Analysis of music magazines front covers


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Analysis of music magazines front covers

  1. 1. Analysing MusicMagazines: Front Covers By Marwa Saroya
  2. 2. This is the firsttype of musicmagazine cover Iam going toanalyse.
  3. 3. MASTHEAD & STRAPLINE The image and text is layered giving more depth and feel to The strapline advertises the Shows what the the page and helps it stand magazine by mentioning its out more magazine is success specifically based on and immediately identifies the target audience It’s a pug The Masthead has a clear font in bright red which stands out as the size and layout is big Date to show enough to be read from The masthead how recent a distance also it will appears behind the the issue is The title of the magazine is image this makes stand out on a shelf ‘Rhythm’ which shows a the image look link to the genre of the more powerful. magazine; the magazine is a drumming magazine and drums are the main source of the rhythm of the music.
  4. 4. MAIN COVER LINE & COVER LINES• The cover lines are made to • The fonts used for the look messy as it represents cover lines are either the magazine genre which is • Barcode drumming therefore it • Name mentioned of the makes it look crazy and artist on the front cover. really full of stuff The font is really clear• Conventions of this is that and just like the more than one image is masthead its in capitals used –the other small also in white so that it images look like snapshots can stand out from the added to the cover dark background.• The cover lines on the left • The banners are used to of the of the cover are help standout the main purposely put there so that attractive parts of the it will attract attention of magazine where it the customers when its on involves the audience. the shelf as it mentions • ‘THE BEST NEW GEAR’ – ‘Learn to play…Plus full and the list below it; notation’ which will excite show the list of the the readers who are into perfect drumming gear. learning more of music and drums and how to play the music.
  5. 5. LANGUAGE & WRITTEN CODES The language helps grab the attention of the audiences, such as naming it the ‘UK’S best selling’ would attract attention of those who are interested and its obvious the audience would want something that is well-known and worth paying for. The phrase ‘Behind the mask of’ has a double meaning. The term is commonly used to see the ‘truth’ about a subject however in this case it could also refer to the masks that The word ‘Learn’ are used on stage by the invites the audience band. This alternative to learn something meaning would be new and be part of recognised by ‘those who The magazine mentions the name of know’. the person on the front cover- Joey the music Jordison which is purposely done to physically. ‘EXCLUSIVE’ is a powerful word attract the attention of the audience as it attracts attention by as he is well known in the rock, mentioning what the magazine drum side of the music industry. has to offer.
  6. 6. COLOURS • The main colours Red, black and white are like a running theme of colours for the front cover • They personify the genre of the magazine also match up with the appearance of Joey Jordison who is on the front cover • These bold colours are used to make the cover lines and masthead stand out from the dark cloudy background • The colours are specifically used as it shows manly colours which mean it’s a male dominated magazine • The dark red for the ‘Rhythm’ could represent gooey blood and a spooky side of the genre • The use of yellow on ‘Kings of Leon’ stands out from the other writing as it’s a brighter colour how ever more lighter
  7. 7. IMAGES • The drum sticks show the targeted audience who are into drum magazines it symbolises the genre of the • The eye contact with the audience is really • The smaller image shows the powerful as it is the rock band Kings of Leon first thing that also performing which relates to catches our attention the genre of the magazine • The way Joey Jordison is dressed connects to the theme of the magazine • The composition and • The body language of framing is a long shot and Joey shows aggression the image has been and seriousness digitally manipulated
  8. 8. Design The design of the magazine shows a typical structure of a drum based or rock magazine as the front cover is full of writing and has more than one image which adds to the structure to make it look scattered also the colour of the fonts used for the text play a big role as they are the main thing that makes it look rock/drum based as they are dark and bright colours however they stand out and attract the audiences attention. The smaller images are as if they’re stuck on just to fill up the page however make the magazine look more part of the genre also the main image itself is really powerful because of the eye contact with the audience and the long shot fits in the persons image perfectly .Overall impression The overall impression Ive got after analysing this particular magazine cover is that it has developed my personal understanding of music magazines itself and helped me realise there are particular colours and the look or structure of a magazine would depend on the genre of the magazine therefore if I was to analyse another magazine which is based on drums/rock music I will most likely come across these colours such as black and white or even red also there will be more than one image.
  9. 9. This is the secondtype of musicmagazine covers Iam going toanalyse.
