Hp Product And Solutions Overview


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Hp Product And Solutions Overview

  1. 1. Is there another graphic that would be better? HP Today Cameron Madsen Solution Architect © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. HP today • Simplifying technology experiences around the world • Fortune 9 – U.S. Fortune 41 – Global • 321,000 employees • 145,000 sales partners • 210,000 service partners • 88,000 retail locations
  3. 3. The world’s largest technology company • Net revenue of $27.4B, decline of $911M, down 3% Y/Y; up 3% in constant currency • Second quarter non-GAAP diluted EPS of $0.86; down 1% Y/Y • Second quarter GAAP EPS of $0.70, down 13% Y/Y • Fiscal 2008 net revenue up 13%, or $14.1 billion, to $118.4 billion Q2 FY09 revenue: $27.4B Revenue by segment Revenue by region Imaging & Printing Group 22 % EMEA Americas 39%, Personal HP Services 44%, 31% down 11% Y/Y Systems Group up 9% Y/Y 30% Enterprise Storage & Asia Pacific Servers 17%, 13% down 10% Y/Y Software & other HP Financial 3% Services 2%
  4. 4. Leadership across the board Worldwide market share data for Calendar Q1 2009* MARKET SHARE POSITION Blade Servers 52.2% #1 x86 based Servers 36.5% #1 Unix + Linux + Windows Servers 33.7% #1 Branded Tape Drives 41.2% #1 External Disk Storage Systems 18.6% #1 Open SAN Systems5 17.1% #1 Automated Software Quality1,6 44.8% #1 Distributed System Management Software1,6 15.8% #1 IT Asset Management Software1,6 21.4% #1 IT Services1.4,7 6.5% #2 Outsourcing1,7 9.6% #2 Support and Training1.7 7.1% #2 Inkjet printers8 44.0% #1 Laser printers8 38.0% #1 Ethernet Switches 4.9% #2 Workstations3 39.4% #2 Notebooks2 22.7% #1 Desktops 17.8% #1 Thin Clients *Sources (for details see Notes page): 26.7% #1 * Some data is as of other time periods based on data availability, see Notes for details. In general data is based on IDC CY09 Worldwide Quarterly Tracker Data (Server, PC, Workstations, Hardcopy Peripherals, Disk Storage, Switches, Services) and IDC CY07/08 Software and Services Data 4 Copyright © 2009 HP corporate presentation. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Research & development New ideas and new thinking • 30,000+ technical contributors • $3.6B annual investment • Company-wide R&D strategy driven by Shane Robison and Office of Strategy and Technology • Business groups enhance core products, services and customer experiences • HP Labs innovates “beyond” the roadmaps
  6. 6. HP’s powerful portfolio
  7. 7. Personal Systems Group Designed for collaboration and productivity • Leading provider of personal systems, shipping over 50 million devices annually. • Industry’s broadest portfolio of notebooks, desktops, workstations, thin clients, displays, handheld devices, and personal storage solutions. • Innovative product design for more personal experiences, secure collaboration and improved productivity.
  8. 8. PSG product portfolio Commercial HP Z800 HP EliteBook HP ProBook personal workstation mobile thin client business notebook HP Power Manager software HP smartphone HP Digital Signage for business PCs data messenger with touch interface HP CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Technology Solutions Group Technology for better business outcomes • Helping customers accelerate business growth, lower costs and manage risks • Industry leading servers and storage, software and services • Delivering solutions for: − Business Outcome Optimization − Business-ready Services − Adaptive Infrastructure
  10. 10. HP servers and storage Adaptive Infrastructure 24x7 lights-out, virtualized, automated, space and energy efficient HP Integrity/ HP ProLiant HP BladeSystem HP StorageWorks Integrity NonStop • World's best selling • Most trusted Business • #1 in WW Storage • Adaptive Infrastructure servers Critical Infrastructure Systems (disk & tape) in a 17” and SMB box • 1-8 socket rack (HP-UX, NonStop, • Change-ready storage • Optimize server, optimized servers OpenVMS, Windows & through virtualization storage, interconnect and automation • Leading x86 Linux) and power and cooling • Cost-effective storage infrastructure tools: • Industry’s leading deployment, migration, infrastructure through data reduction scale-up and virtual and energy efficiency virtualization, environments consolidation, and • Broadest portfolio to energy efficiency • HP’s Mainframe store, protect, archive alternative and manage data HP Infrastructure Software and Data Center Infrastructure Physical and virtual management and control
  11. 11. HP PSG Americas Update Q1-2010 Where we’ve been... Where we’re going…
  12. 12. SPECIAL FINANCING OFFERS EXTENDED! Renewing for Q1 0% Lease 36 month lease with Fair Market Value purchase option Customer expenses payments and generally refreshed technology after 36 months Acquire now, Pay Later 90 day deferral (no interest, no payments for 1st 90 days) Economic Recovery lease 36 month lease with10% fixed purchase option If customer plans to exercise purchase option offered, generally depreciates solution
  13. 13. Q1’10 Update COMMERCIAL DESKTOPS © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice
  14. 14. HP Commercial Desktops HP Compaq 8000 Elite Value Solutions Corp/Ent/Public Sect Innovation HP Compaq 6000/6005 Pro Managed IT Environments Equipped to meet your daily business demands HP Elite 7000 Latest Intel technology for enhanced multi-tasking Volume Solutions HP Pro 3000/3005 SMB Focused Powerful technology for enhanced multimedia and business apps. HP Pro MS218 Un-managed IT Space saving design for uncluttered workspace Environments Compaq 500B/505B Essential technology for basic needs
  15. 15. Desktop Positioning Matrix • 15 to18 month lifecycles • 3/3/3 warranty • Energy Star/EPEAT 8000 certified Form Factors: • Managed IT USDT / SFF / CMT (vPro/IAMT/DASH) Processors: Intel • Enhanced security ILP: $799 - $1089 MANAGEABILITY • 12 to15 month lifecycle • 3/3/3 warranty •Energy Star/EPEAT certified 6000/6005 • Managed IT (IAMT/ Form Factors: SFF / MT DASH) Processors: AMD, Intel ILP: $629 / $849 • 6 to 12 month lifecycles 500B /505B Elite 7000 • 1/1/1 warranty Form Factors: MT Form Factors: MT • Unmanaged IT Processors: AMD, Processors: Intel 3000 / 3005 / M218 Intel ILP: $789 - $899 Form Factors: SFF/MT/AiO ILP: $329 - $529 Processors: AMD, Intel ILP: $529 - $739 PERFORMANCE
  16. 16. Positioning – Advantage through right solutions Volume vs. Value HP Pro 3000 HP Compaq 6000 Pro Powerful and expandable Manageable & reliable Volume Value Primary Segment SMB Corp / Ent / Public Sector Secondary Segment Corp / Ent / Public Sector SMB IT Infrastructure IT Un-managed IT Managed • Extended manageability Value • Lower costs features • Basic manageability features Proposition • Most durable. • “Just Right” computing • Highest performance • vPro, high reliability, high Customer • Business-class reliability quality, 18 month lifecycle, • Low cost of ownership Requirements OS and BIOS stability, • Expandability common accessories • Processor choices (AMD/Intel) • AMD & Intel options
