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  1. 1. By Brett Dickenson
  2. 2. ConventionsAll good magazines must have conventions on them. These conventions are things such as the masthead, sub-titles, barcodes, price and date and the issue number.These are very important as they must attract the audience in some way, for example the colours used, size, fonts etc. All magazines follow the same rule of making sure the genre of their magazine is obvious and the audience knows what they want just by looking at the front cover.This is why conventions are so important because they make the magazine more realistic and give the reader a good idea of what the magazine is going to be about.
  3. 3. This skyline will appeal to the target The majority of the audience will be The body language and facial expressionaudience as this would be the music they attracted to the artist due to the used by Eminem convey to the audience alistened to as well as modern music. interest they may feel to his music negative representation. The direct contact and him as a person. The serious that Eminem has with the audience reallyThe idea of rehabilitation look he is giving off may relate to helps it to be a eye catching front cover. Thethrough these words his story and this may make the crossed arms that Eminem has something torepresent Eminem in a audience more interested to carry hide and this would attract the audience topositive way and appeals on reading. carry on reading.to the audience throughcuriosity.This headline is used to The puff is used to boost thecreate direct speech to the status of the magazine. Theaudience. Also by adding font used is very bold and lookssuch a traumatic part of like it has been stamped on thespeech it creates impact page and it signifiers power.and causes the audience tohave sympathy. They arealso tempted to buy themagazine out of curiosity of The plug involves includingwhat happened to the artist. well known artists from the rap genre. The use of well known artists reassures theThe play on words suggests reader that the magazine willthat the article will be be a good value for money.Eminem coming clean fromdrugs. This intrigues theaudience as their needs arebeing gratified through The mis-en-scene used attractsentertainment. If they are the audience. For example, thetrue fans of Eminem they will dark clothes could representcertainly want to find out darkness and relate tomore about him. Eminems story. Real life magazine conventions
  4. 4. The masthead on my The main image on my front cover is very bright and eye catching. I used a mid shot and focused directly on themagazine is very clear and groups expressions. The facial expression shown by the ‘Last Kings’ are very serious however also happy. Thiscreative. The title wavy conveys to the audience a positive impression. The lead singer of the group on the right has a direct contactsticks to the main colours of with the audience and is also slightly closer to the camera whereas the producer/DJ doesn’t have direct contactmy magazine (red and and is further away from the camera. This shows how the lead singer has the most authority in the group. The DJblack) and the A in wavy has of the band has a signifier on his hoody which is ‘Last Kings’ and shows who they are.a signifier. It is the knownshape of the magazine andwhen people see the shapethey should know straightaway that it is ‘WAVY’ themagazine. The bold four The bold font at the bottom of the pageletter font is like ‘VIBE’ the is very eye catching and the use of twoprevious magazine and colours in one makes the front covermakes my magazine look more unique. The ‘exclusive’ makes itrealistic. sound more interesting as it sounds more rare and unlikely to happen. ThisThe rhetorical attracts the audience as they want toquestion attracts the know more about the new up andreader as it inspires coming group last kings. The last kingsthem to read on ‘Is is in a red and could signifier how2012 the year of serious the group are. The other artistsmusic?’ this makes on the left are in white whereas the lastthem want to read on kings are in red and are different. Thisand answer the shows they are someone to look out forquestion themselves. and this makes the reader want to read on to see what the last kings are all about.The plug of my frontcover involves wellknown artists whichwill attract the readersattention. It shows thereader what the genreof the magazine is My magazines‘R&B’ and alsoreassures the readerthat the magazine willbe a good value formoney.
  5. 5. th real life e of my p ictures wi m anglesI linked so e camera rtists to s ee how th linked. a -en-scene and misBoth are mid shots with very serious facial expressions. They both lookvery modern and are casually dressed. The light shining on both of the pictures shows the importance of the people in it.
