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Social Media MBA - Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2013


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These days it's not who you know, but WHO knows YOU that matters, and one of the best places to get known is through social media. This fast-paced half-day session will take you through the major social media platforms and give you actionable items to implement immediately. We will give you tips and best practices for using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

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Social Media MBA - Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2013

  1. 1. WELCOME… SOCIAL MEDIA MBA Presented at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2013
  2. 2. Meet Monique… Founder and Social Media Horticulturalist 20+ years experience: medical practice management, marketing, training, and consulting Certified Relationship Marketing and Social Media Strategist (2009) • Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business • Alert Press Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages • Named on of 17 Top Facebook Pages for Small Business, 2012 (Fluxe Digital) Interviewed by SmartMoney Magazine, American Medical Association, Dermatology Times, Surge, Medical Economics, ReachMD on Satellite Radio Contributor to Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies Board – San Diego Social Media Society ♥music, ♥USC, ♥sports, ♥spa days, ♥shoes ♥driving fast ♥creative endeavors!
  3. 3. Meet Courtney… General Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery Medical Assistant 15+ years clinical experience & administrative operations 4 years experience in PR, Marketing, Social Media Appeared on nationally and locally known television programs • Nerd Extraordinaire • Venerator of Vintage • Lover of Books • Practitioner of Adventure • Self Appointed Grammar Patrol Chief • Guilty Pleasure: Shoe Shopping Partner & Chief Community Cultivator
  4. 4. Overview of Today 2:00pm Welcome & Start With Strategy Platforms: Tips, Best Practices, & Cultivating Your Community 2:30pm Facebook 3:15pm BREAK 3:30pm Facebook 4:00pm Snapshot #1 4:15pm Google+, Twitter, Foursquare 5:00pm BREAK 5:15pm Social Snapshot #2 5:30pm Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn 6:00pm Q & A 6:30pm Adjourn
  5. 5. Audience Poll • How many of you are on social media? • How many of you believe you should be there? (have to vs. want to) • # of Platforms • Frequency
  6. 6. Social Strategy Who are you? • Brand (2 – 5 words) • Voice • Messaging Who is your patient? • Target Audience (could be different than current patient base)
  7. 7. Social Strategy What Are Your Current Marketing Channels? • eBlasts, Promotions, Events, Loyalty Programs, Seminars, Product Launches, Studies/Research, TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Yellow Pages What Are Your Online Assets? • Website, Blog, Mobile, Video, Social, AdWor ds, Banner Ads/Re-Marketing, etc.
  8. 8. Social Strategy – Goals • NP Leads • Increased Website Traffic • Increased Patient Retention (loyalty) • Increased Referrals • Reputation Repair / Patient Relations • Trusted Resource • Launching a New MD’s practice • Launching a New Division/Product • Greater Community Awareness • Launching/ Re-Defining Your Brand • Selling Your Practice • Grow Email List
  9. 9. Social Strategy - Tactics What Approach Will You Take? (Road Map) What Tools Will You Use?
  10. 10. Social Strategy - Measure Track and Measure • Google Analytics • Short Links (bud.url) • Facebook Insights • Google Ads Manager • Facebook Analytics • Coupon Redemptions • Email Program Analytics
  11. 11. Social Strategy - Measure Track and Measure, Cont. • Tracking Links • Blog Comments • Re-Tweets, Re-Pins, Shares • Facebook Ad Manager • 3rd Party Tools (General): Hootsuite, HubSpot, Sprout Social • 3rd party Facebook Tools: PageLever, ZuumSocial, Crowdboo ster, Edgerankchecker
  12. 12. Social Strategy - Tactics • Which Platforms • Social Ads • Engage with Other Pages & Users • Blog • E-blasts • Mobile Friendly Website • Video • Local Business Relationships • Building a Rapport What Will You Implement and How Often?
  13. 13. Social Media Policy Internal (Staff) External (Fans) Who is Going to Write? Where Post?
  14. 14. Expectations • Are They Realistic? – Time to Implement – Outcome – Time to Be Successful • Do You Have Buy-In? – Are you truly on board? – Is your staff on board? – Social Ambassador? Internal – Invest in promoting social in all patient touch-points
  15. 15. Social Snapshots Today: Two opportunities for a quick free consult your Facebook page! Put your name in the hat & we’ll draw throughout today’s session.