  17. 17. What Dell Are You Up Against? OPTIPLEX 740 760 780 780 960 6005 Pro 6000 Pro.8000 USDT 6000 Pro 8000 Elite 8000 Elite Top 5 Lock Out Top 5 Lock Out Top 5 Lock Out Top 5 Lock Out Specs Top 5 Lock Out Specs 1. HP RapidDrive - faster boot Specs 1. DDR3 Memory (760’s have DDR2 Specs 1. SMART IV HDD support – HP 1. USDT and Integrated Work Specs 1. USDT and Integrated Work and response times memory) Exclusive pre-failure warning Center (780 has no comparable Center (960 has no comparable 2. Side Port Memory – Reduces 2. SMART IV HDD Support – HP 2. 1TB HDD offering – 780 only size chassis) size chassis) system power by allowing CPU Exclusive pre-failure warning offers up to 500GB HDD capacity 2. Up to 3 HDDs (3TBs) – 780 only 2. DDR3 Memory – 760 has DDR2 to stay in its lowest power state 3. USDT 26% Smaller than Dell 3. PS/2 Ports – Additionally data has 2 HDDs and 500GB HDDs 3. Up to 3 HDDs of 1TB each(d960 during inactivity USFF (8000 USDT) security (not available on 780) 3. SD Memory – available in USDT only supports up to 2 HDDs) 3. DDR3 Memory (740’s have 4. Solid State Technology – 740 4. 89% Efficient Power Supplies – 4. 89% Efficient Power Supplies – 4. Convertible Minitower (960 does DDR2 memory) does not have a SSD offering 80PLUS Gold (780 only has 80PLUS Gold (780 only has not offer chassis that converts to 4. 6th Generation AMD 5. 89% Efficient Power Supplies - 80PLUS Silver with 88% ) 80PLUS Silver with 88% ) either desktop or tower) 5. Linux SLED 11 OS – available 740 has 88% 5. LightScribe DVDRW – HP 5. PS/2 Ports – Additionally data 5. SD Memory – available in USDT pre-installed Exclusive security (not available on 780 How to Combat Dell How to Combat Dell How to Combat Dell How to Combat Dell How to Combat Dell • ”Raid 1 (optional) ” – Customer • “Parallel Port Standard” – All ” 160GB Full Disk Encryption ” – • “Low, low price” – The Optiplex • Q45 Chipset – 6000 has the who require “RAID 1” data mirroring 8000 Smart Buy and Favorable This is hardware encryption and is 740 is trailing technology. The Q43 chipset which provides Intel functionality, should choose the Configurations include the parallel not available yet from Dell. It is 6005 Pro has the latest AMD Std Mgmt for customers wanting 6005 Pro at a better price than the port. With the number of parallel specific to only the HDD it comes chipset and is our 6th generation AMT 5.0 which is FREE _ Dell Optiplex 760. devices in circulation diminishing, on. HP offers software encryption AMD desktop. This gives HP an charges $15 • “Parallel Port Standard” – All the need to keep it as a standard via HP Protect Tools which comes experience advantage in • “Parallel Port Standard” – All 6000 Smart Buy and Favorable module has decreased. standard on our Elite products, is development and maintenance of 6000 Smart Buy and Favorable Configurations include the parallel optional on our Pro products, will AMD based business class PCs. Configurations include the parallel encryption ANY Hard Drive and is • ” 3 Form Factors ”– The 6005 Pro port. With the number of parallel port. With the number of parallel devices in circulation diminishing, available today! offers the choice of a MT and devices in circulation diminishing, SFF. Customers who need a the need to keep it as a standard the need to keep it as a standard USDT have the Elite series module has decreased. module has decreased. available. HP Confidential The information contained herein is subject to change
