please ignore this invitation. Thanks for your assistance! Mark Hennessey Hello, I came across your profile on LinkedIn wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mark Hennessey with Vangent, a General Dynamics Company. I’m looking for a new opportunity (AS A BLANK) (OR IN THE FIELD OF) and wanted to connect with industry experts. If you are not open to helping, that is fine. Please archive this InMail. If you would like to connect to help build both our networks, just let me know the e-mail address for the invitation since this does not actually connect us. Thanks in advance for the consideration. Mark Hennessey
  15. 15. Connections• Kevin Bacon – 6 Degrees of Separation How big is your digital Rolodex
  16. 16. Importing Connections• Use the address book importer to import your address book directly from web-based email clients such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, or use the Outlook address book importer
  17. 17. Free vs. Premium• What is the cost and is it worth it? – Basic account is free and will typically allow you to only a limited number of people per search and no InMails – Job Seeker is $29.95 per month (5 Inmails, more search results) – Job Seeker Plus is $49.95 per month (10 InMails, More Invitations and search results)
  18. 18. Job Seeking• People – 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections• Companies – follow companies• Groups – search for contacts within a group• Compliance – you will likely have to apply to the company website for compliance reasons
  19. 19. How do I find potential connections?
  20. 20. Search Tips• Use generic title keywords rather that specific skills• Booleans (AND’s, OR’s, -’s)• Use filters to narrow by: location, industries, groups and company names• Company Profile searches with employees
  21. 21. Applications• Books – your reading list (library)• Recommendations – offer and ask (get at least two)• Events Application• / Google presentations – your resume presentation• WordPress - updates from your blog
  22. 22. LI Extra’s• Send an invite to new contacts this week• Use your Outlook signature line• Updates – remember to add value• Link to Twitter• Use important search keywords throughout your profile• Export your contacts-
  23. 23. Become a Subject Matter Expert• Demonstrate your expertise on LinkedIn Answers – LinkedIn Answers is one of the best places on the web to share business knowledge – By demonstrating your expertise on LinkedIn you earn recognition that helps you build your credibility
  24. 24. Use the JobsInsider Toolbar• Once installed, the JobsInsider toolbar integrates into your web browser, so when you are viewing a job listing on an external job site, you can automatically see your inside connections at that company
  25. 25. • Personal yet professional• Profile – Settings – HIGHLY recommend private• Generational differences – Grandparents can keep up with their grandkids• Photo’s – careful about tags• Mobile• Causes, games and other time wasters
  26. 26. • “Don’t be an egg”• Tweets - 140 characters - # hashtags• Cell phone updates• Profile – can I be found?• Followers/Following• Outlook signature• Finding people with Tweets
  27. 27. • Over 200,000,000 users• Over 180,000,000 per day•••*Statistics from Touch Agency
  28. 28. • April 23, 2005 – 1st Video Uploaded• May 2010 – YouTube exceeds 2 billion views per day• Second most popular search engine next to Google• *Statistics from You Tube
  29. 29. Privacy SettingsDo you want the world to know you aregone?Just viewed by friendsIt’s my life!
  30. 30. Final thoughts• Out there FOREVER• It takes time to build a network• Keep it fresh and learn from other power users• Add value to your posts, be someone that people want to hear from
  31. 31. Questions?• Contact me at• Invite me on LinkedIn• Follow me on Twitter @markhennessey
  32. 32. Easy First Steps/Homework• Complete your profile within 72 hours• Connect with me on LI• Spend at least 20 minutes a day adding new connections (10 per day x 5 days = 50 new connections per week or 200 a month)