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introNetworks Founders

  1. 1. introNetworks Webinar Series<br />"Discover the Five Proven Strategies which Guarantee Online Community Success" a Conversation with introNetworks FoundersMark Sylvester and Kymberlee Weil<br />with Guest Interviewer: Scott Wilson, Strategic CoachBusiness Breakthroughs International, A Tony Robbins - Chet Holmes Company<br />THURSDAY, May 29th, 9 am Pacific <br />Sponsored by introNetworks<br />‘We transform businesses with smart social networks’<br />
  2. 2. Chat Live<br />Have a Twitter Acct?<br /><ul><li> Yes, great!
  3. 3. If not, create one at, it takes 2 minutes, we’ll wait…
  4. 4. Tweetchat Room
  5. 5. Hashtag #introChat</li></ul>If you have a Google Wave address, send email to Bob Roan so that he can invite you to the introChat Wave<br /><br />Ask Questions!<br /><ul><li> Chat with others
  6. 6. We will monitor this room live during the webinar</li></li></ul><li> OUR GUESTS<br /><ul><li> Mark Sylvester
  7. 7. CEO and Co-Founder of introNetworks
  8. 8. Original founder of Wavefront Technologies, creators of Maya
  9. 9. Kymberlee Weil
  10. 10. President and Co-Founder of introNetworks
  11. 11. Author, Internationally recognized speaker
  12. 12. Scott Wilson
  13. 13. Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur
  14. 14. Business Breakthroughs International, A Chet Holmes/ Tony Robbins Company</li></ul>Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br /> MODERATOR<br />Scott Wilson<br />
  15. 15. Five Proven Strategies which Guarantee Online Community Success <br />
  16. 16. Strategy<br />1<br />Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />“The executive who thinks both tactically and strategically can develop the big ideas and the big strategies and also use discipline and determination to see those brilliant strategies implemented at the tactical level.”- Chet Holmes, Ultimate Sales Machine<br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br />Scott Wilson<br />
  17. 17. Implementation<br />2<br />Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />”We needed a social networkdeveloped for our conference that was going to start on Monday. We started working on it Friday morning and were reviewing the community by the end of the day."<br />- Gary Bolles, Event Manager,Google Zeitgeist Conference<br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br />Scott Wilson<br />
  18. 18. Insight<br />3<br />Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />“We didn’t know what our<br />members really needed. By measuring the discussion trends in the Community we have been able to determine exactly what we should be<br />offering them for their education.”<br />Membership Director,<br />National Science Teachers Association <br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br />Scott Wilson<br />
  19. 19. Experience<br />4<br />Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />“2,440 participants were asked how they evaluated the credibility of<br />Web sites they were shown.<br />Half said that the Web site's design was the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the presented material.”<br />The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab <br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br />Scott Wilson<br />
  20. 20. Measure<br />5<br />Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />“I think the soundest<br />management advice I've heard is: <br />What gets measured gets done.”<br />- Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence<br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br />Scott Wilson<br />
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Thanks For Participating<br />To connect with our guests:<br />Mark Sylvester @marksylvester<br /> or<br /><br />Kymberlee Weil @alohakymberlee<br /> or<br /><br />Scott Wilson<br /><br />Webinar Replay – <br /> available at<br />Mark Sylvester<br />@marksylvester<br />Kymberlee Weil<br />@alohakymberlee<br />Scott Wilson<br />