  16. 16. BREAK 15 minutes Be back at 3:00pm for Facebook
  17. 17. FACEBOOK
  18. 18. Cutting Through The Facebook Noise: How to Make Sure Your Fans See Your Message
  19. 19. #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Your business has the potential for exponential distribution through the social graph if you can engage users so it’s seen in the 1st place! EdgeRank
  20. 20. • Be a resource: your own content & relevant shared content • Moderate • Respond & engage • notifications via FB email, Pages app, FB notification, and/or HyperAlerts) • Connect • Keep it fun and mix it up! #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  21. 21. #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Ask Questions AIM FOR SHARES
  22. 22. • 3,651 impressions • Get in the conversatio n in real (or semi-real) time ASK QUESTIONS #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  23. 23. RESPOND~ Call them by name with the @ tag Ask for the “like” #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  24. 24. Keep It Real #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  25. 25. Facebook Ads to promote ContestsCONTESTS #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  26. 26. p Contest Guidelines Tips… • Use a 3rd party app  Wildfire, NorthSocial, Wishpond, Rafflecopter • Don’t offer a prize that seems too good to be true – looks spammy and people won’t share • Comply with Federal, State, Local Laws • Comply with State Medical Board, AMA, and your society rules • Difference between “sweepstakes” and a “lotto” (illegal) • Users cannot purchase add’l entries • Must notify winner outside of FB first!#VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  27. 27. Best Time(s) to Post But… do what works best for you (check your analytics) And - consistency = success 24/7/365 #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  28. 28. Scheduling a Post Clock = SCHEDULING ICON Note: Date can also be in the past & it will drop in to the proper spot in your timeline #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  29. 29. Milestones #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey • Founded • Office Location Open • New Equipment • New Procedures • New MD’s • Awards (Best of 2013) etc. • Remodel • Legislation Extend the “story of your brand”
  30. 30. Milestone Scavenger Hunt • Entrants had to scavenge through timeline to find milestones • “Timeline Time Warp” • Read Details: m/warp Sources:, #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  31. 31. Promoted Posts (buying airtime) Click “public” to make this box appear It re-calculates reach as you change budget Set run time #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  32. 32. Notice baseline Engagement Rate Calculation: (MANUAL!) talking about / total “likes” 2% is average so anything over this is 70% Engagement Rate #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  33. 33. Facebook recommend s your practice to the friends of your current Highest likelihood to buy Get More Fans #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  34. 34. Polls #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  35. 35. Make it Easy & Engaging with Apps #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter Polls
  36. 36. Change Cover Image Cover images can get 9x more ENGAGEMENT – change often #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  37. 37. Fill out your cover image description! Use this valuable space – graph search SEO value! #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Change Cover Image
  38. 38. E-blasts & mailers Print: Ads & Collateral Promotions / Events Facebook timeline cover photo 20% Rule #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Exam Room displays
  39. 39. ay Source: New 20% Rule for Timeline Cover
  40. 40. ics Hot Tip: Image Sizer - FREE
  41. 41. Keywords – About Section Put keywords in your About Section for better results when people search Click here to edit #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  42. 42. Avatar 90% of FB users see your content in their newsfeed so your avatar needs to be great! (no logos or buildings)Look for faces! That’s what captures people’s attention #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  43. 43. Website Contest s In-Office Social Media and Apps Consistent Branding
  44. 44. #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  45. 45. rity WARNING: Don’t delete (unless they are really belligerent, abusive, ETC). Invite them to talk offline. Have a policy in place to fall back on! Posts You Don’t Want to See You can: #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  46. 46. • Organic Growth • Connect with businesses and events and interact with them, share their content • About Section • Settings – Set 13+, allow , comments, taggin g, to post, etc. Additional Tips
  47. 47. BREAK 15 minutes Be back for Snapshot, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare
  48. 48. SOCIAL SNAPSHOT #1
  49. 49. GOOGLE+
  50. 50. Google+ Photo Albums Sparks (interests) Circles Profile Hangouts (“Meetings” for Biz) =
  51. 51. Value of G+ • SEO Benefit • Rapid growth - 135 Million active users and 60% log in every day • Communities • Getting a +1 is like someone giving a recommendation for your practice – and it shows up in search • Posts show up in search too! • Local pages – part of Google search results. (You can merge your Local Page (aka. “places page”) into a new Google+ page • Reviews • Important Note: Authorship (not for pages – only personal profile accounts)
  52. 52. Full Google Integration Connect & Categorize Peeps into “circles”* Manage Events Be Aware: All content is indexed by Google – even communities that are private/invite only Discover trending topics and jump into the conversation *Nice for separation of your patients and personal life… This is you! Add your biz page here!
