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Wd & im session a4 _creating a web page _april 08,2010


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Wd & im session a4 _creating a web page _april 08,2010

  1. 1. Web Designing & Internet MarketingSession 4: Creating a WebPage What we are gone cover in this session ? Formatting Text Adding Local & Remote Links Adding Graphics Creating Lists in Front Page Creating Tables in FrontPages Setting Body & Background Attribute
  2. 2. Formatting Text with FrontPage• Paragraph Formatting with Front page• Character Formatting with Front Page• Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting  Lets start hand on Microsoft Publishers Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  3. 3. Adding Local & Remote Links• Adding Local and Remote Links• Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag• Links to non web Internet Services Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  4. 4. Adding Graphics• Linking and Embedding Graphics Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  5. 5. Creating Lists in FrontPage• Creating Lists and Nested Lists Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  6. 6. Creating Tables in FrontPages• Creating and Modifying Tables• Creating Advanced Table Elements Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  7. 7. Setting Body & Background Attributes• Setting Background and Text Colors Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  8. 8. Assignments• Assignment 5: – Create minimum five page website using Web Page Editors Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  9. 9. Thank you !!!