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"Best Practices in Location-Aware Mobile Advertising"
Presented by Greg Hallinan, CMO, Verve

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  • Lat/Long: The most accurate location data derived from the device GPS/ GPRS. User opt-in is required (e.g. LBS) and can be extended or session limited in duration.Wi-Fi: IP derived from users connected to the internet via a wi-fi “hotspot” that typically ties back to a physical location. Zip Code: User declared variable typically submitted during a registration process or session based request.Location-Based Content: User inferred location based on content.Carrier IP: Location derived from users connecting to the Internet from non-Wi-Fi networks (i.e. cell tower to IP backhaul).
  • Results:Overall, CTR is strongest for the e-Circular, at 0.96%Spike seen for Black Friday and Cyber Monday datesCTR highest on Friday and Saturday among all carriersFor dynamic ads performance peaked on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • DAS Verve Pitch-a-Kucha

    1. 1. The leader in location-aware mobile advertising
    2. 2. Introducing Verve UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY UNIQUE INVENTORY UNIQUE DATA Verve has developed the Access to broad reach of Verve location server most sophisticated location- premium national mobile identifies the most relevant aware mobile ad platform publishers and 91.8 million location data available on available today mobile users* every impression Mobile publishing platform Verve’s publishing technology Because of our proprietary used by hundreds of premier gives it exclusive access to inventory we have not just media companies to power premium brand-safe content more but better location data their mobile web sites/ apps not available elsewhere Our audience product Multi-level location and combines our location Providing contextual audience targeting expertise and data with rich relevance and in market depth for location-aware demo and transactional data Pioneers in complex for audience targeting campaigns dynamic location–aware ad creative and executionsABOUT US Founded 2005, backed by Led by veteran mobile and Offices in leading venture firms advertising executive team NY, DC, Chicago, LA, SF, Atlant a, San Diego
    3. 3. Mobile is mainstream• 327+ Million active U.S. mobile subscribers1• Smartphone ownership has taken off 1/2 of U.S. adults use smartphones2• Tablet ownership is on the rise 1/3 of U.S. adults now own tablets2 38 million tablets will be sold in 20123• Mobile advertising is set for stellar growth U.S. mobile ad spend will reach $2.6 B this year and is expected to double in size to $6.5 B by 20144• Mobile outpaces online advertising Achieves a greater lift for ad awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent by nearly 400%5 1CTIA, 2Pew Research 3Forrester, 4eMarketer, 5Dynamic Logic
    4. 4. Mobile Adoption…Ridiculously Fast
    5. 5. Location: Fact vs Fiction “Are we concentrating too much on ad targeting?” -Brian Morrissey, Editor-in-Chief Digiday Agency Summit 2012
    6. 6. Location, Location, Location . . .In mobile, location is everything Almost half of all mobile searches are for location-aware information All of the top categories of mobile content consumption have a strong connection to the users location: News Entertainment GOOGLE: 40% Dining / Going out Shopping Navigation Sports Weather Business MICROSOFT: 53% Real Estate Travel All mobile searches took action95% of smartphone users have 77% looked for nearby information contacted business after accessing such info 88% within one day 79% use phone for shopping 44% purchasedSource: Google, Microsoft
    7. 7. Location-based targetingVerve specializes in developing the largest set of quality location datafor its proprietary Verve Location Service Latitude & Longitude WiFi network location Zip (User Registration data) Location-based content Carrier IP We focus on inventory with rich location data shared by the user, device or carrier networkand inventory that has an endemic connection to the targeted location.
    8. 8. Location Data ComparisonVerve specializes in developing the largest set of quality location datafor its proprietary Verve Location Service (VLS) 5% CITY BLOCK LEVELLat / LongWiFi 20% 30%Zip / User reg.Location-based content 20%Carrier IP 20% 20% 55% 20% 10% VERVE METRO LEVEL COMPETITORSThe VLS parses every impression and derives the best available location data whether sharedby the user, device or carrier network or from inventory that has an endemic connection to thetargeted location (e.g. traffic / weather / news)
    9. 9. Location Targeting Defined Geo-Fence: The process of defining a specific physical location (e.g. store) and determining a fixed radius (i.e “fence”) around the location for targeting purposes. A consumer inside this area would be served an advertisement, while a consumer outside this area would not. Geo-Aware: The process of determining a consumer’s location relative to a physical point or points of interest (e.g. store location), allowing the advertiser to recommend certain actions based on the consumer’s relative position.
    10. 10. Location-Based TargetingWithin a single campaign, executions may vary based on the qualityof the location data ACCURACY: BLOCK LEVEL ACCURACY: METRO LEVEL EXECUTION: GEO-FENCE EXECUTION: GEO-AWAREIf Verve Location Service (VLS) receives block-level data (lat/long &WiFi), we can provide dynamicmessaging within geo-fenced campaigns that can display more precise location messaging.If VLS only receives metro-level data (carrier IP), the dynamic messaging will display all locations, to covera broader area via a geo-aware campaign.
    11. 11. Geo-Aware Dynamic Ads
    12. 12. Geo-Fence: RadioShack
    13. 13. Geo-Fence: west elm
    14. 14. Geo-Aware: Burger King Dynamic
    15. 15. Best Practices: Location Targeting 1. Not all location data is created equal 1. Set an appropriate radius based on store density 1. Know when to use Geo-Aware vs Geo-Fencing 1. Leverage Geo-Aware to augment and refine Geo-Fencing 1. Limit use of additional targeting variables when applying location targeting, run multilevel plan instead 1. Audience clusters are only as good as your location data
    16. 16. Thank you…now let’s go ski! Greg Hallinan Chief Marketing Officer (760) 479-0055 greg@vervewireless.com @ghallinan @vervewireless