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Wd & im session b1 _digital communication_april 26,2010


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Wd & im session b1 _digital communication_april 26,2010

  1. 1. Web Designing & Internet MarketingSession B1: DIGITAL COMMUNICATION What we are gone cover in this session ? Internet as A Communication Medium to Help Market
  2. 2. Time to reach audience of 50 million Medium Years Radio 38 Yrs TV 13 Yrs Interner 4 Yrs iPod 3 Yrs Facebook 2 Yrs Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  3. 3. Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  4. 4. CommunicationWhen it requires? … to whom How to make it?• Post online diaries which may include discussion forums • Two way communication• Share/show information about a your city and events that takes place – Email (corporate email) in your town.. – Can I help you• Communicate with persons having similar interests – Reviews• Discuss with people on various topics – Blogs, Post comments• Have fun, relax, play games – Social networking• To show the content that is intended to inform visitors, but not necessarily for commercial purposes.• Keep/ share information or any content that the individual wishes to include. (Ex: photos, video, articles, reviews, etc)• Do the social networking• To provide a platform on which people can praise or disparage what is featured• To provide platform on which people can post reviews for products or services Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  5. 5. Internet as A Communication Medium• Emails• Blogs• Twitter• Slideshare• Buzz• Tumblr• …• …• …• …• … Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  6. 6. Communication Mediums• Text• Flash• Video• Audio• Image• … Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  7. 7. Case StudyLinkedIn
  8. 8. The Social Media Marketing Strategy Provide Compelling Content Connect with Tell People AboutPeople on Social What You DoNetworking Sites Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  9. 9. Why LinkedIn? Average Age: 41 69% of Users Between 35 – 64 Years Old Average Household Income: $109,703 53.5% Household Income $100K+ 24% have Portfolio Value of $250K+ Mostly Male 64% Male / 36% Female Educated Professionals 80.1% College Graduate/Post Graduate Web Designing & Internet MarketingSource:
  10. 10. What does LinkedIn have to offer?• Find target market and centers of influence (COI)• Promote yourself and your business• Stay top of mind with your network Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  11. 11. LinkedIn: The Basics• Join LinkedIn and complete your profile• Import your contacts to find existing members• Continue to add people you meet – online & offline• The more connections the better!!! Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  12. 12. Use All Your Website Links • Company Site • Personal Site • Blog • Twitter • Podcast Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  13. 13. The Strategy• Join groups to start conversations and promote content• Use status updates to stay top of mind and promote content• Use applications to communicate your value• Use events to reach a larger audience Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  14. 14. Strategy 1: Use Groups• Strategically join groups that fit your target market or COIs• Search by profession, geographic area, associations and interests Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  15. 15. Join Discussions • Post a question • Answer a question Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  16. 16. The Posting Process Submit article URL and a summaryLink will appear on the Overview and News pages as well as group email.Repeat for all relevant groups Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  17. 17. Strategy 2: Status Updates • Keeps your name top of mind • Another way to promote content • Link to websites, blogs, events, we binars, podcasts, vlogs, etc. Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  18. 18. Strategy 3: Use Applications• Another way to post blogs, articles and other media• Organize and share information on your profile• Multiple applications to meet specific needs and requirements Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  19. 19. Blog Link/WordPress Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  20. 20. SlideShare Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  21. 21. Strategy 4: Promote Events • Add all public events – online and offline Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  22. 22. Keys to Success• Find Your Target Demographic• Provide Compelling Content• Actively Participate on a Consistent Basis Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  23. 23. Thank you !!!