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Dell's Marketing Strategy


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Dell's Marketing Strategy.
4Ps, Just in time, Value chain.

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Dell's Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Dell’s Marketing StrategyKoichi Tachiya
  2. 2.  Founded in Austin, Texas (May 1, 1984) Michael Dell (Chairman & CEO) Operational regions: Americas; Europe, MiddleEast and Africa (EMEA); Asia-Pacific and Japan(APJ) Number one supplier of computer systems in theU.S. and second worldwideDell Inc. Background
  3. 3. MissionDefinition of a MissionA Mission is defined as‘Who we are and what we do’Dell’s Mission"To be the most successful computer company in theworld at delivering the best customer experience inmarkets we serve."
  4. 4. VisionDefinition of a VisionA Vision is defined as‘An Image of the future we seek to create’Dell’s Vision"Its the way we interpret the world around us --our customers needs, the future of technology, andthe global business climate.”
  5. 5. Value chain
  6. 6. Inbound LogisticsDell shares its-Daily productionschedules-Sales forecasts
  7. 7. OperationJust In TimeReduces inventory cost
  8. 8. Outbound Logistics and SalesDisintermediation
  9. 9. Service• Immediatefeedback• Quick responseto problems.
  10. 10. Value chain
  11. 11. Dell Inc. Fiscal Performance
  12. 12. Dell Inc. Fiscal Performance
  13. 13. 4 Ps Dell Inc.Products & ServicesFor Home For WorkCustomizable
  14. 14. Product, Segmentation &Targeting1. Consumer – Target: Household Customer Laptops & Ultrabooks Desktops & All-in-Ones Electronics & AccessoriesPrinters, Monitors etc New Touch PCs & Tablets
  15. 15. Product, Segmentation & Targeting2. Small & Medium Business DELL Precision Workstations and mobileWorkstation Vostro and Latitude line of Notebooks and Netbooks Servers, Storage and NetworkingEquipment Servicese.g. IT Consulting, Data Protection
  16. 16. Product, Segmentation & Targeting3. Public Sector – Target: Government, Schools Digital Forensics, e-Government, Data CenterEfficiency Civilian and Defense Agencies, IntelligenceSecurity, Federal health, Consulting andDeployment Services Professional Learning, Connected Classroom,Private Cloud Computing, Wireless Classroom Learning Management systems
  17. 17. Product, Segmentation & Targeting4. Large Enterprises – Target:Large Cooperations Blade Server Solution, ServerConsolidation, Client Migrationsolution, Virtual Clients RISK Migration, Storageconsolidation,Cloud Computing, Mobility Solutions Business Consulting,
  18. 18. Product, Segmentation & Targeting5. Intangible Products – Target: All four Segment Warranties Repair Services Software Services
  19. 19.  Sells mostly on the InternetDirect to Customer Customized Computer – Just in Time Since 2007 restarted distribution throughRetailersJust Consumer ProductsPlace – Distribution Strategy
  20. 20.  Prices comparatively lowJust in Time Production – Low Inventory CostsDirect Distribution Dependent on Supplier Prices Dell Financial Services CustomizationNo Price-Tag-EffectPricing Strategy Based on Customer NeedsPricing Strategy
  21. 21. Promotion & Positioning TV, Newspaper, and Magazine Advertising Limited Perios Sales on Website Dell Mailing List Product Placement Social Networking Buzz Marketing
  22. 22.  Best Global Brands 2012: Dell is ranked on 49 with a Brand equity of $7,591 mBranding Strategy
  23. 23.  Dialogue with our customers through social, mobile,blogs, and Brand site which features customer stories, articles,case studies and forums Dells brand strategy is 100 percent customer-centric Dell has a formal integration program and a marketingplaybook Developed a set of brand standards to clearly guidethe new identityBranding Strategy
  24. 24. Branding Strategy Traditionally, a direct-to-customer brand Now 80% of revenue in IT services and solutionsfor SMB “The power to do more” campaign increasedoverall brand health Implementing a Social Media Listening Commandto enhance brand experience Several corporate citizenship initiatives
  25. 25. Community Involvement1. Environment Design for EnvironmentSmarter Material ChoicesEnergy EfficiencyEnd of Life and ReuseEnvironmental Standards Green Packaging and Shipping Reducing the Footprint Dell Recycling Programs
  26. 26. 2. Communities Dell Youth Learning Childrens Cancer Care Social Entrepeneurship Disaster ReliefCommunity Involvement
  27. 27. 3. People Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Partnership Employee Resource Groups Employees in Action Workforce CommitmentCommunity Involvement
  28. 28. 4. Supply Chain Conflict-free Minerals Supplier Responsibility Supplier DiversityCommunity Involvement
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