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A2 Media Studies Pitch


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Smith Westerns - 'Weekend'

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A2 Media Studies Pitch

  1. 1. PitchEmma, Tom & Michelle
  2. 2. ArtistSmith Westerns• Smith Westerns are an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois, taking their influences from the likes of David Bowie and T-Rex.• We chose this band because we thought that they were a good example of the Indie Rock genre and that they fit well into the connotations associated with it.• We wanted to use this artist due to their carefree nature and because they are a young band which we, as teenagers, can relate to.
  3. 3. Song & Video‘Weekend’ – Smith Westerns• The existing video for ‘Weekend’ consists of shots of the band having fun & doing ordinary things – we felt that this showed the carefree nature of Indie Rock bands and wanted to try and replicate this in our own video.• We chose this song because the music is quite cheery and would be an ideal pace to edit to. In the Indie Genre we have found many examples of more upbeat songs and analysed them which helps us to draw inspiration and comply to common codes and conventions we have found in certain music videos.
  4. 4. Audience Profile& Target AudienceOur fan is a 18 year old male from a typicalmiddle-class background, who is extremelypassionate about the music he listens to. Histypical dress code is skinny jeans, baggylayered clothes such as plaid shirts and hoodeddenim jackets and other various vintage-looking items. He wears band shirts frominfluences such as Nirvana, Black Flag and T-Rex, who inspired the skinny-jean look. In hisspare time, he attends gigs featuring IndieRock bands and plays the drums in his ownband. He enjoys skateboarding through townand eating pizza. Mainstream music, in hisopinion, is overrated and has no personality –he prefers less well-known bands onindependent labels. He centres his generallook around the appearances of the bands helistens to.
  5. 5. Album/DVDAlbumSmith Westerns + Friends Mixtape• We decided to create a mixtape as opposed to a regular album because it’s a different concept to that of many other albums, linking into the genre by being unusual.• It features Smith Westerns songs as well as tracks from other artists in the genre. Remixes of Smith Westerns songs is also included.DVDWill include: Image of Band• Music Video for Weekend CD DVD• Live performances• Tour footage
  6. 6. Ideas for Digipak ArtworkThe album artwork for Smith Westerns needs to representnot only the band’s musical style but also their image ingeneral. We took inspiration from other Indie Rock bandssuch as Bleeding Knees Club album, which featuredseemingly random images – fitting well into theconventions of the genre. The artwork should include:• A cat• Dolphins• Palm trees• A yin yang symbol• Pastel colours• Name of band Artwork Idea
  7. 7. Idea/Synopsis for VideoOur video idea is inspired by conventions that we have analysedwithin existing Indie Rock genre music videos.Our video will include:• A shot of the ‘present’ – 3 guys exit a tent, hung-over & confused• Zoom in, zoom out of a fire to show flashback• A flashback to ‘the night before’ – skateboarding, having fun, visiting shops• Shots of polaroid photos, cats & vintage clothes• Shots of 3 guys drinking at one of their houses• A ‘live’ performance is cross-cut between shots of drinking• A handheld camera to show ‘low quality production’ – shaky• Back to present – shows guys picking up the camcorder and watching back their own videos
  8. 8. Storyboard Examples
  9. 9. Ideas for Locations York City Centre Woods (for camping) Living Room
  10. 10. Ideas for Props Guitar & Drum Kit Tent CamcorderSkateb0ard Vintage Clothes