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Webinar: How to Research Influencers for Your Next Marketing Campaign

  1. How to Research Influencers for Your Next Marketing Campaign
  2. Paul May Co-founder, BuzzStream Get in touch anytime: @PaulMay Welcome!
  3. Don’t be shy: Tweet along with us! #MentionWebinar
  4. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Building a list of influencers is easy...
  5. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar ...but building an influencer campaign that gets results takes work.
  6. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar The challenge you face...
  7. 1/9/90 Model of Influence Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Content Creators (1%) Engagers (9%) The Market (90%) Content creators shape the market and drive the conversation Source: Aaron Strout, W2O Group and Dr. Bill Ward, Syracuse University
  8. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Source: d “Although most writers publish one story per day, 44% of them get pitched a minimum of TWENTY TIMES per day”
  9. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar In the middle of difficulty, LIES OPPORTUNITY. - Albert Einstein
  10. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar There are three keys to a successful influencer marketing campaign. Planning, research and relationships.
  11. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Gated eBook targeted at SEOs and content marketers Case Study: ‘Linking Outside the Box”
  12. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Step 1 DOCUMENT GOALS AND KPIs - ALL ROADS SHOULD LEAD HERE
  13. Goals and KPIs for the eBook Tweet along: #MentionWebinar ● Principal Goal: Generate interest and drive “marketing qualified leads” for our SEO product (BuzzStream for Link Building). ● KPIs: ○ 1,000 downloads of the eBook within one month of launch ○ 100+ people sharing the eBook ○ 500+ new non-customer names in our email list ○ 10% increase in BuzzStream trial signups over last month
  14. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Step 2 MAP THE INFLUENCER LANDSCAPE
  15. Who influences this eBook’s target market? Tweet along: #MentionWebinar PeersThought leaders Journalists SEO Twitter SEO Community sites (e.g., Link building bloggers High authority SEO and content marketing bloggers Digital PR bloggers Search marketing pubs Marketing pubs Content marketing pubs
  16. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar PeersThought leaders Journalists Exposure Sharing culture Relationships Build a reputation as an expert Exposure for their agency/company “Give to get” Strength of story Fit with their beat Pitch quality, easy to work with, respects their time, etc. “What’s in it for me?” What motivates these influencers to promote content?
  17. ● Journalists and high influence bloggers will rarely write about gated content. ● Community members often don’t like to share a link to a landing page Challenge Tweet along: #MentionWebinar
  18. ● Where do conversations about your topic take place? Where does sharing take place? How social is the market? ● What motivates people to promote content about your topic? ● Is activity concentrated among a few publishers, or is the market fragmented? ● What’s the author model for the key publications? Journalists? Regular contributors? Guest contributors? Hybrid? ● What’s the background of the authors in the space? Are there natural segments? Questions to ask when mapping the landscape Tweet along: #MentionWebinar
  19. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Tools to help map the influencer landscape
  20. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Step 3 CONNECT THE CONTENT PROMOTION PLAN TO GOALS/KPIs
  21. Our Approach - Owned, Earned, Paid Promotion Ideation LaunchEditing/StagingContent Creation Content Collaboration - big influencers Early access: - influencers -friends Early access: Customers Targeted Social Ads Owned Media Promotion Early access: Advocates Relationship Nurturing - influencers, sharers
  22. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Content Collaboration Included influencers in multiple key segments. Multiple benefits: ○ Improved the book ○ Broadened reach ○ Added credibility
  23. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Customer and Community Relationships Send early copies: ○ Influencers/friends: one week before launch (soliciting feedback) ○ Customers: 1 day before launch (early access) Include shout-outs in the blog post. Benefits: ○ Improved the eBook ○ Drove sharing ○ Built loyalty
  24. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Targeted Social Ads Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, retargeting Twitter targeting: ○ Followers of link building influencers ○ Don’t follow BuzzStream
  26. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar BuzzStream Discovery Use to find influencers for collaboration Benefits: ○ Research content creators via keyword ○ See all influencer content & shares ○ Determine influencer engagement & activity
  27. 1.Set threshold metric filters (DA 60+, posted in past year, 1,000+ Twitter followers) 2.Enter relevant keyword (link building) 3.Review influencers by content to determine collaboration candidates BuzzStream Discovery Workflow Tweet along: #MentionWebinar
  28. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Google Use to determine top ranking domains in a niche Benefits: ○ Ubiquitous ○ Advanced search & filter options ○ Review organic and paid results
  29. 1.Structure search term to return optimal results (“link building intitle:guide” within past year) 2.Review domains and content to determine relevance (several plugins, including our Buzzmarker, can help speed this up) 3.Determine author information and add to list Google Workflow Tweet along: #MentionWebinar
  30. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar BuzzSumo Use to find sharers of similar content Benefits: ○ Search top content by keyword or domain ○ See who shares and links to content ○ View information for specific URLs
  31. 1.Search URL for specific piece of similar content (in our case we use “The Beginners Guide to Link Building” from Moz) 2.Click “Sharers” button next to the content 3.Research list of Twitter users in your niche willing to share content similar to what you’re promoting BuzzSumo Workflow Tweet along: #MentionWebinar
  32. Tweet along: #MentionWebinar Step 5 NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS “BEFORE THE ASK”
  33. Questions? Tweet along: #MentionWebinar
  34. Thank you! Further questions? Contact us: Paul May - email address Brittany Berger - Tweet along: #MentionWebinar