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What have you learnt about technologies?


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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What have you learnt about technologies?

  1. 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Software Used:• Adobe PhotoShop •SlideShare• Internet Explorer/ • Blogger ( Chrome • YouTube• Survey Monkey • Forum sites (Kerrang!)• Microsoft Products: • Blackboard Word • Sony Vegas Pro 10 PowerPoint Publisher Hardware Used:• Camera • External Hard Drive• Computer/Laptop • Card Reader• Memory Card • Video Recorder• Memory Stick • Mobile (iPhone)
  3. 3. Research Production Evaluation& Planning • Adobe PhotoShop • Microsoft:•Internet Explorer/ •Blogger ( WordGoogle Chrome • Camera PowerPoint• Survey Monkey • Computer/Laptop • Internet Explorer/• Microsoft Products: • Memory Card Google Chrome Word • Card Reader PowerPoint • Memory Stick Publisher • Microsoft Publisher•SlideShare• Blogger (• YouTube• Forum sites (Kerrang!) I used certain tools throughout the different stages of• Blackboard making my product, from the beginning research to the• Sony Vegas Pro 10 end evaluation. I have had experience with a lot of• Computer/Laptop different software and hardware by creating this magazine• Video Recorder that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise such as• Mobile (iPhone) Blogger which I used for the first time for this project.
  4. 4. Things I Have LearntDuring the making of this project I have leant many different skills regarding the various tools thatI have used. Two of the main things that I feel are important are Adobe PhotoShop and Blogger( This is because a large majority of my project centres around these twosoftware tools and so using these has really helped in developing my skills and I now feel a lotmore confident using this software.The blog that I created has beenreally useful in displaying my workefficiently as it is accessable fromanywhere, whether that be college orhome and also on my mobile so that Icould update my posts and entries if Iremembered something on the go!I especially liked the way that theblog displayed the images becauseyou could choose from manydifferent sizes depending on whichyou felt was better. Also, it was verycustomizable which was a bonusbecause I was able to give it a darkcolour scheme and an appropriatebackground.
  5. 5. Things I Have Learnt #2PhotoShop was the main software used throughout myproject because my magazine was created solely usingthis, and so I had to become familiar with the interface.Creating the York College magazine as a tester madesure that I knew how to use the basic tools such as thetext tool and adjustment layers, as I would be usingthese the most to add text and articles and adjust thesettings on my photographs. I also learnt to do moreadvanced things such as cut around my subjects headfor the front cover so that it overlayed the masthead asthis is often found on rock magazines.Another thing that I have learnt to use is SurveyMonkey because this tool helped me tofind out what my audience would prefer in my magazine (such as style of photography etc)and what age the target audience is. This has been really helpful when creating mymagazine because I could cater ACID to the specific audience to achieve the result Iwanted. It also helped me to create surveys which looked professional and were very easyto create and fill in, which was a bonus as the audience don’t want complicated surveys.
  6. 6. Key Questions• I feel like I could have completed this task in some aspects without technology.However, this would have been extremely time consuming and wouldn’t have been asefficient as things would have to have been kept in a paper file instead of over the internetand on the computer – this is incontinent in case things got lost. Having a blog meant thatI could update whenever I wanted and wherever I wanted and keep presentation neat andtidy and didn’t use up any paper. I wouldn’t have been able to create my magazine usingPhotoShop software and so the presentation would have been extremely poor.• I think I could have completed the project without the blog because documents could beprinted out instead of being kept online. This is doesn’t mean that I would want to do thishowever, because the blog was one of the main aspects of the project that I enjoyed andgave me ease of use.• PhotoShop played a large part in creating my project so doing it without it would havebeen difficult and expensive so I’m grateful that I have learnt the skills to navigate thesoftware efficiently.•The positives of using technology was that the blog was easy to run and maintain andcreating the survey was very quick and was sent over the internet meaning it didn’t useprinting costs and was completed a lot faster.•The negatives were that if the website for the blog was down then I didn’t have access toit which was quite incontinent when I wanted to update quickly.