OpenFlow Switch Management using NETCONF and YANG


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  • 2001 roadshow et at: NANOG 22, RIPE 40focus on backbone network operatorsLISA-XV
  • OpenFlow Switch Management using NETCONF and YANG

    1. 1. OpenFlow Switch Management using NETCONF and YANGCarl Moberg, VP Technical, @cmoberg
    2. 2. What You Should Come Away With• Understanding of IETF NETCONF protocol and YANG language and it’s major features and benefits• Understanding of ONF OF-CONFIG specification and it’s moving parts• Advantages to the combination of these technologies for Network Managers and Equipment Providers• New thoughts on the future of automated network management! 1
    3. 3. Introducing Tail-f Systems Voice Business Mobile Video Services Ethernet Backhaul Services Customers expect fast and Complexity of service Faster time-to-marketfaultless turn-up of services provisioning exploding expectations Network Equipment Providers Service Providers • Reduce development time and • Innovate and differentiate on project risk service offerings • Provide more complete operations • Reduce OPEX through automating management solutions configuration management systems • Off-load core platform management and processes development to allow focus on • Drive customer retention through areas of product differentiation operational excellence 2
    4. 4. A Brief History of NETCONF and YANG• 2001: Network Management Roadshow• 2002: Internet Architecture Board (IAB) Workshop on Network Management “The workshop recommends, with strong consensus from both protocol developers and operators, that the IETF focus resources on the standardization of configuration management mechanisms.” 3
    5. 5. What NETCONF and YANG is and isn’t• The NETCONF protocol is a formal application programming interface (API) that allows configuration data information to be retrieved and manipulated• The YANG data modeling language is used to model configuration and state data manipulated by NETCONF• NETCONF is not replacing CORBA/SOAP/REST; it provides full set of semantics for configuration management• YANG is not replacing XSD/RelaxNG/WSDL; it provides many features specific to configuration management 4
    6. 6. NETCONF Key Features• Distinct difference between configuration and operational data• Rich configuration management semantics including validation, rollbacks and transactions• Extensible protocol based on capabilities exchange More information: • RFC 6241 • • 5
    7. 7. YANG Key Features• A complete description of API between a NETCONF client and server• A hierarchy of data including configuration, state, Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs), and notifications• Syntax is compact and optimized for human readers More information: • RFC 6020 • • 6
    8. 8. Who Is Using ItEquipment Vendors SDOs• Brocade (MLX, NetIron) • IETF• Ericsson (SEA 20) – Drives standard• Cisco (IOS, IOS-XE) • CableLabs – CCAP (Next-gen CMTS)• H3C (S9500E)• Huawei (AR x200) • MEF – FM, PM, and services• Juniper (JUNOS >7.5) • ONF(!)• Sonus (NBS 5200) – OF-CONFIG• Verivue (MDX 9020) 7
    9. 9. OpenFlow Architecture Overview Controller OpenFlow Protocol Switch Switch Switch Switch 8
    10. 10. Introducing OF-CONFIG• “The motivation for the OpenFlow Configuration Protocol (OF- CONFIG) is to enable the remote Configuration configuration of OpenFlow Controller Point datapaths”• Provides basic abstractions of OpenFlow OpenFlow functions OF-CONFIG Protocol (NETCONF)• “OF-CONFIG1.1 requires that devices supporting OFCONFIG 1.1 MUST implement NETCONF protocol as the transport.” Switch Switch Switch Operation Context 9
    11. 11. The Building Blocks• Configuration Point Configuration Controller Point – Configures set of Capable Switches OF-CONFIG OpenFlow• Capable Switch (NETCONF) Protocol – Managed entity OpenFlow Capable Switch containing set of Logical Switches Logical Switch Logical Switch• Logical Switch Resource Resource (e.g. Port) (e.g. Port) ... Resource Resource (e.g. Port) (e.g. Port) – A set of resources managed by Controller 10
    12. 12. Bringing it Together• OF-CONFIG includes Configuration Point full YANG model• Implementations immediately benefit • Validation • Rollback from: • Transactions – Standard protocol and language – Formal API definition Switch Switch – NETCONF feature set Switch 11
    13. 13. Introducing Tail-f NCS Network OSS/BSS Engineer EMS/NMS NET- WEB JAVA / CLI REST SNMP CONF UI JavaScript• Network abstraction engine NCS Service Models• Data-model driven• Multi-vendor support Device Models• Device and service models Device Manager SNMP CLI ConfD Other NETCONF Netconf SNMP WS 12
    14. 14. NCS as an OpenFlow Switch Manager Network OSS/BSS Engineer EMS/NMS NET- WEB JAVA / CLI REST SNMP CONF UI• JavaScript Import OF-CONFIG modules!• No code needed NCS Service Models• All northbound interfaces• NETCONF feature set OF-CONFIG YANG – Validation Module – Rollback OF-CONFIG Manager – Transactions 13
    15. 15. Example Use Case #2Bringing up new logical switch Network1. Import OF-CONFIG YANG Engineer EMS/NMS2. Regenerate Interfaces3. Set up connectivity to switches CLI REST NETCONF4. Use CLI to bring up logical switch NCS Device Manager5. ...or REST 14
    16. 16. Example Use Case #2Bringing up new separated virtual network (set of logical switches) Network Engineer EMS/NMS1. Import OF-CONFIG YANG2. Regenerate Interfaces CLI REST NETCONF3. Set up connectivity to switches NCS4. Bring up candidate configuration for logical switches across switches Device Manager5. Validate configuration6. Use NETCONF confirmed commit for transactions 15
    17. 17. Conclusion• OF-CONFIG leverages open and standardized NETCONF and YANG for switch management• Formal model and well-known protocol reduces time to market and risk for network equipment provides• Open, well defined API reduces implementation cost and risk for network management teams at service providers 16
    18. 18. Wrap-up and Questions• Feel free to reach out at: – Carl Moberg <> – follow or DM me on @cmoberg on twitter• ...for any configuration management questions• Follow us on: – – LinkedIn (company page, NETCONF and YANG Users Group) 17