Are You You Tubing, Facebooking And Flickring Your Way To Retail Success


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Copy of presentation at Snow Show in Denver January 29, 2010

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Are You You Tubing, Facebooking And Flickring Your Way To Retail Success

  1. 1. Are you You Tubing©, Facebooking© And Flickring© Your Way To Retail Success? Snow Show January 29, 2010 To Meet Changing Consumer Needs, Retailers Must Embrace A New Way Of Marketing Yesterday’s Marketing: 4 P’s Delivering The Right Product At The Right Price In The Right Place. Using Effective Promotion To Drive Awareness, Trial And Purchase. Today’s Marketing: 4 C’s Adding Significant Amounts Of Relevant, Education-based, And User- generated Content Filtered, Aggregated, And Delivered In A Context That Makes It Useful For People Who Are Starving To Make Connections With People, Products, And Brands They Can Build A Community Around Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. In Concert, The 4 C’s Create The Cornerstones Of Social Media Marketing Content Connections Context Community Creative Business Consulting Group Seminar Objectives • Introduce The Components Of Social Media Marketing • Inform You On The Power Of Social Media Marketing And What It Can Do For Your Business • Educate You On How You Can Create A Community Of Brand Loyalists Who Will Be Evangelists For Your Brand • Discuss Initial Steps On How To Get Started In Social Media Marketing • Review Case Studies Of Small Businesses That Capitalized On Social Networks To Drive Incremental Sales Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Social Media Social Networking Web 2.0 What Are You Talking About??? • Social Media, Social Networking, And Web 2.0 Are All Pretty Much The Same Thing - The Key Concept Is They All Are Driven By User-generated Content • Any Time The Content Of A Web Site Is Created By A Person And Not A Program, It’s Considered User- generated • This Can Include Blogs, Online Communities, E-zines And Articles, Networking Organizations (Including Your Profile), Podcasts And Internet Radio, Videos And Internet TV Channels, And Bookmarking Sites Creative Business Consulting Group Why Do People Participate in Social Networking Websites? Ego Is The Largest Driver Of Participation. People Contribute To Increase Their Social, Intellectual, And Cultural Capital Top Reasons For Contributing Are: 1. Keep In Touch With Family And Friends (75%) [Part Of This Is Keeping Up With The Joneses Who Already Have One - “My Friend Uses It, So I'll Get One Too”] 2. Being "Nosey" – (62%) • 37% Of Participants Visit Daily, 3. Express My Opinions And Views (55%) 41 % At Least Once Per Week 4. Meet People With Similar Interests (49%) • Avg. user spends more than 1 hr per day using SM 5. Specific Reason: A Wedding, Graduation, Etc (13%) • 70% Of social Networking Occurs In The Evening 6. It's A Good Way To Date (7%) Source: Microsoft Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Social Websites Can Be Categorized Into Four Basic Groups Sample Social Media And Networking Sites Social Content Social Insert Networking Logos Networking Sharing Bookmarking Communities Creative Business Consulting Group How Can I Capitalize On The Social Networking Phenomenon To Help My Business? • Help To Increase Search Engine Optimization Relevance • Get Brand Name Out There • Expand Contact Base And Business Referral Network • Permit Knowledge Sharing In Businesses’ Areas Of Expertise • Act As A Customer Relationship Tool For Retail Services And Products • Increase Retailer’s Ability To Advertise Directly To Its Target Audience • Facilitate An Inexpensive Method To Create A Global Presence Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. Each Step Of Your Social Media Marketing Development Will Requires More Sophistication Stage IV: Social Level of Sophistication Required Networking Stage III: Content Sharing Stage II: Social Search Stage I: Blogging Creative Business Consulting Group Blogging: Blogging Beginners Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses A Blog Is Communication Software That Permits Anyone Who Can Type To Post Content To A Web Site Or Blog Home Page • The Content Is Displayed Like A Journal • Content Can Be Anything The Author Chooses To Write Or Post, As It Is Referred To In Blogging Terms