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Magazine Pitch


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Magazine Pitch

  1. 1. PitchNames, Target Audience, Music Covered, Format, Style of Magazine & What Is Featured on the Page
  2. 2. Chosen Name of my Rock Magazine3 Possible Name Ideas• Momentum – this flows easily off the tongue and would therefore draw the reader in. The word itself has connotations of energy and things being in sync with each other. This relates to the genre of my magazine because the rock genre and it’s fans are often associated with being lively and having a lot of power.• Thrash – this word would work well as a title of my magazine because it is short, snappy word which connotes things such as beating and violence. This is something often linked to the rock genre as many people (sometimes wrongly) assume that it’s fans are vicious and aggressive.• Acid – this is a catchy word that would draw the right target audience into my magazine, and would also link well into the genre, letting the audience know what this magazine would contain. It has connotations of hostility, intensity and power. The final name that I have chosen for my rock magazine is Acid. This is because it links into the genre of the magazine as it connotes things such as aggression, violence and passion and it is a sharp, cutting word which is easily remembered and usually has many other negative associations. These things are often linked to the rock genre and its fans and would therefore draw in the specific target audience.
  3. 3. Target AudienceThe target audience of my rock magazine will be 16-25 year olds. I have made this decision from a few different factors:• Firstly, from the target audience research I conducted by analysing existing rock genre magazines. I found that what almost all of the magazines had in common is that they include profanity and subjects and topics that would be unsuitable for children. This means, by making my target audience mid- teens (young adults) to twenty-five year olds, that my magazine will not expose children to inappropriate material for their age.• Secondly, my media pack analysis and research means that I have been able to view the mean/median ages of the audience who view and buy that specific magazine. So, the mean age of Kerrang! readers is 22 and the median age of NME readers is 23. These ages fall perfectly within my magazine’s target audience range and has helped me get an idea of the things that are suitable for my audience. Also this research was helpful as my rock magazine will be similar in some aspects to that of NME and Kerrang!.
  4. 4. Music Covered I have chosen rock as the genre for my magazine. This means that this genre will influence the kind of music and the content that will be featured in my magazine.• Acid will feature new 21st Century rock and alternative bands that are currently popular with the audience, such as My Chemical Romance, You Me At Six, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, 30 Seconds To Mars, Blink-182, Asking Alexandria, Avenged Sevenfold, Lostprophets, Four Year Strong, Evanescence, Muse, The Blackout and more. By using new, existing, popular bands this means that the audience will be drawn in more to the magazine on the shelves because it features bands that they actually want to read about and look at. I know this would be beneficial from the audience filling out my questionnaire because 92.3% of people surveyed said that they bought magazines for the content and music.• The magazine will also include information about gigs and concerts that may be taking place and where to buy tickets, as this is something that interests the audience and viewers of the genre.
  5. 5. Style/Content of Magazine & What’s Featured on the Contents & Double Page Spread Acid will be an independent magazine that features rock music throughout, with conventions of the genre evident on every page produced, with a house style and colour scheme created that links into the genre and will grab the audience’s attention.• It will feature an article on the double page spread that interviews a specific band about their rise to fame and how they are progressing with their new album and upcoming tour. I have chosen to do this because this is something that the audience often want to read about as they like to feel they are closer to the band by being informed about their progress. It also keeps them hooked when they know that new and sometimes exclusive information is going to be released in the magazine.• The contents page will include conventions of the genre and clear indications of what page each article/review/etc is featured on. It will also include images and a message from the editor of the magazine.• It will also feature independent reviews about bands, new and old albums, new singles and occasionally fans reviews on gigs and concerts that have happened within the last month.