Computer Usage & Brand Study


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India Bytes is a study with insightful understanding of computer usage behavior and preferences of urban Indians along with the recent estimates of computer user-ship in urban India. It also provides information on current computer ownership and buying intentions.

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Computer Usage & Brand Study

  1. 1. India Bytes Computer Usage Behavior and Preferences of Urban Indians
  2. 2. Study Overview • Authentic recent estimates of computer user-ship in urban India • Insightful understanding of computer usage behavior and preferences of urban Indians (place, frequency and duration of usage, configuration details, software usage, printer and peripherals usage, AMC, Internet usage) • In-depth info on both assembled and branded computer usage, and on both desktop and laptop usage within the branded segment • Current brand shares and perceptions, as well as expected brand shares • Future ‘buying intentions’ including timing of purchase, computer types and brands (if branded), configurations and peripherals
  3. 3. Methodology Computer usage dynamics and preferences captured through a large ‘online’ survey sampling over 5,080 computer users in July-August 2008 Online survey conducted using JuxtConsult Consumer Panel ( Panel 65,000 member strong in August 2008, adding over 10,000 new members every month The online survey data made ‘representative’ of the urban Indian population by using appropriate ‘demographic weights’ Weights derived using authentic Govt. of India population statistics and a large 12,500 household land survey conducted by JuxtConsult in April 2008 across all socio-economic strata in 40 cities
  4. 4. Topline Findings
  5. 5. Computer Usership 64.4 million unique computer users in urban India. 8 million started using in last 1 year 31.5 million units (90% desktops and 10% laptops). Almost 1 in 3 units got bought in last 1 year Average users per box are 2.3 at home and 1.8 at office Average ‘place’ of usage is 2. Highest usage share at home (37%) 60% home computers are ‘assembled’ (only 31% office ones)
  6. 6. Usage by Place Place of Work - 35% Home - 37% Place of Work Only Home Only 22% 10% 12% 32% 6% 9% Cyber Café Only 9% Cyber Café - 28% No te – there are no exclusive ‘in transit’ users. They all use the computer fro m o ne o f the abo ve 3 places
  7. 7. Assembled vs. Branded Assembled Branded 46% 54% Only Assembled Both Only Branded 25% 43% 32%
  8. 8. Desktop vs. Laptop Desktop Laptop 23% 77% Only Desktop Both Only Laptop 24% 71% 5%
  9. 9. User Profile Only half of all computer users are employed (1 in 3 in IT sector) Just over half belong to SEC ‘A’ and ‘B’ Top 8 metros account for almost 50% of the computer users Half have ‘2-wheeler’ as the most expensive vehicle in the house Half of home users are 25- years in age, 2/3rd of office users are 25+ years in age
  10. 10. Usage Behavior Only 12% use it in languages other than English Almost 2 out of 3 urban computer users access internet, but only 10% have bought a computer product online 17” is the most used monitor size (39%), Laser the most used printer (39%) Only 1 in 3 thinks that buying/using pirated software is ‘unethical’ Only 1 in 3 users have (aware of) an AMC for their computer
  11. 11. Home Usage 60% home users feel that computer is a necessity. 87% use it daily at home Only 1 in 7 is an ‘exclusive’ user of a home PC, rest share with other family members Internet surfing is the biggest purpose of computer usage at homes 1 in 3 plan to buy/upgrade their home PC within next 1 year (almost half planning to go for a laptop) At least 2 out of 3 desire to buy 100GB+ hard disk, 1GB+ MB RAM. Configuration and advanced features are the biggest drivers in choosing between brands Only 1 in 4 home users have an AMC
  12. 12. Office Usage Only 1 in 3 office user has an ‘exclusive’ computer for self (single user) About 1 in 3 self-decides the configuration and brand of his/her PC at office 46% office users currently have a P4 microprocessor 1 in 3 plan to upgrade their office PC within next 1 year (over half planning to go for/ask for a laptop) Over 60% desire for 1GB+ MB RAM, only 47% for a 100GB+ hard disk 54% have access to a laser printer in office
  13. 13. Laptop Usage 2 out of 3 laptop users have bought it with ‘self’ funds Almost 2/3rd have purchased the laptop only within last 1 year Working from ‘multiple places’ is the biggest motivation behind laptop purchase Less than half use their laptop singly and exclusively Only 2 out of 3 use them daily About 1 in 4 laptop user is planning to buy a new laptop within next 1 year 1 in 3 laptop users have bought a computer product online
  14. 14. Most Recalled Brands HP most top of mind recalled brand for ‘computer’ Category Most Top of Mind Brand % Recalling Computer HP 19% Desktop HP 19% Dell 14% Laptop HP 14% Microprocessor Intel 50% Hard Disk Seagate 23% Sony 22% CD Drive LG 21% LG 28% Monitor Samsung 27% Inkjet Printer HP 56% Laser Printer HP 59%
  15. 15. Brand Perceptions 1.5 1.0 Best technology HCL .5 Zenith Cheapest in price IBM Best brand image 0.0 Acer Dell Compaq HP Lenovo Gives best features at any given price -.5 Attribute Apple LG Sony Best looking PCs -1.0 -1.5 -1.0 -.5 0.0 .5 1.0 Brand The nearer the brand is to an attribute, more strongly it is associated with that attribute as compared to other attributes. The closer it is to ‘0-0’ axis, the less it Is associated with any attribute at all
  16. 16. Top Brands by Usage Share - Hardware Category Most Used Brand % Using Likely to Buy Computer (overall) HP 23% HP – 19% Desktop HP 22% HP – 22% Laptop HP 27% Dell – 21% % Don’t Know Microprocessor Intel 75% 9% RAM Samsung 5% 67% Hard Disk Seagate 12% 63% CD Drive LG 17% 58% Samsung 16% Monitor 55% LG 16% Printer HP 53% 20%
  17. 17. Top Brands by Usage Share - Peripherals Category Most Used Brand % Using % Don’t Know / Don’t Use Mouse Logitech 26% 9% / 5% Webcam Logitech 15% 10% / 51% Speaker Creative 17% 10% / 19% Headset Intex 21% 10% / 34% Modem D-Link 18% 26% / 17% Joystick Logitech 9% 12% / 63% Pen/Thumb Drive Transcend 30% 9% / 26% 10% / 40% Scanner HP 27%
  18. 18. Top Brands by Usage Share - Software Category Most Used Brand % Using % Don’t Use Operating System MS Windows XP 66% - Internet Browser Internet Explorer 71% 4% Anti-virus Norton 29% 4% Word Processing MS Word 91% 6% Audio/Video Player Windows Media Player 35% 10% Spreadsheet MS Excel 89% 12% Presentations PowerPoint 79% 16% Emailing Application MS Outlook 26% 17% Graphic Designing Photoshop 58% 27% Database Management MS Access 55% 34% Book Keeping/Accounting Tally 49% 39% Default Homepage Google 38% (Don’t Know) 20%
  19. 19. Report Details
  20. 20. Information Area Covered Estimation of computer and internet user-ship in urban India Overall By place of usage – home, place of work, cyber cafe, transit By type of computer – assembled desktop, branded desktop, laptop Demographic and socio-economic profile of computer users in urban India Gender, age, city, city type, region Educational qualification, current occupation, industry of occupation, preferred language of reading, marital and children status SEC, monthly household income, most expensive vehicle owned, credit and debit card ownership Household asset ownership – home, TV, fridge, washing machine, AC, microwave, music system, DVD player, Ipod, camera, video recorder, landline phone, mobile phone and cable TV connection
  21. 21. Information Area Covered Computer usage status and dynamics Years since using a computer Places of usage - multiple and exclusive (home, place of work, cyber café, transit) Type of computer used – multiple and exclusive (assembled desktop, branded desktop, laptop) Time when bought, brand bought (if branded), reason for preferring the brand, purpose of usage, frequency and duration of usage, per capita users, AMC status Configuration - processor type, RAM speed, hard disk space, CD drive type Peripherals used - monitor screen size, printer type, scanner, mouse, webcam, speakers, headset, modem, joy stick, thumb/pen drive Software used – OS, anti-virus, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphic designing, database, audio/video player, internet browser, email application Attitude towards using pirated software Internet usage status and dynamics Place of access (home, place of work, cyber café, transit) Internet usage details by place - type of connection, frequency and duration of usage Default internet browser, default homepage, default messenger Online purchase of computer products
  22. 22. Information Area Covered Future intentions on computer buying and usage Time frame of buying new or upgrading existing computer Type of computer likely to buy – assembled desktop, branded desktop, laptop Brand likely to be bought (if branded), Reasons for brand preference Desired configuration - processor type, RAM speed, hard disk space, CD drive type Desired peripherals - monitor screen size, printer type, scanner, mouse, webcam, speakers, headset, modem, joy stick, thumb/pen drive Likelihood of buying online Brand shares and brand perceptions of Desktops/Laptops Top of mind brand recalls, current and likely brand shares Brand perceptual map on key category attributes
  23. 23. Information Area Covered Brand shares of Main Parts/Peripherals Top of mind brand recalls, current and likely brand shares in the following part/peripheral categories: Processor CD/DVD drive RAM Monitor Hard Disk Inkjet Printer and Laser Printer Brand shares of Other Peripherals Current and likely brand shares in the following peripheral categories: Mouse Speakers Scanner Webcam Headset Thumb/Pen Drive Modem Joystick Current brand shares of softwares Current brand shares in the following software categories: Operating System Spreadsheet Graphic Designing Anti Virus Presentations Database Management Word Processing Internet Browser Audio/Video Player Email Application Book Keeping/Accounting
  24. 24. List Of Reports 1. Overall Main Report 2. Comparative Report by Place of Usage Home vs. Place of Work vs. Cyber café vs. Transit 3. Comparative Report by Type of Computer Assembled Desktop vs. Branded Desktop vs. Laptop
  25. 25. Pricing of Reports Report Price (Rs.)* Price (USD) * 12.36% service tax extra Any 1 Report 100,000 3,500 Any 2 Report 160,000 5,600 All 3 Reports 200,000 7,000 • Payment Terms : 50% advance, 50% after delivery of all reports • Delivery Timeline : 1 week per report from date of order • Report Delivery Format : PDF
  26. 26. Contact Details • Address : 3, Kehar Singh Estate, 1st Floor, Westend Marg, Lane 2, Said-ul-Ajaib, New Delhi – 110030 • Telephone : +91-11-29535098, +91-11-32451093, +91-9811256502 • Contact Person : Sanjay Tiwari • Email : • Website :
  27. 27. Thank You!