Blog Software Also Allows: • Readers Of Blog Pages To Make Comments And Add Their Own Content • Readers Of The Blog To Subscribe To The Content So They Are Automatically Notified When Content Is Added • Search Engines To Receive Notice Whenever Content Is Added Blogging Allows You To More Easily Accomplish Many Of The Marketing Objectives Today’s Small Businesses Must Address Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. The Best Ways To Start Blogging; Start Slow Monitor A Group Of Relevant Blogs • Use A Blog Search Engine And RSS Reader To Locate And Subscribe To A Dozen Or So Relevant Blogs • Evaluate Blogs On Your Industry, Competitors, Experts, Etc. To Learn How People Blog, What They Write About, And How They Engage Their Readers Comment On A Group Of Relevant Blogs • Visit Some Of Your Chosen Blogs, Add Relevant Comments, And Engage In The Conversation Going On Inside These Blogs - This Is An Important Part Of Online Networking And May Help Get Your Blog Noticed Down The Road Create Your Own Blog And Start Posting Content • Only After You’ve Engaged In Steps 1 And 2 For A Reasonable Time Period Do I Advise Entering The Deep End Of The Blogging Pool Creative Business Consulting Group Case Study: Lincoln Sign - Creating A Unique Customer Experience Through Blogging Company Makes And Installs All Manner Of Custom Signs (Traditional Business) • Strategy: Blog To “Sell The Story” Of Getting The Sign Made • Blog About Making Sign Throughout The Entire Process • Enables Company To Interact With Customers In A New Way. • “We Are Not Using Our Blog To Sell Signs, We Are Using Our Blog To Sell The EXPERIENCE Of Getting A Sign” Does Your Business Have A “Compelling Story” To Blog About? Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Social Search Consumers Sharing Information Search: Among Themselves About Your Business A Social Search Engine Is One That Lists Small Businesses And Allows People To Rate And Review Them • Members And Visitors Rate Their Experience With A Business And Post That Information For Others To View • Buying Decisions Are Made Every Day Through Research On The Web.- Prospects Are Turning To Social Search Sites To Find Sources. • Small Businesses Appearing On Social Sites Get Noticed • No Cost Medium - Good Way to Invest And to Start Building Your Online Reputation Some Of The More Popular Social/Local Directories Include: Creative Business Consulting Group How To Start Participating In Social Search • Encourage Satisfied Customers to Post Online Reviews • Send Offline Customers Online and Teach Them How To Talk about Your Business Positively • Offer Coupons To Say Thank You and Get Noticed • Use Online Reviews And Testimonials Offline • Using Social Search To Manage Your Online Reputation Note: Some Businesses Fear The Impact Of A Negative Review- But You Can’t Make Every Customer Happy Most Of The Social Directories Have Processes In Place To Fight Spam And Competitive Revenge-type Reviews, But Nothing Works Like A Good Offense. Make Sure You Are Building Reviews From Happy Clients Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. Content Sharing: Get Your Message Out Content Sharing Simply Means The Exchange Of Knowledge Between Individuals And/Or Institutions • Content Has Increasingly Transformed From Text Dominant To More Video/Image Oriented As Internet Bandwidth Has Become More Robust • The Popularity Of Peer-to-peer (P2P) Content Sharing Sites Has Created Personalities And Businesses In An Accelerated Fashion • Content Sharing Played A Critical Role In The Recent Federal Election As Barack Obama Mobilized Many Voters Through The Use Of The Internet Creative Business Consulting Group Content Sharing Fundamentals • Content Sharing Allows You To Use Preferred Content To Put On Your Own Pages - Photos, Diaries, And Music. You Decide What Is Important And Should Be Shown (To Be Demonstrate Or Sell Your Products And/Or Services • Content Sharing Can Be Used As Small Business Marketing Tool By Using Videos Already Produced By Manufacturers Or Retailers (Great To Use On You Tube) • Showing Customer Success Stories And Profiling Your Staff, Products And Offices, Are Great Ways To Help Prospects And Customers Connect And Build Trust. • Advanced Users Of Content Sharing Sites Can Provide Up To Date Product Information And Education And Can Upload News And Information When It Happens (In Real Time) Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. Case Study: Martell Builders Shares Content and Maximizes Profit Martell Builders Ontario, Canada •Youtube Channel Is Peppered With Trade Show Booth Interviews Done With Many Different Personalities And Experts On Home Building, Decorating And Design. Youtube Videos Are Positioned As Website Content •Facebook Page Gives A More In-depth Version Of What’s Happening With The Company, Including A Recent Wall Post ROI Results: Indicating A Website Refresh Is Coming And Martell’s success with social The Content/Blog Will Kick Into A Higher Gear media has resulted in 80% of Soon. homes being sold directly to •Twitter Stream Is All About Updating The consumers w/o Real Estate Customers And Followers As To What Is Agent involvement. Saved Going On With Current Projects, Company company over $500,000 in Efforts, Land Purchases And More. commissions Creative Business Consulting Group Social Networking: It’s Not Just For Kids Social Networks Allow People To Join, Friend Members, Or Invite Others To Join And Then Share And Exchange Information Social Network Facts: • Today there are 350 million Facebook users. Over 50 percent of them are out of college - the fastest growing segment of users on Facebook are those people who are over age 35 • Each Unique Facebook User has an Average of 121 Connections • Linked In users have an Average Salary of nearly $89,000 • Twitter Users average 31 years old Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Social Networking Basics • Create Accounts To Reserve Your Name—you Never Know When You Might Hit It Big. • Fill Out Your Profiles As Completely As Possible. Use Signatures And Remember To Link To Your Site Or Blog. • When You Ask To Be Connected Or "Friended," Take The Time To Personalize The Message. • This Is Especially Important If You’re Approaching Someone You Don’t Yet Know Personally. • If You Wouldn’t Say It To Someone’s Face, Don’t Say It Online. Be Respectful, Not Confrontational—be Real, And Don’t Hide Behind Anonymity. You’re Not Just You, You’re Representing Your Business, Your Brand, And Your Products. • Be Relevant, On Topic, And A Part Of The Community—don’t Be Spammy Creative Business Consulting Group Social Media 101. How To Get Started • Blog About Your New Creations Or The Process Of Creating Your Product (On Your Own Blog Or On One That Is Already Established) • Share Video Or Product Images On You Tube Or On Photo Sharing Sites Like Flikr And Target Groups That Share Similar Interests To The Products You Are Sharing • Use Twitter To Let People Know About New Products, Giveaways, Partnerships Or Sponsorships, Product Placement, Discounts Or Coupons • Facebook Away. Set up A Facebook Fan Page For Yourself And For Your Business. Start Building a Place that is Entertaining, Informative and Engaging for Your Fans • Offer Yourself Up To Be Interviewed On Blogs And Podcasts Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Embrace The 4 C’s Of Social Media Marketing, Take Action, And Watch Your Business Thrive! • Leveraging Technology To Facilitate And Enhance Social Interaction, Creates A Great Deal Of Value • Use These New Tools Properly And They’ll Prove To Be Invaluable In Your Effort To Strengthen Existing Customer Relationships And Capture The Hearts And Minds Of New Consumers • Tread Carefully, This Savvy Audience Can Be Turned Off If Approached In The Wrong Way Creative Business Consulting Group Follow Creative Business Consulting Group We’d love to follow your progress as you engage and participate in the world of social media. Send us invites and we’ll join your networks right away! Follow us if you want to, we’re always talking retail in one of these places! Twitter: @RetailHelper Facebook: Lynn Switanowski-Barrett CBCG Blog: Linked In: Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. Sign Up Today and Receive - 42 Tips for Growing My Social Media Presence Creative Business Consulting Group ______Yes, Send me 42 Tips for Growing My Social Media Presence* *As an Added Bonus You Will Also Receive Our Free Monthly Newsletter Full Of Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Prosper. Name: _______________________________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________ 617.437.9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 12