  6. 6. How does your product represent particular social groups? For my front page to be a success I had to research into real life magazines to get a full on understanding of how I could represent my particular social group. The R&B is usually stereo typically looked upon as black people who produce the music. However on my magazine I decided to go against the stereo typical view and use Caucasian males to represent the genre of music. However it would be stereo typically easier for the audience to know what kind of magazine it is if I used black males as the majority of R&B artists are black so it would be easier for the audience to relate their race with the music. The image on my front page has a denotation of hoodies and hats. The connotation of the hats and hoods represent a certain social group. This group is a ‘gangster’ like group and it shows how the clothes they wear links with the R&B artists of today. The image on the right shows how the clothes relate to real life R&B artists. How have you represented teenagers in your product? My magazine was based around the teenage market hence why I included bands who teens would listen to a lot. I also included a teenage group on my front page as teenagers can relate to this photo and a small minority may even aspire to be like them and see them as role models. I believe the USP of my magazine was the clear representation of who it is aimed at. I made it very clear that it was aimed at teenagers through my conventions. During my preparation for my magazine I conducted a questionnaire which show 90% of my participants agreed they could relate to my music magazine. My audience in my questionnaire were between the ages of 14-17 which means they were all teenagers. My magazine was a very male dominated theme. The group on the front of my magazine are males and all the artists included in my magazine are The bottom picture shows a real life also males. However if I was to complete my magazine again I would have included females so that my magazine would have been aimed at a wider R&B artist ‘Wiz Khalifa’. It shows how audience and this could be a improvement for the future. my image relates to the style of R&B with black hats and hoods and the connotation of these relate to the social group of ‘gangsters’.
  7. 7. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?If I had to pick one media institution who would distribute my media product it would defiantly be ‘The Island DefJam’. There are various reasons why TheIsland DefJam would be the best media institution to distribute my media product. For starters my magazines genre is R&B and The Island DefJam are oneof the best producers for R&B artists today. They help out artists such as Rihanna, Rick Ross, Frank Ocean and Big Sean. All these artists listed are at thetop level of R&B and Hip-Hop and all belong to The Island DefJam Music Group. Also a lot of The Island DefJams music is loved by teenagers in fact themajority of their audience is teenagers. This relates to my magazine as it is also aimed at teenagers. Below is a magazine which has an Island DefJamartist on and also my magazine to see how they relate through style and genre. Both magazines have a very eye catching image and both people in theimage have the same sort of modern, fashionable and teenage style. Straight away you can see that they are both R&B/Hip-Hop magazines in variousways. As you can see below the artist ‘Big Sean’ from Island DefJam records has many things in common with my magazine. Both images are very eyecatching as the facial expressions used relate with the color red, serious and intriguing. Also they are both very fashionable and teenagers would look up tothis fashion. This is a good feature because my magazine is aimed at teenagers. I believe Island DefJam would be the best media institute to distribute myproduct because the names listed on my front page are all related to Island DefJam. The two lads in my image have been heavily influenced by artists fromIsland DefJam and you can see this how they dress similar to the R&B artists of today. On each magazine there are clear signifiers to show the magazines genre is Hip-Hop/R&B. On the real life magazine on the right, the ‘Giving you 12 years of Hip Hop’ shows you straight away the genre of the magazine. On my magazine on the left ‘Who is the best rapper ever?’ also shows the audience that the genre of the magazine is R&B/Hip-Hop. Another way both magazines show the audience the genre of the magazine is through the list of well known R&B artists. Both magazines use bold font on the artists to catch the audiences attention and make the audience want to read on. Both magazines have also used red as there main color. This is because red is a very vibrate and powerful color this may also help catch the audiences attention.
  8. 8. Who would be the audience for your media product? My audience for my product is teenagers. I aimed my product at teenagersdue to many reasons. I believe the music my magazine focuses on is listened to by teenagers more than any other age. Also a lot of teenagers look up to the artists I have mentioned and are inspired by them. This makes the audience want to read on if they see the people they like and are inspired by. The R&B scene is stereotypically black people as the majority. However the music has spread over the years and all races now respect and love the R&B music of today. Artists such as Eminem have inspired teenagers of today that it is not just black people who can make quality R&B music.
  9. 9. How did you attract/address your audience?I attracted and addressed my audience in various ways. Through the use of conventions on my front cover I made my front cover as modern and eye catching as I could. I researched other real life magazines and tried to get ideas from them. I addressed my audience through trying to relate theteenagers on my image with the teenage audience who like R&B. I includedmany well known artists to help address my audience especially ones who a lot of teenagers look up to today. My magazine on the left shows how I used various conventions to attract my audience. I used red as my main color because it is eye catching and relates to the boys expression of seriousness. Also the ‘exclusive interview’ on my front page makes it seem like to the audience that the interview will be interesting but have to read on to see it. By using teenage lads as my background it is much easier for the teenage audience to relate to their music.
  10. 10. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?I have learnt a lot from technologies from the process of constructing this product. I have used various different technologies such as Blogger, Prezi and also PowerPoint. All have these have made it easier for me to thoroughly describe and evaluate. I used various other things such as photo editing. This helped me to make my images more eye catching for the audience.
  11. 11. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?