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Hosting And Co Location


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Presentation given by Chris Vain at our TSG Wine Mixer

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Hosting And Co Location

  2. 2. The Signature Group Hosting/Private Cloud Computing and Co-Location Services Chris Vain Chief Technologist A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  3. 3. Pain Points Organizations are more and more dependant on IT infrastructure Any downtime has a significant impact Protecting against failure incurs significant costs Small and medium size businesses lose an average of $84,000 for every hour of downtime. -- International Data Corp Reduced or static budgets A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  4. 4. TSG Solutions Hosting and Private Cloud Computing • Host Business Applications on TSG Infrastructure • Leverage virtualization technology to group workloads enhancing performance and reliability Co-location • Co-Locate IT infrastructure in our highly available secure facility • Maintain and manage all or just part of the overall system Leverage TSG infrastructure • High Value • Low Investment A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  5. 5. TSG Facility at Equinix Physical Structure •Hardened facility built to withstand most disasters •Facility designated as National Critical Infrastructure Power •Highly available and robust Power infrastructure •AC power delivery via redundant UPS systems with generator back-up •48 hours worth of generator fuel and contracts with multiple fuel providers Cooling •Robust and Redundant cooling •13,652 BTUH per cabinet capacity Multilevel Security •On-site manned security 24x365 •Zoned Security with four biometric checkpoints and man traps prior to gaining access to any cabinets, racks or cages •Kinetic locks on private cabinets •Highly secure audited environment A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  6. 6. TSG Facility at Equinix Data Connectivity • Redundant multi-carrier shared internet circuits • Carrier neutral facility for private internet or wan circuits • Recognized as one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world Fire Detection and Suppression • sensory detection mechanisms (sniffers) • Multi-zone dry pipe systems Flood Control • Moisture Detections Systems • Dedicated pump rooms and drainage/evacuation systems Worldwide Presence • 87 data centers in 11 countries • 90% of worlds internet traffic flows through the facility A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  7. 7. IT Benefits Optional Fully managed environment • TSG SignatureCare on all infrastructure components • Flexible ‘ownership’ of applications and services • Reducing capital expenditures while ensuring high availability and receiving technical support. • Leverage SignatureCare DataProtection and other services for peace of mind Blend Hosting or Co-Location and Disaster Recovery for mission critical applications A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  8. 8. Business Benefit No need to maintain Reduce capital costs physical real estate Speed deployment of and staff resource dedicated to IT new services requirements infrastructure Increase reliability and availability of Scale on demand systems with minimal investment A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  9. 9. Hosting/Private Cloud A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  10. 10. Private Cloud Hosting A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE
  11. 11. Questions & Open Discussion A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE