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Amy Hobson Partner SocialB


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“The 4 Key S’s Of Social Media Success”

Published in: Social Media
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Amy Hobson Partner SocialB

  1. 1. The 4 Key S’s to Social Media Success @SocialBuk @amyjht
  2. 2. SocialB  Social media & online marketing experts - social media training courses/webinars - Inhouse social media training - social media consultancy - search engine optimisation (being found on Google, etc) - Pay per click  Social media council The Digital Marketing Experts
  3. 3. What will you leave with today?  The four key areas to build social media success  Tips on using social media as part of your every day business The Digital Marketing Experts
  4. 4. There are about 2.1 billion active social media accounts in the world The Digital Marketing Experts
  5. 5. How it relates to business  Businesses can – and do – use social media. For every major business function of every organisation, there is an equivalent social media function:  Research=Listening to the conversations people have with each other to understand their wants and needs  Marketing=Talking in the conversations people have with each other to spread messages about your company and products  Sales=Energising customers to sell you by finding your most enthusiastic customers/employees and supercharging them online  Support=Supporting customers to support each other by setting up tools that help them do this  Development=Embracing customers to work with each other by integrating them into the way your business works The Digital Marketing Experts
  6. 6. The 4 key S’s to social media success Strategy Social SEO (keywords) Search The Digital Marketing Experts
  7. 7. Strategy The Digital Marketing Experts
  8. 8. Social Media Strategy  Without a plan you plan to …  What does success look like?  How has your business become successful? With a plan/strategy by any chance?? Q1 “What do we want to achieve with our social media activity?” The Digital Marketing Experts
  9. 9. Social Media Strategy  Your overall objectives will inform what you do in social media in terms of:  Who you want to connect with  What content you share  How you interact with people  How often you need to interact with people  How you want to influence people to act The Digital Marketing Experts
  10. 10. Social Media Calendar Things to talk about April Half term activities Easter May Topic 1 May Bank Holiday MO N TUE S WEDS THUR S FRI SAT SUN Blog Twitter LinkedI n Faceboo k Pinterest YouTube In social media, it’s key to Do Something Every Day!  When you create a new blog post, tweet about it! When you attend an event/show/networking, follow up with someone you met by connecting with them on Twitter. Read any interesting blog articles? See a good video on YouTube? Post it on Twitter! The Digital Marketing Experts
  11. 11. Measure, Measure, Measure!  Google analytics  Hootsuite/Tweetdeck  Sproutsocial  Tweetreach  Socialmention The Digital Marketing Experts
  12. 12. Good old Excel The Digital Marketing Experts  Weekly per platform  Monthly on one tab  Create graphs
  13. 13. Social The Digital Marketing Experts
  14. 14. Two-way communication The key feature that differentiates social media from traditional media is its facility for two-way dialogue  This brings with it a number of important advantages:  More powerful engagement  Improved recall  Active involvement  Participative for both parties  Make this principle core to a social media strategy The Digital Marketing Experts
  15. 15. The Digital Marketing Experts
  16. 16. Examples of social content 26/06/14
  17. 17. SEO The Digital Marketing Experts
  18. 18. SEO  Search engine optimisation  Search engines index websites & social media platforms  Google, Yahoo, Bing have to decide what answers to give people  SEO = having the right keywords that people search on  More on this in relation to social media later The Digital Marketing Experts
  19. 19. Where to go keyword digging?  Use Google Keyword Planner  Use the search engines and their predictive text  If you pay for advertising on Google adwords note these down  Use your Google Analytics data (keyword source)  Google Insights Trend tool The Digital Marketing Experts
  20. 20. Google Keyword Planner The Digital Marketing Experts
  21. 21. Google Keyword Planner  Note down longer keywords i.e. ‘how to trade stocks’ – great tip later!  Think like a client! Ask friends / colleagues what they would type in  What locations do you cover? City, county, regions, UK wide, global  Set up an excel sheet with keywords/keyphrases so they can be used across all your online areas (social media, website, etc.)  Review every two to three months if you get the chance The Digital Marketing Experts
  22. 22. SEO friendly Twitter  The Bio also contains relevant keywords  The locations they cover  What they sell  What to expect  Some personality  Where to find them The Digital Marketing Experts
  23. 23. SEO friendly LinkedIn The Digital Marketing Experts Industry, job title, location
  24. 24. Search The Digital Marketing Experts
  25. 25. Search Top of Google search for this location The Digital Marketing Experts
  26. 26. Search – Twitter & Facebook The Digital Marketing Experts
  27. 27. Search - Blogging The Digital Marketing Experts
  28. 28. Search - YouTube example The Digital Marketing Experts
  29. 29. Great Social Media Tools for Search  Hootsuite/Tweet Deck/Sproutsocial  Use to set up streams to target your audience  Use for lists – great way of staying in touch with people (Twitter)  Scheduling – but don’t get in that trap apart from blog posts etc  Measuring – all have a stats section The Digital Marketing Experts
  30. 30. Hootsuite  Keywords streams  Monitor competitors The Digital Marketing Experts
  31. 31. Search - Twitter keyword examples  Searching for the right keywords By setting up a search for London and hostels this type of information will be ready for you respond to key targeting but potential great results! The Digital Marketing Experts
  32. 32. Next steps… If you feel you need some further help with your online marketing presence, SocialB offer: •Social media management •SEO and PPC services •Website builds Come and have a chat or call 01223 258000 or email or The Digital Marketing Experts
  33. 33. Stay in touch! +44 (0)1223 258000 @SocialBuk @amyjht The Digital Marketing Experts
  34. 34. Thank you for attending The 4 Key S’s to Social Media Success @SocialBuk @amyjht