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  • Verve has strong relationships with many of the most respected, leading publishers in the U.S. With over 3,000+ properties, the Verve Network offers advertisers the ability to reach mobile users on highly recognizable, brand-safe mobile sites and applications.
  • Verve’s unmatched market depth gives advertisers the ability to reach mobile users on location relevant content they access everyday in over 200 DMA’s from coast-to-coast.
  • Verve overview5.19.12

    1. 1. The leader in location-aware mobile advertising
    2. 2. Location, Location, Location . . .In mobile, location is everything Almost half of all mobile searches are for location-aware information All of the top categories of mobile content consumption have a strong connection to the users location: News Entertainment GOOGLE: 40% Dining / Going out Shopping Navigation Sports Weather Business MICROSOFT: 53% Real Estate Travel All mobile searches took action95% of smartphone users have 77% looked for nearby information contacted business after accessing such info 88% within one day 79% use phone for shopping 44% purchasedSource: Google, Microsoft
    3. 3. The Verve Difference for Guitar Center UNIQUE AUDIENCES UNIQUE DATA & INSIGHTS UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY Large audience of The most sophisticated VLS identifies the most relevant 92,000,000 plus unique location-aware mobile ad location data. users*. Ranked 4th in size. platform available today. Exclusive premium Mobile publishing platform Exclusive premium publishers partners not available used by hundreds of provide better location data. elsewhere. premier media companies to power their mobile web sites/ apps. Rich demo and transactional Unduplicated reach. data for audience targeting. Multi-level location and audience targeting. Brand insights reporting with Brand-safe high quality Pioneers in complex every campaign. destination sites. dynamic location–aware ad creative and executions.ABOUT US Founded 2005, backed by Led by veteran mobile and Offices in NY, DC, Chicago leading venture firms advertising executive team ,Dallas, Detroit, LA, SF, Atlanta, San Diego.
    4. 4. Unique Audiences News Sports Technology Latino Fashion Games Family Business Entertainment Music Food & Nightlife Travel Health Women Weather
    5. 5. National PartnersWith over 3000+ partners, we work with all the big guys in mobile . . .
    6. 6. National Partners: Associated Press (Exclusive)The AP is the most trusted source forPulitzer prize winning breaking newsand among the largest producer ofquality sports and entertainmentcontent. The AP has 297 bureaus and 4,000members worldwide, the AP providesthe most complete coveragefor newsworthy events such as theOlympics, Fashion Week, AcademyAwards and Presidential Election.AP’s new innovative design resultedin AP iPad being ranked the numberone free iPad application by Apple.
    7. 7. Exclusive In-market Depth. . . but only Verve can also deliver unique endemic location-awareinventory for contextual relevance to your location-targeted campaignWESTERN MARKET San Francisco DMA: 43 Publishers EASTERN MARKET CENTRAL MARKET Philadelphia DMA: Chicago DMA: 29 Publishers 91 Publishers
    8. 8. Unique Insights: Retail Source: Verve Retail Study , 2011
    9. 9. Unique Insights: Automotive Source: Verve Auto Study , 2012
    10. 10. Unique Insights: Post Campaign Reporting Source: Verve Consumer Insights Reporting , 2011
    11. 11. Unique TechnologyWe can target any which way from Sunday, but really excel inlocation-aware targeting and audience targeting TARGETING PARAMETERS Geo-location / Geo-fencing Verve Location Services (VLS) is the leading location-based targeting Country / State / County technology available today City / DMA / Zip Device or Carrier Verve Audience allows you to target Content / Carrier your desired audience based both demo and transactional data Day / Daypart
    12. 12. Location Data: Select OffersVerve specializes in developing the largest set of quality location datafor its proprietary Verve Location Service (VLS) 5% CITY BLOCK LEVELLat / LongWiFi 20% 30%Zip / User reg.Location-based content 20%Carrier IP 20% 20% 55% 20% 10% VERVE METRO LEVEL COMPETITORSThe VLS parses every impression and derives the best available location data whether sharedby the user, device or carrier network or from inventory that has an endemic connection to thetargeted location (e.g. traffic / weather / news)
    13. 13. Location-Based Targeting to Drive TrafficWithin a single campaign, Verve will vary the execution based on thequality of the location data ACCURACY: BLOCK LEVEL ACCURACY: METRO LEVEL EXECUTION: GEO-FENCE EXECUTION: GEO-AWAREIf VLS receives block-level data (lat/long & WiFi), we can provide dynamic messaging withingeo-fenced campaigns that can display more precise location messaging.If VLS only receives metro-level data (carrier IP), the dynamic messaging will display alllocations, to cover a broader area via a geo-aware campaign.
    14. 14. Dynamic Messaging to Show Store Location
    15. 15. Dynamic, Location-aware CampaignsWe customize the ad execution and creative depending on theavailable location data to maximize relevance MOBILE BANNER (350X53) EXPANDS TO DISPLAY NEAREST A LIST OF OTHER NEARBY APPEARS ON MOBILE WEBSITE STORE FROM USER’S LOCATIONS ARE LISTED ON OR IN-APP CURRENT LOCATION THE LAST PANE
    16. 16. Location & Audience Targeting: Place DataVerve has partnered with PlaceIQ, a “place-based” audience data provider.Through analysis of the characteristics of physical locations, PlaceIQ turnstime and location into audience and context… Place IQ enables audience targeting by When Verve receives a location-aware ad understanding the attributes of real world locations impression it asks the PlaceIQ database what and other factors, like time of day, and drawing it knows about that location and makes an ad inferences about who is likely to be at that place at decision accordingly that time
    17. 17. Delivering Custom Offers at the Store Level
    18. 18. Custom Offers at Store Level: Mobile Circular
    19. 19. Event reminder: Add to Calendar
    20. 20. Custom Audience Targeting: Demo and Transactional DataReach your target audience based on segments built from richdemographic and transactional data in an anonymous and privacy-friendly way Verve has partnered with offline data providers to LOCATION DATA access the best available consumer data and develop custom segments to meet your objectives Household income We then identify the geographic “clusters” of the exact Purchase history people you want to reach and deliver your message only to those “clusters” Age / Gender How we can target luxury auto buyers Education level ① We identify consumers with your target HHI ② We overlay that with consumers who have purchased a luxury vehicle but not in the last 3 years ③ We identify the “clusters” of these consumers (where the population density of these consumers is greatest) ④ We match location data from mobile users and deliver your ad only to those “clusters”
    21. 21. Audience Targeting: Search DataVerve has partnered with Google to develop custom site lists using anonymous searchdata, combined with demo data aggregated by Google, to determine which sites indextoward custom sets of attributes. Verve can target sites that have high indexes for users who have searched for certain keywords . . . And also index toward certain demographics such as: Household income Age / Gender / Education LanguageFor example, we can target websitepopulations of affluent, educated women whoare interested in beauty products.
    22. 22. Case Studies & Best Practices
    23. 23. Radio ShackStrategy:Advertise on high-indexing mobile web sites &apps nationally throughout the Verve Network todrive traffic in to Radio Shack retail locations.Goal:• Drive in-store traffic• Drive purchase of specific holiday itemsExecution:• E-circular• Dynamic messaging• Carrier/Handset Targeting w/ Upgrade Messaging• Verve Location Services for geo-targeting• Geo-Fencing: 30 mile radius around each retail location• Day parting• A / B offeringResults:• Overall, CTR is strongest for the e-Circular, at 0.96%• Spike seen for Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates• CTR highest on Friday and Saturday among all carriers• For dynamic ads performance peaked on Tuesday and Wednesday
    24. 24. Burger King: Whopper WednesdayStrategy:Connect with hungry people who are “on thego” and using their mobile device to search forlocal news and information about lunchoptions.Goal:• Drive in-store traffic on Wednesdays.• Increase sales of the Whopper.• Increase the likelihood of repeat restaurant visitsExecution:• Tap to Map• Tap to Calendar• Verve Local Service for geo-targeting• Geo-Fencing: 30 min. driving radius around each restaurant location• Day parting• A/B testing• Dynamic adsResults:• Peak traffic right before, during and after the lunch hour.• Both rich media units performed as above average.
    25. 25. Kohl’s Strategy: Reach Kohl’s customers on entertainment, lifestyle and home/family mobile web sites they frequently visit at the peak of the holiday shopping season. Goals: • Drive awareness and downloads of the new Kohl’s mobile app. • Increase mobile sales and in-store visitsExecution:• Static banners (90%)• Interstitials (10%)• Index Targeting (Women 25-54)• Verve Local Service for geo-targeting Results: • Achieved 1.63% CTR
    26. 26. Burger King: Free Fries FridayStrategy:Use mobile to introduce consumers to BurgerKing’s new French fry product and causeexcitement around the Free Fries Fridaypromotion.Goal:• Drive traffic to BK restaurants• Get consumers to sample the new fries on Free Fries Friday• Increase the likelihood of repeat restaurant visits• Increase conversation volume about the new friesExecution:• Tap to Map• Tap to Calendar• Verve Local Service for geo-targeting• Geo-Fencing• Day parting• A/B testing• Dynamic ads• Social media integrationResults:• Above average CTR on all ad units• Mobile media blitz contributed to 37% lift in store traffic
    27. 27. ChevyStrategy:Reach mobile savvy consumers who areconsidering a big purchase towards the end ofthe year. Targeting strategy was to focus onthe Chicago DMA, placing ads on newscontent.Goal:• Build awareness of the new Chevy Sonic.• Promote regional “year end” sales efforts.• Extend and reinforce the 100 Years of Chevrolet national campaign effort on a DMA level.Execution:• Standard, static banners w/ link to Chevy mobile landing page.• Expandable banners w/ link to Chevy mobile landing page.Results:• Above average CTR of .57%• Best performing day was Saturday.• Highest traffic peak is between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. due to consumer news browsing after hours.
    28. 28. Nissan (Tier II Regional)Strategy:Connect with mobile users in 52 DMAs tofurther promote Nissan’s holiday salesevent and drive purchase intent.Goal:• Increase awareness of Nissan’s regional holiday sales event.• Increase dealer traffic before end of year.Execution:• Standard, static banners w/ link to the Nissan’s mobile landing page.• DMA targeting• A/B testing ( by DMA)Results:• Overall campaign CTR of .91%• Best performing DMA was Atlanta• Most activity Thursday through Saturday between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. when auto-intenders are actively researching vehicles and getting ready to visit dealers
    29. 29. Thank youCasey DennehyRegional Director of Western Interactive demo available
    30. 30. Rich media Interactive features Coverflow Twitter / Facebook Carousel Countdown Swipe Grid Gallery Image Pan Video player Paint 360 Spin Wipe Puzzle Form Map viewer Response mechanisms Tap to call Tap to video Tap to calendar Tap to website Tap to map Tap to e-mail Interactive demo available at
    31. 31. 3. Consumer Insights & Measurement
    32. 32. 3. Consumer Insights & Measurement
    33. 33. 3. Consumer Insights & Measurement