mobile marketing                      rd                the 3 screen                   an
what is it? no                                                                           yes graphic from Media in Motion ...
history                33%          80%
phone #’s                                         WEB ENABLED                                         OTHER               ...
other #’s / trends                                                                                  What’s Next         20...
benefits                                                                          3 Items EveryoneOmnipresent             ...
missed opportunity  Small Business w/o mobile website  Total Internet searches per month   1,000              33% are from...
how do i start?                                                                to receive Flagstaff Chamber               ...
thank you!                                                       Mobile Marketing Services                                ...
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Mobile Marketing-the 3rd Screen, an introduction


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Mobile Marketing-the 3rd Screen, an introduction

  1. 1. mobile marketing rd the 3 screen an
  2. 2. what is it? no yes graphic from Media in Motion Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. ~ Mobile Marketing Association
  3. 3. history 33% 80%
  4. 4. phone #’s WEB ENABLED OTHER Phones Owned New Phones Purchased All High Income (over 5,000 models) 25% 20% 40% 40% 60% 75%75% 80% 80% Text w/Phone Search w/Phone Up 400% in past yearMuch higher 27% 40% of mobile 33% 33%percentage searches are localfor 14-25year olds 60% take action 73% 73% 67% within one day (calls or visits business)
  5. 5. other #’s / trends What’s Next 200 MM mobile users 40% of mobile searches are local Tablet Sales Growth 2x more than desktop-only After looking up the business NFC - Near Field Communications mobile = 50% of active users 61% calls the business 59% visit the location m-Commerce & Payments mobile = 40% all tweets Location-Based Services Enhanced Geo-Targeting 1.5 MM each month • Four-Square, Gowalla subscribe via mobile Increased Mobile Advertising • Facebook Places • ShopKick, Loopt, SCVNG 100 million views Mobile Video Growth via mobile each day Local Directories (100’s) • Google Places, Bing, Yahoo In-Home & In-Auto Integration • Where, Yelp, Merchant Circle • CitySearch, Unique marketing campaigns for72 million Americans accessed PC’s, Mobile Phones & Tabletssocial networking sites or blogsfrom mobile devices in August, Other2011. • Neer (private location sharing)
  6. 6. benefits 3 Items EveryoneOmnipresent Interactive Leaves Home With mobile phones are inexpensive able to create interactive and are on-person all day & night. experiences and dialog.Reach Trackable 98% of text messages are read Campaigns are easily within 15 minutes of receipt. trackable with Google Messages reach users wherever Analytics & platform services. they are.Immediacy Personal mobile communications are Content is targeted to immediate for consumers and individuals who have opted-in quick to setup for businesses. to receive information.Response Rate Location Awareness Avg. mobile campaign response Ability to know geographic rates are 12-15% (coupons, information (Location-Based promos, etc.). Services, LBS).
  7. 7. missed opportunity Small Business w/o mobile website Total Internet searches per month 1,000 33% are from mobile 330 40% of mobile are local 132 60% take an action 80 25% buy product/service 20 average sale x $35 Potential Revenue Missed $700
  8. 8. how do i start? to receive Flagstaff Chamber scan to view Announcements & Alerts our mobile1. Stretch your mobile phone comfort text FCOC to 86677 website zone. (std text msg & data rates may apply) • Enter text programs (local programs, text-to-vote, national contests) • Scan QR codes does your website or this? (download scanner; scan advertisements, products, etc.) look like this? • Download location-based service & social media apps... then use them2. Set up your mobile website or a simple landing page. • Company & personal contact information • Simple business informational site or blog • Integrate with a QR Code: create a product, service, promotion or event info landing page3. Create a QR Code promotion. • Announce an event & provide basic information • New product or service information • Limited Offer Discount or Promotion • Share a video (e.g. realtors: home tour) • Meeting name tags with contact info • A simple location map • Restaurant: Menu Info (nutrition info, recipes, events)
  9. 9. thank you! Mobile Marketing Services mobile marketing strategy & planning QR code creation & integration text messaging & marketing mobile websites mobile landing pages mobile donation pages mobile advertising location-based services mobile loyalty programs mobile seo m-commerce & mobile paymentsmax cadman mobile marketing | | | 928-863-8945