  18. 18. Top 5 Things to Win With Against Dell in 2010 HP Compaq 6005 Pro Ultra-Slim Desktop (USDT) HP: In April 2010, the HP Compaq 6005 will be launching a USDT form factor. The price point DELL: Dell currently does not offer a form factor of will be about 10-20% lower than the current 8000 USDT option. Additionally, the USDT this size. Additionally, no other competitor (Dell that launches will leverage the HP Compaq 8000f BFR/PVC chassis making it the very first mainstream PC that will be 100% BFR/PVC free “wall-to-mouse” included) has a 100% BFR/PVC free PC available. HP Compaq 8000f Elite Ultra-Slim Desktop (USDT) HP: In January 2010, the HP Compaq 8000f Elite Ultra-Slim Desktop will become the world’s DELL: Dell currently does not offer a form factor of first 100 BFR/PVC free PC “wall-to-mouse”. The 8000f Elite will also be 100% ENERGY this size. Additionally, no other competitor (Dell STAR no matter how it is configured. Additionally, the 8000f will share an image with the included) has a 100% BFR/PVC free PC available. 8000 Elite product family and will have the option of Intel vPro technology. HP Digital Signage HP: Designed to provide crisp, clear, expansive high-resolution 1080p presentation in public DELL: Dell currently does not offer any product spaces, meeting halls, and anywhere you need digital signage, the HP Digital Signage Displays are sure to impress. Mount on a wall with the VESA mounting pattern on the back similar to HP Digital Signage of the display, or place on a stand and use on a desk as part of a PC or workstation solution. Just add speakers for compelling stereo audio. HP Compaq 6000 Pro All-In-One Form Factor (AIO) DELL: Dell does not offer such a form factor in their HP: In April 2010, the HP Compaq 6000 Pro will be launching an All-in-One form factor to one of our most stable platforms. This is a great option for customers looking for a desktop with a small footprint but Optiplex 780 or 760 which the two Dell products that wanting a sleek and sexy look for reception, kiosks, or front desk environments compare to the HP Compaq 6000 Pro HP RapidDrive Technology HP: HP RapidDrive is a new feature available on the HP Compaq 6005 Pro. HP RapidDrive uses a 64GB SSD and a 160GB SATA HDD but your system recognizes it as one 224GB DELL: Dell does not offer a similar hard drive HDD. With the system recognizing the 2 HDDs as 1 it provides faster boot and response configuration that can compare to HP Rapid Drive time, increases storage capacity because the system is booting from the Solid State Drive but also allowing the customer to store the files on the SATA drive. . *To learn more about our HP Compaq Business Desktop PCs, visit www.hp.com/go/worryfree
  19. 19. Product Solutions that Connect Education The next-generation • Multimedia courseware interface is ready for • Interactive learning • Student registration your business… Hospitality Healthcare • Virtual concierge • Medical consultation • Interactive gaming • Therapeutic applications • Self-service reservations • Workflow management • In-room entertainment Retail and office • Web conferencing and communications • Information kiosks • Next-generation style 32 HP Confidential
  20. 20. Q1’10 Update COMMERCIAL NOTEBOOKS © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice
  21. 21. 2009 NEW PRODUCT OFFERING - THIN HP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC – Starting at $699 - GRAPHIC HP ProBook 4415s Notebook PC – Starting at $599 - SECURE HP ProBook 6545b Notebook PC – Starting at $759 - SMART HP Docking Stations – Starting at $179 And DON’T FORGET! - COMPANION HP Mini 5101 - SAVVY HP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC Please check ordering information and new HP configurations and skus on the following link: Notebook and Options Information and Availability
  22. 22. If is just another laptop… …then why they don’t have it? HP Commercial Laptops: They’re not a commodity Energy Efficiency Customer Satisfaction HP Quality & Engineering Business Rugged Design • Power management for efficient performance and lower energy costs • Industry leading ENERGY STAR 4.0 • HP Business Notebook PCs • Aircraft-inspired magnesium qualified products: They use half as • #1 Worldwide total notebook undergo over 95,000 hours of display construction & locking pins much electricity and 75% less energy market share rigorous, comprehensive • HP DuraFinish: Real anodized in sleep mode • Numerous industry awards on aluminum surfaces 6x more • EPEAT™ Silver rating on all current testing, including 50,000 test