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Mobile Marketing Hard Rock Café - CAS FICTIF

  1. 1. November 2012 International Seminar Mobile MarketingSarah ARPHI. Jeremy Bauwens. Sarah Corazzi. Ugo Verdi.
  2. 2. Presentation
  3. 3. The companyIsaac Tigrett & Peter Morton
  4. 4. The company 170 cafés in 51 countries (133 cafés & 15 hotels - casinos). Not just cafés but also hotels & casinos. Multiple activities.Various competitors :hotels, restaurants, Fail in theme park.cafés...
  5. 5. The problemsThe brand image is getting older12 530 804 € annual sales 2012 = - 12 % / 2011 ? Cours Estienne d’Orves 2013
  6. 6. So, why did we choose Hard Rock Café, France ? Place of advertising. A dynamic image possibility. Many customer experiences (drinks, food, fun, store...) => allows a lot of possibilities for mobile marketing, which they have not.Existing relationship with customer : Web site : e-mail Facebook & TwitterThe needs : Give a trendy image + renew the customers + improve the existing relationships because the brand image is getting older & a decrease of traffic.
  7. 7. Mobile marketing actions
  8. 8. ObjectivesTouch all kind of publics : young adults 18-25(dynamism of the app)=> will propagate to adults25-35 (convenience of the app).Conquest, develop loyalty and reconquest.Generate incomes : by increasing the number ofcustomers & increasing the productivity thanks toa better organization of each restaurant.
  9. 9. Development timelineSeptember - November - October End of October November December Communication CommunicationDevelopment Launching QR code of the app of the app inside Ads on Local Social net press network Ads Social TV network on netDevelopment Launching QR code Exclusive contents of the app of the web of the web outside Air guitar contest => App Reservation & availability AWARENESS RECRUITMENT Persons who Way to launch the Targets know the café buzz through the young people
  10. 10. Development timeline April -January - March SeptemberCommunication Push promotion byBluetooth Press the app & SMS Events calendarBlind test contest => in push by the App + traffic app RECRUITMENT LOYALTY Way to launch Increasingthe buzz through loyaltythe young adults
  11. 11. Resources set Marketing 360° organization Mobile Marketing Outside cafés QR Inside cafés Code Mobile SMS web Kind of Shazam Loyalty : levels Geolocalisation Mobile E-shop & events APP Special offers Reservation & availability special offers by passing by Bluetooth
  12. 12. Resources set From everywhere... APP : •Geolocalisation. •Special offers : push strategy.Data base : customer profile(with id, date of birth, loyalty...) •Reservation, availability of tables. •E-shop. •Planning of events. •Basic contents. •Loyalty by scanning QR code with the note => Level of loyalty. SMS : subscription (opt-in) •News & offers with lots of advantages. •Link to the app or the website. Mobile website : with good referencing (for compatibility and portability).
  13. 13. Resources set Near & inside the café QR codes : Outside = redirection to websites (Cityvox, Trip advisor, La Fourchette...) to rate & comment. Inside = QR code on table set to download the app. NFC Bluetooth : to make people download the app near the shop. APP = download Hard Rock Café music thank to a kind of Shazam included in the app.
  14. 14. Measurement tools / trackingMessaging :- SMS sent. In-content : - App downloads.- Opt-ins to SMS campaigns. - Unique users of mobile app.Mobile internet : - Usage average time &- Mobile webpage views. frequency of session.- Click through rates.- Mobile ad impressions served.- Mobile web unique visitors.
  15. 15. Balance sheetConclusion Recommendations Way to make the buzz to Keep on SMS campaign to develop the brand. develop CRM. Way to increase loyalty. Develop the app in France & Increase traffic in the café to Worldwide for the current & generate incomes. future Hard Rock Café. Better organization of the café Keep an innovative => innovation + saving money. interaction with customers : Touch the target with 2 kinds of contest ; events... actions including mobile+ 30 % of traffic + 25 % annual sales23 € average budget + 45 % awareness 127 000 downloaded apps
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention !