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Presentation by Jeff Campbell (Resolution Media) and Sean Bartlett (Lowe's) on Lowe's mobile platforms & leadership as well as traffic driving strategies/tactics. Presented at Internet Retailer (IRCE2012)

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  • Career defining momentsLeadership vs management
  • Plan the work and work the Plan
  • Those who are thinking about the impact of mobility on SEO are 1) many times mobile marketers without a background in SEO giving usability advice that may or may not apply to SEO or 2) SEOs without an understanding of mobile marketing who don’t believe that mobility will impact SEO. Recent Covario whitepaper on mobile SEO highlights how much Google differs their search results according to users on mobile phones or desktop computersOnly 27% of localized keyword rankings are the same, no matter the interface usedFor non-localized terms, 42% saw no changes from Google Mobile to Google Desktop
  • This is just highlighting a few of the messaging platforms, but ones we think are most vital to the overall mix.Location Based: The insanely popular location based services like 4Square, BrightKite, Loopt, Facebook Places, etc are just some of the location opportunities that have marketers all abuzz lately. But for those who are not into social gaming, and don’t have a strategy for these services, we now have options like Googles Boost, that is allowing local business the opportunity to get into the LBS ad platform, and drive hyper relevant foot traffic to brick and mortar location. 4Square just surpassed 4 million users, and are signing up more than 20K users per day. And in a survey conducted Netsize, 71% of respondents said they value location aware messages and marketing. Rich Media/Video: Advertising solutions across smart devices, such as pre-app video ad formats, full-page interactive video ads, interstitials, social media enabled video ads are becoming more common place in the market today. Mobile marketers are understanding that the 300x250 web based ad is no longer going to cut it, and that the experiences being delivered need to be more robust and interactive to truly capture the users attention. While the landscape is not currently dominated with video executions, this is going to be one of the hottest growth areas in the mobile landscape over the next 3 years.
  • Mobile & Search Marketing: Lowe's Platforms & Traffic

    1. 1. Lowe’s Mobility Sean Bartlett Jeff Campbell Lowe’s Resolution MediaDirector, Mobile Strategy Managing Director @sean_bartlett @cjeffcampbell
    2. 2. Lowe’s• 8th Largest Retailer in the U.S.• $50.2 billion in Sales for Fiscal 2011 – 70% e-commerce growth – No. 47 on IR Top 500 List• Ranked No. 54 on FORTUNE 500 list• 1,745+ Stores – Customer Wi-Fi in every one• 15 million Customers Each Week• 234,000 Employees
    3. 3. • Recognized industry thought leader since 2003• Extensive marketing channel integration experience• 700+ global employees; 170 in North America with offices in NY, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Charlotte and Toronto• Top 2 in search spend globally• Proprietary Resolution process + best-of-breed technology• Experts in leveraging online digital behavior• Global search leader
    4. 4. MOBILE @ LOWE’S
    5. 5. IntentAdvance the customer & Associate experience through compelling interactions, regardless of location
    6. 6. Guiding Principles• Mobile is Not a Channel• Any Device, Any Time• MVE, not MVP• Best Practices are a Recipe for Parity• Commit to Craftsmanship• Have Fun
    7. 7. Associate Mobility
    8. 8. Consumer Mobility
    9. 9. MyLowe’s
    10. 10. Spreading The Message
    11. 11. The Response
    12. 12. WHAT’S NEXT
    14. 14. Testing, Testing, and More Testing OBJECTIVE: Drive Mobile Revenue / On-site Action / Drive Store Visits / Etc. Strategy Tactics MeasurementUnderstand mobile Separated Mobile Click volume, CTR, Storedemand & behavior Campaigns Locator UseImprove targeting & CTR, ROAS, On-site Copy Testing & Site Links engagement Actions/CVR Drive increased Ad Extensions: Offer, CTR, Actions, conversion Location Mobile-to-Store 15
    15. 15. Shoppers Are Avid Mobile Searchers 40% of all mobile & tablet shopping queries occur in Q4 1 out of 5 Google shopping queries are now on mobile 2008 2009 2010 16 2011Google Internal Data: Mobile Shopping Queries
    16. 16. … and Incremental to Desktop (+20%) Mobile 20% Desktop 10% 5% 2% 2008 2009 2010 2011 17Source: Google Data Source: Google Internal Data, Top 1000 Lowe’s Keywords by Click Volume
    17. 17. Mobile vs. Desktop Ranking Factors • Strong correlations to rankings in Google smartphone search results • Phrase-matched keywords in the page’s title • Encouraging repeat visits • Being a desktop site • Having a mobile site ( • Having more than 100k unique visitors worldwide • Specific to Local-Mobile: • Having a location in close proximity to Searcher/Device • Completeness of Google Places • Hours of Operation • EventsSource: Resolution Media,
    18. 18. Create Separate Mobile Search CampaignsYou will have the ability to…• Report on pure mobile performance• Control of how our budgets are being spent• Control messaging & have specific Mobile call to actions (including phone numbers)• Adjust bids differently for Mobile• Target by device and network (iPhone vs. Android)• Use unique tracking URLs• Create specific targeted ad groups to target mobile content more effectively 19
    19. 19. Click-to-Download Ads For App Promotion • Enables users to download mobile apps directly from Android and iPhone market places • Ads are targeted by OS – and can even be targeted by carrier • Trademark approval needed for “iPhone”, “iTunes” use in copy 20
    20. 20. Display Message OpportunitiesM-Circular Display Location Based Video/Rich Media 21
    21. 21. Mobile vs. Desktop 22
    22. 22. Thanks/Questions… Sean Bartlett Jeff Campbell Lowe’s Resolution MediaDirector, Mobile Strategy Managing Director @sean_bartlett @cjeffcampbell