Social Media Toolkit for Entrepreneurs


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Mr. Ali Sabkar, President of Social Media Club presented Social Media Toolkit for Entrepreneurs at Tamkeen Expo 2013.

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Social Media Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Ali Sabkar Founder & President of Social Media Club Bahrain, Kingdom of BahrainSocial Media Toolkit forEntrepreneurs
  2. 2. Founded in 2006 by Chris Heuer & KristieWells.Social Media Club has morphed into thelargest non-profit trade organization forsocial media professionals.Social Media Club Missions include:• Promoting media literacy• Sharing best practices• Adoption of industry standards• Promoting ethical behavior
  3. 3. SMC Bahrain founded in July 2011part of the Social Media Club.SMC Bahrain connects mediamakers from around the world topromote media literacy, industrystandards, ethical behaviour and toshare the lessons they havelearned.
  4. 4. What is Social Media?Social Media refers to the use of web-basedand mobile technologies to turncommunication into an interactive dialogue.It takes on many different forms includingmagazines, Internet forums, weblogs, socialblogs, micro blogging, wikis, podcasts,photographs or pictures, video, ratingand social bookmarking.
  5. 5. +1600 Social Media Networks
  6. 6. BIG THREE Social Media Networks Statistics October 2012 +1 billion global users +390,000 Bahrain users +48 Million Arab Users +500 million global users +80,000 Bahrain users +4 Million Arab Users +200 million global users +110,000 Bahrain users +4 Million Arab Users
  7. 7. Why Social Media ?The rules of promoting your business have changed.Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing are here to stay.With the advent of Social Media everything has changed. Anonline community of Twitter or Facebook users can make orbreak your business with their Smartphones. Your company orservice may be getting hundreds or thousands of good or badreviews on the new mobile sites, either building up yourreputation or tearing it down without you even knowing it.Are you taking advantage of the new Social Media, which is inmany ways free or much less expensive than traditionaladvertising methods?
  8. 8. ‣ 66% of businesses plan to increase expenditures for socialmedia.MediaPost Online Media Daily‣ 65% of journalists turn to social media sites such asFacebook and LinkedIn, and 52% use Twitter as aninformation source.Cision and George Washington University’s MBA forStrategic PR‣ 80% of companies use LinkedIn as their primary means offinding new employeesSocialnomics09
  9. 9. Social Media Does Not Work For Business…Without The Practical Knowledge, Technology, Tools And Know-How. “David Bullock, Co-Author - Barack2.0”
  10. 10. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing must be approached verydifferent than traditional marketing.You are not selling your business; you are creatingrelationships through communities. If people feel youare part of their community, they will support you andrecommend you to their friends.It is truly word-of-mouth marketing at its best.
  11. 11. Who Owns Social Media?‣ PR?‣ Corporate Communications? It belongs to‣ Marketing?‣ Developers? everyone.‣ IT?‣ Your Customers? It has to.
  12. 12. What doesn’t work? It’s not about numbers; it’s about engagement and relationships 3 Requirements for Social Media ‣ Time ‣ Bodies ‣ A champion Where’s the money?‣ No one has a new pot of money to use for social media‣ 10% of media budgets are now for social media in Fortune500 companies‣ Start by replacing your weakest media with social media forsix months.
  13. 13. What can I do for my business? Less of this1. Align your efforts with your currentbusiness strategy.2. Ensure your entire company is onLinkedIn. Consistently.3. The Age of Free. What can you giveaway? More of this!4. Don’t try to be everywhere. It’simpossible.5. Stop viewing this as a tool or channel.It’s relationship.
  14. 14. Social Media Trends 2013• Social media marketing disappears• Integrating social media to corporate websites• More support through social media• Social CRM makes inroads in larger organizations• Social media influences more sales• Social commerce on mobile devices• Social media budgets will grow• Social media advertising will grow• Social media ROI is a must• Rise of the branded content
  15. 15. Social Media Trends 2013• Content curation and discovery• Tabletizing and mobilizing websites• Social gaming will grow and spill over to real world• Location, Location, Location!• Most social media usage will be on mobile devices• Group buying sites will add location based services• Interacting with live TV in social media• News will be social• Mobile apps will get more social• Your social media footprint will grow• Facebook will break the 1 Billion people mark!
  16. 16. Think Content & Online Relationships Facebook Twitter• You need more than just an interesting subject. • Tell a story through your• It’s good to be brief, but it’s tweets. better to be good. • Make use of hashtags.• Use smarter targeting. • Use it as a testing ground.• Measure fan engagement. • Cover industry events.
  17. 17. Think Content & Online Relationships Google+ YouTube and Vimeo • Offer a healthy mix of content• Enable video embedding. media.• Mix professional and • Symbols like # and + are your homegrown videos. friends.• Show, don’t tell. • Share individual content from• Keep it short. your staff.• Think compilations, not long • Get more mileage from shots. archived content. • Use longer-form content for commentary.
  18. 18. Think Content & Online Relationships LinkedIn Pinterest• Spruce up your company page. • Decide if the platform fits your• Encourage staff members to audience before jumping in. stay plugged in. • It’s more than just images.• Think quality, not quantity. • Show your customers some• Participate in groups. love.• Leverage user-generated • Share your reading list. content with • Show your company recommendations. personality.
  19. 19. Think Content & Online Relationships Foursquare Instagram and Flickr• Encourage your staff to check • Post images that accompany in at the office and company your content with a link to the events. piece.• Do research on your market to • Share unique behind-the- fuel content. scenes and personal content.• Check in at client and partner • Tie promotions to images. meetings. • Turn followers into sources of• Create a badge. content.• Share tips that are relevant to • Offer high-quality peripheral your audience. content.
  20. 20. Think Content & Online Relationships Tumblr SlideShare• Use your tags. • Share your eBooks.• Post snippets of content. • Recycle old content. Embed• Reblog, comment, and like your slides on other sites. often. • Spend time on your title slides.• Link back to your page. • Create lengthy, data-driven• Focus your content. presentations.
  21. 21. Social Media is tearing down the walls that keep usapart and changing the rules that have kept us frombeing human inside our companies.Success in this next era, the network age, the socialage, the knowledge age requires you to change youreverything: Attitude, Perspective, Philosophy,Understanding, & Skillset.Chris Heuer,Chairman & Co-Founder – Social Media Club