Social Media Success for Marketers and Entrepreneurs: Beyond the Basics


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Reviewing 3 powerful tools that can help you save time while engaging successfully with your audience, spying on the competition, discovering people to follow and reporting on your social media efforts from an easy report with HootSuite to more elaborate statistics with SocialBro and finally, a complete measurement suite with Simply Measured.

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Social Media Success for Marketers and Entrepreneurs: Beyond the Basics

  1. 1. Social Media Success for Marketers & Entrepreneurs: Beyond the Basics Milena Regos Out&About Marketing
  2. 2. ‣ Award winning marketing professional with 20 years of traditional and digital experience in B2C and B2B. ‣ Founder/Principal Out&About Marketing, digital marketing and social media consultancy focusing on results, word of mouth campaigns and creating long lasting relationships with customers. ‣ Frequent speaker on marketing and social media. Past appearances include 1-800-Flowers, American Marketing Association, TriNet and more. ‣ Skier, paddleboarder, mountain biker, yogi, traveler. About Me
  3. 3. More than 80% of SMBs plan to increase their use of social media Source: Media Bistro
  4. 4. But you have more important things to worry about
  5. 5. These 3 systems can really help
  6. 6. #1 #2#3 HootSuite
  7. 7. Add a link Select a network to send to: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Attach an image
  8. 8. Great way to schedule ahead tweets and evergreen content
  9. 9. Quick access to all your networks and important streams
  10. 10. Add social networks, streams and apps
  11. 11. Stay on top of the news with HootSuite Syndicator
  12. 12. Monitor your competition with a Twitter list/ HootSuite tab
  13. 13. Monitor a hashtag Set up geo- location search for local businesses
  14. 14. Monitor and comment on Google+ and Instagram
  15. 15. Organize your teams and networks. Set up approval process and conversations within HootSuite
  16. 16. Review all scheduled updates in one place
  17. 17. Review all updates for the week
  18. 18. Review all updates for the month
  19. 19. Run reports from ready templates or create your own
  20. 20. See your Twitter Profile snapshot
  21. 21. Check out your Twitter growth over time
  22. 22. Review you Twitter engagement metrics
  23. 23. See which links are most popular / number of clicks
  24. 24. Identify influencers (Module going away)
  25. 25. How many clicks did you get over time
  26. 26. Brand reputation monitoring / What’s the sentiment
  27. 27. Get a snapshot of your Facebook pages directly in HootSuite
  28. 28. See how you stack up against your competitors
  29. 29. Connect with Google Analytics
  30. 30. Use HootSuite to: ‣ Set up a social media dashboard to manage multiple accounts and social networks ‣ Advanced Twitter techniques for business success ‣ Monitor Twitter lists ‣ Work as a team ‣ Get easy reporting
  31. 31. Social Bro
  32. 32. Search for your customers on Twitter, sort them by influence and add them to a list so you can engage in the future
  33. 33. Review each profile separately right within SocialBro
  34. 34. Identify your influencers and the people who you influence and engage with them
  35. 35. Powerful Analytics
  36. 36. Identify which tweets generate high engagement
  37. 37. Review your engagement metrics and discover individual tweet metrics
  38. 38. Compare your account to 2 more accounts
  39. 39. Review the follower’s bio tagcloud
  40. 40. Quickly follow/unfollow people
  41. 41. Improve your engagement
  42. 42. Discover better targeting. Convert emails into Twitter profiles.
  43. 43. Use Social Bro to: ‣ Build your community ‣ Target ‣ Get powerful analytics ‣ Benchmark against your competitors ‣ Get best time to tweet reports ‣ Follow/Unfollow
  44. 44. Simply Measured
  45. 45. Serious measurements + some free reports
  46. 46. Understand Facebook’s engagement over time
  47. 47. Get your complete Twitter picture
  48. 48. Twitter engagement
  49. 49. Followers activity
  50. 50. Potential Impressions from brand and users
  51. 51. Get a complete snapshot of all your channels
  52. 52. Review engagement across social networks
  53. 53. Provide a report for each network
  54. 54. Review channel activity
  55. 55. Influencers Engagement and Reach
  56. 56. Use Simply Measured to: ‣ Measure all of your social networks in one place ‣ Get advanced analytics and know what’s working ‣ Improve your social media reach and ROI ‣ Competitive analysis and benchmarking ‣ Download to Excel or PowerPoint
  57. 57. Q&A Thank you! Slides on: milenaregos For marketing & social media help: Twitter @milenaregos