  10. 10. MASTHEAD & STRAPLINE • The Vibe magazine have a specific way of having their Masthead for familiarity and its their identity • The image and text is layered giving more depth and feel to the page and helps it stand out more • The definition of VIBE is "Atmosphere, ambience“ • The word Vibe is more Urban therefore it tells us that there will be more about music in the magazine. • The masthead suggests that inside you’ll find out more about the music side. • Also the image covers up the ‘B’ of the magazines name which makes it unclear however it wouldn’t matter as its obvious and people who already know the magazine wouldn’t actually effect them • The letter ‘V’ seems to be italics and tilts slightly
  11. 11. MAIN COVER LINE & COVER LINES • The pink font connects with the • The names are colour of the hoody Lil Wayne is• The clearly wearing website mentioned of advertises the artists on and allows the front cover for extra to again attract content online the readers attention • The extra stories Barcode may not be related with the music genre however may Barcode attract the targeted• The main headline is audience • The less • Also the cover lines are connected whose on the important cramped up on the sides to front cover of the magazine information is in make sure they do not cover up which would draw more smaller writing the main image fully attention of the audience and make them want to read the cover story
  12. 12. LANGUAGE & WRITTEN CODES • This helps interest the audience who may want to read other related stories of people they• Shows a positive and negative side to fame recognise. and being part of the music industry. • This main cover line relates to Lil Wayne and interests the audience of • Mentioning Trey’s name and his presence things we on R&B music wouldn’t know about him and of his personal life. • ‘The curious case of Buju Banton’ ;Play on words • The word ‘passion’ suggests the love for music
  13. 13. COLOURS • The colours used on the cover of the magazine represent an RnB type of genre as you would class RnB to be more darker colours which would be the house style. • The red used for the masthead helps it stand out from the dark background as it catches the audiences attention really quickly also it’s a really bold colour therefore it matchs up to the boldness of Trey Songz on the front cover • The white is also used for the text as it clearer to read • The colours on the magazine all together show that it’s a male dominated magazine where the colours are bold and dark which makes it more manly
  14. 14. COLOURS • The colours used for the front cover are mainly pink, black and white • The pink causes contrast between Lil Wayne’s hood and his name on the front cover • It helps it look more unique as you are less likely to find such a colour on a male dominated magazine also it helps stand out from the white background because of its brightness • The background is kept white therefore its simple and plain so that the image would stand out mainly and the cover lines • The black for the masthead shows a stereotypical house style for a male dominated magazine as it gives seriousness but also stands out
  15. 15. The word ‘RAPE’ on his belt creates strongIMAGES effect, because it is in upper case. Here it The image of Lil Wayne shows power of the male gender over women. are specifically used as Furthermore it again reflects on his careless it would attract the attitude, of what people think of him. audience as he is a well- The mass known artist. amount of tattoos His mouth is open and his eyes are imply on looking down on the genre the reader giving of R&B. the higher status look and making The smaller images of Justin and T.I the reader feel carry on showing that it is a male uncomfortable. dominated magazine also it helpsThe colour of The gold chain attract and interest the audience ashis jacket is around his neck they both are famous and well knownpink, which gives a more people.creates an gangster image.impact of ‘Lil The outfit that he is wearing reflect on the imageWayne’ being that ‘Lil Wayne’ is trying to portray. The ‘bling’masculine The main image of ‘Lil that he is wearing represents a very repulsive,with his pose Wayne’ creates an effect of aggressive and pimp like the a careless, powerful,audience of a moody and serious attitude The fact that the tattoos are on show with the jacket zipvery serious to the reader. This image is undone creates impact that ‘Lil Wayne’ is not ashamed ofgesture, but more likely to attract the what people’s opinions are of him and of his body, and thatcan also be male target audience as it he wants everyone to know that he is above all the rest, bysaid that he is shows how males act andcomfortable consider themselves to be looking at his facial expression.with his the one with all the powermasculinity. and high authority over women.
  16. 16. IMAGES The mass amount of tattoos on Treys body also imply on the genre of R&B.The cover of This image is a mediumthe magazine close-up showing onlymay appeal togirls and head, shoulders andattract their upper chest placed in The smaller imageattention more the middle of the page. of Young Jeezyas Trey Songs The eye contact is really shows the next issuehas got his top strong and powerful as it of the Vibeoff magazine which the is directed at the audience also his body audience should language is strong as he look out for also this is facing the camera. helps advertise it Also it helps cram His body seems to be oiled and shiny up the extra space which is done on purpose to give sex on the front of the appeal and as Trey Songz usually cover appears to be like that normally it brings out his personality
  17. 17. DesignBoth the designs of the Vibe magazines are similar as the style and angleof the picture taken is exactly the same as it is a mid long shot also theuse of bold bright colours to attract audiences is similar as they helpmake the cover lines and mast head stand out. Also the eye contact andbody language is really strong as it grabs the audiences attention.The magazine is classy as its organised and structured in a certainway, it only has one main image which the focus is fully on and showsthe main artist on the cover who should be already well known.Also the colours do conform to the colours you wouldUsually see in a music magazine mainly these are black andwhite however it also depends on the background and whichwill stand out.Overall impressionAfter analysing two of the Vibe magazine covers itshows me that magazines do have a signature design orparticular way of structuring their magazine to eithermake it look more wild or classy depending on thegenre of the music and what represents it more.