  53. 53. G+ Hangouts & YouTube Hangouts – Up to 10 people Then everyone else can be live broadcast / streaming on YouTube and recording saved for future views.
  54. 54. TWITTER
  55. 55. SOCIAL LISTENING Twitter is considered a “micro-blog”
  56. 56. Can You Hear Me Now? 60% of Twitter usage is via a mobile*… people update anywhere, anytime… imagine what that means for bad customer experiences!? *Source:
  57. 57. • Share publications • Educational info • Be selfless • Not # times of day but VALUE of the post • Info on topics YOUR client is interested in • Mommy blogs • Beauty • Health • Fitness, etc… Provide Value 1st Momentum Mktg. • Look for opportunities to take advantage of something bigger than yourself – Queen’s Jubilee, Royal Wedding, Oscars – Heroic act in local news • BE NIMBLE • Be SMART – 3 second rule What to Share
  58. 58. What to Share, Cont. • Alert followers of something big on the horizon (build anticipation!) • Add comments when you RT (re- tweet) • Don’t just schedule – HAVE LIVE INTERACTIONS TOO • Stick to your brand’s voice • Context is king – make sure you don’t lose the message in 140 characters • Use #hashtags so peeps can follow subject, but don’t “#geekout with @’s and #Syntax LOL <-This!:”
  59. 59. You *Can* Measure CSM’s Favorite Resources: BudURL (link shortener) with analytics Platform to manage tweets Hootsuite, Tweetdeck SocialOomph etc… Twellow (Yellow Pages) Manage Flitter (for managing follows and un-follows) Fake Followers Check:
  60. 60. Cool Tool to Determine % Fake Followers on Twitter
  61. 61. FOURSQUARE
  62. 62. Claim & Manage Your Location
  63. 63. Be There or Be 4Square Haha! Add specials (up to two) to really help you stand out from the crowd to users
  64. 64. BREAK 15 minutes Be back for Snapshot, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn Q & A
  65. 65. SOCIAL SNAPSHOT #2
  66. 66. PINTEREST
  67. 67. VISUAL SCRAPBOOK • Create “boards” to organize and share visual images (including video) • Repin others’ images & they will do the same • Follow people in your industry, town, and users who are interested in your niche (health, beauty, wellness, etc) • Cross-promote your other social media posts • Drive users back to your website = SEO benefit & valuable links
  68. 68. VISUAL SCRAPBOOK • Use keywords to be found on search (both in Pinterest and on web) • Keep your pins relevant to your audience • Think “outside the board” – can use to promote events, link videos, email campaign landing page, etc. • Do “Pin to Win” contests to bring awareness to a new procedure, MD, financing program, branding, etc. • Change your board cover images frequently to keep it fresh
  69. 69. INSTAGRAM
  70. 70. Visual Sharing • Photo sharing app that added video (up to 15 seconds) last week • 2.5 years old but rapid growth (Facebook purchased in 2012) • 130+ Million active monthly users • Hashtag heavy platform #UseForSearchingTopics
  71. 71. What to Share • Insider views: office parties, birthdays, seminars, etc. • Quotes • Your local town: events / happenings • Things that represent your brand in a visual way • HIPAA compliant & with all proper authorizations
  72. 72. Statigram
  73. 73. LINKEDIN
  74. 74. It’s All About Connections • Be sure your physician profile is fully complete & check back quarterly to see if you need to add more • Use “skills and expertise” section • Endorse your connections (reciprocate!) • Use keywords to be found • Create a Company Page for your practice • Join and participate in groups • Post in here on a regular basis. Can use Hootsuite or other dashboard for efficiency
  75. 75. Q & A
  76. 76. STAY TUNED Sign up to be notified about our upcoming Monthly Training Webinar Series… Tons of Social Media Secrets for One Low Monthly Subscription!