steps notebook designs. resilient to scratching platforms and EPEAT™ Gold rating • HP Professional Innovations are • Metal alloy hinges on 60% of the new systems • Broad offering: sizes from 17”to developed by experienced • HP DuraKeys: Clear coating over • Bulk packaging, minimal 10”;Workstations, tablets, mobile documentation and post-consumer HP engineers and built into each lettering; 50x more resilient to wear recycled content thin clients notebook standard • Spill resistant keyboard Ease of use Security Memory Processor (uP) NEW Technology • HP Nightlight • Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools • HP QuickLook 2 • TPM 1.2Embedded Security chip • 2MP Webcam • Choice of AMD with Business • DDR3 modules are currently and Intel® Card Reader • HP Enhanced DriveLock limited to 2GB capacities – Centrino 2 with Software Optional HP LightScribe vPro processors 4GB is maximum memory • 6-in-1 Media Reader • HP Disk Sanitizer • Broadband* Upgradeable capacity mobile • HP Illumi-Lite LED Displays * Mobile Broadband support utilizing HP • File un2400 w/Gobi; not • Smart Power Adapter Sanitizer available on 8730w HP CONFIDENTIAL The information contained herein is subject to change
  23. 23. HP PROFESSIONAL INNOVATIONS HP QuickLook 3 – Look it up and mark it up without having to boot up! • View calendar, email, contact and task captured data from Outlook. • Opens in seconds* from Off or hibernate. • Edit data and synchronize with Outlook on next boot. View calendar, email, contact and task captured data from Outlook HP QuickWeb – Fast, easy web access! •Provides access to the web in seconds at the touch of a button even when the customers notebook is turned off •Get quick, convenient and more secure access to the web HP QuickSync • New user interface • Windows 7 support • Quick data transfer *HP QuickLook 3 is accessible when the notebook is off in Windows XP or Windows 7 based systems. Timing may vary depending on the system configuration.
  24. 24. Q1’10 Update WORKSTATIONS © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice
  25. 25. HP Desktop Family  Workstation Family HP workstations NEW • Professional graphics cards HP • Certified for your applications HP xw9400 • Dual- and quad-core/dual-processor capable HP Z800 • ECC memory and larger memory configurations Z600 • Pre-installed, preconfigured Linux HP • Performance Tuning Framework Z400 HP Advanced I/O xw4600 HP business desktops capability • Dependable PCs for your business PCI-X, 5 HDs HP 7000 series Dual-socket, up to 8 cores 64-bit Extension Technology HP 5000 series High Performance Features and I/O: Dual PCI-e x16 Graphics, 10K SATA, 15K rpm SAS, and RAID HP 2000 series Greater memory expansion (up to) Non-ECC 8 GB ECC memory 192 GB Professional 2D/quad 2D, professional 3D OpenGL Entry/professional 2D, enthusiast 3D graphics – leadership graphics program Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32/64 bit), Microsoft Windows XP Professional/ Vista (32 bit) Red Hat Linux preloaded features/performance
  26. 26. WHAT IS NEW? HP Workstations Update INNOVATION, PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY 400 600 800 Memory: up to 16GB Memory: up to 24GB Memory: up to 192GB Storage: up to 6.0 Terabytes Storage: up to 4.5 Terabytes Storage: up to 7.5 Terabytes Up to FX4800 or dual NVIDIA FX1800 Up to 8 2D-Displays or dual NVIDIA FX1800 Up to dual NVIDIA FX5800 39 18-Nov-09
  27. 27. HP Advantages vs Dell WS Competitive Lineup High End Dell T7500  Amazing NEW Industrial Design o Tool-Free, Cable-Free Chassis o Ergonomic Integrated Handles o Much smaller and rack mountable o Beautiful Brushed Aluminum Panels  More Graphics Options and PTF optimized Mid Range Dell T5500  Amazing NEW Industrial Design o Tool-Free, Cable-Free Chassis o Beautiful Brushed Aluminum Panels o Ergonomic Integrated Handles o Smallest Dual Socket Workstation  More Graphics Options and PTF optimized Entry Dell T3500  Tool-free Industrial Design  Convertible Minitower Form Factor  Cost/Performance optimized single socket solution  More Graphics Options and PTF optimized  Support of up to 6 displays HP WS Portfolio Advantages: HP WattSaver HP Vision Field Diagnostics INNOVATION PERFORMANCE RELIABILITY HP Performance Tuning Framework
