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An introductory presentation for beginnners to Twitter reviewing how to get an account, where to find followers, anatomy of a tweet, best practices, third-party apps that are absolutely necessary and everything you need to get started on Twitter.

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Twitter 101 presentation

  1. 1. Twitter 101 Milena Regos Out&About Marketing
  2. 2. • Award winning marketing professional with 19 years of traditional and digital experience in B2C and B2B. • Founder/Principal Out&About Marketing, digital marketing and social media consultancy focusing on results. • Frequent speaker on marketing and social media. Past appearances include American Institute of Floral Designers, Strategic Marketing Group Technology & Marketing Conference, 1-800-Flowers and more. • Native Bulgarian. Skier, paddleboarder, mountain biker, yogi. • On Twitter since 2006. About Me
  3. 3. Personal Story
  4. 4. Twitter Stats • Twitter has 500 million users. (Source:TechCrunch) • 32% of all Internet users are using Twitter. (Source: MarketingLand) • The USA’s 141.8 million account users represents 27.4% of all Twitter users. (Source:All Twitter) • 60% of Twitter users are using social network via mobile. ( • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter. • Many people drop the service after the first month. Retention rate is 40%. (Source: Mashable)
  5. 5. What People Tweet Source: Mashable
  6. 6. Creative break:Why/ Who doYOU want to be on Twitter?
  7. 7. What is Twitter? • Micro-blog • Public chat • Mobile friendly • 140 characters message • Can include a link and shorten the link with a url shortener • A great way to meet people • Instantly connect to what’s important to you
  8. 8. Fastest growing social platform in the world
  9. 9. Get an account
  10. 10. Business Profile Use every element of the business profile to tell your story Source:
  11. 11. Twitter lingo • Mention - you can mention someone with their twitter handle @milenaregos how are you today? • Retweet - you can retweet a tweet by adding RT in front. • Hashtag - using #whatever you can create hashtags that allow people to follow a discussion. Great for chats, conferences and SEO. #justdon’toverdoit • Followers - people who follow you • Following - people whom you follow • DM - Direct Message is a private tweet.You can only send to people who follow you. • Lists - way to organize your following • Link - a link to a website, blog, image, video • Favorites - tweets that you favorite (similar to bookmarks)
  12. 12. 1. hashtag 2. mention 3. reply 4. retweet 5. link Source:
  13. 13. Exercise: Create your first tweet. You can send it to me @milenaregos if you want
  14. 14. Home will show you the tweets from everyone you follow This is your profile
  15. 15. Find people to follow
  16. 16. More places to find Twitterers • Blogs • on Twitter • Websites • News • Other social networks • Your contacts • Email newsletters
  17. 17. Exercise: Find and follow your first 100 people. Add 15-20 people each day.
  18. 18. To get more followers • Add your twitter handle to: your voicemail, your email signature, your business card, on the front door of your business, on your contact form, on your about page, on your brochure, on your ads, in your newsletters, at the bottom of your blog posts, on your Facebook profile, on your Linkedin profile, on your receipts, on your invoices, on your packaging. • Where else?
  19. 19. Third-party apps
  20. 20. Exercise: Get a HootSuite or TweetBot account
  21. 21. Exercise: Start having conversations with people. Min of 2-3 day.
  22. 22. Questions? Milena Regos Out&About Marketing Twitter: @milenaregos Slides are available at: All images are credit of CreativeCommons unless indicated otherwise.