  28. 28. Q1’10 Update THIN CLIENTS & rPOS © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice
  29. 29. Thin Computing: Why HP? Integrated, Desktop Easiest to use and Innovative Platforms to Datacenter manage Solutions Clients that are easy to Broad desktop to the Innovative platforms with setup, configure and datacenter portfolio best price/ performance update Powerful but simple Specific solutions for Technology to deliver the infrastructure & client different use cases best end-user experience management software Services from pilot to Provide performance to Deep integration with implementation and address future needs virtualization SW ISVs support HP Thin Clients: #1 in WW Market Share © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is HP confidential 42 subject to change without notice
  30. 30. HP Thin Clients Thin Clients are one of the best ways for organizations to lower costs and increase data security. New products offer with broader choice! $ Enhanced Security Easy Manageability High Reliability Designed for the Environment Lower overall Costs Expanded Portfolio HP t5145 – NEW! essential Linux thin client HP t5545 – NEW mainstream Linux thin client HP t5630 – NEW flexible XPe thin client Thin Clients HP gt7725 – NEW high performance enable Expanded Management Support centralized HP Device Manager computing in Altiris Deployment Solution which data and HP ThinState HP Client Automation applications are Enhanced Industrial Design deployed, Native dual monitor support across entire portfolio managed, New streamlined look supported, and New Multimedia & Brokering capabilities executed Expanded RGS support Support for leading VDI brokers remotely Higher Performance Faster processors and improved graphics November 18, 43 2009 Larger memory and flash
  31. 31. 2010 – HP CORE thin client portfolio Essential Mainstream Flexible Specialty The simple solution Enhance features PC performance, thin High performance Mobile, secure, at our best price for mainstream client dependability Superb remote reliable, thin business use computing client HP t5630w HP t5740 HP gt7720 MS WES 2009 MS WES 2009 HP t5545 HP t5745 HP gt7725 HP 4410t Price and performance MS WES 2009 HP ThinPro HP ThinPro Linux HP ThinPro GT HP t5325 HP t5540 •Highly configurable OS •Highly configurable OS • Highly configurable OS •Superior processing •14” diag. WXGA HP ThinPro • PCIe/PCI Expansion option •2.3 GHz CPU Windows CE 6.0 •Support for local apps (t574x only) •NDual Channel memory • Support for local apps •Write Filter & Firewall •ative Dual Head HP t5145 • Write Filter & Firewall •Optional Quad Head •PC Class IE browser • IE (t5540) or Iceweasel (t5630w & t5740) configurations •Wired LAN HP ThinConnect browser (t5545) • PC Class IE (t5630w & t5740) or •Multi-display rotation (gt7725 •Integrated Wireless • Terminal Emulation Firefox (t5745) browser only) • •PC Card reader Iceweasel 3.0 (t5325) • Media Player (t5540) • Integrated Wireless •Support for local apps • Stateless mode • ICA (select t5740 models) •Terminal emulation •Write Filter & Firewall (gt7720 • ICA • RDP • Terminal Emulation only) •Windows Media Player • RDP • Support for leading VDI • Windows Media Player (t5630w & •PC Class IE (gt7720) or •ICA & RDP • Support for leading VDI brokers* t5740) Firefox (gt7725) browser •Support for leading VDI brokers* • Wide peripheral support • ICA & RDP •Terminal emulation brokers* • Essential peripheral • Premium multimedia • Support for leading VDI brokers* •ICA & RDP •Broad peripheral support support support (t5545) • Broad peripheral support •Support for leading VDI • Basic multimedia support • Premium multimedia support brokers* (t5325) •Broad peripheral support 44 © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development and functionality Flexibility Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice
  32. 32. Thank You Q&A