Small Business Best Practices Presentation - How to Effectively Market you Business Using Social Media


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This is the presentation I gave at the Small Business Best Practices Seminar in Paris, Kentucky.

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Small Business Best Practices Presentation - How to Effectively Market you Business Using Social Media

  1. 1. How to Effectively Market your Business Using Social Media
  2. 2. Where Do You Stand? Blog: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Google + : LinkedIn:
  3. 3. What is Social Media?• Not media at all – Pushing, talking, shouting, interrupting• Friends who talk & friends who listen• Slow Down• Give first. Sell Later.
  4. 4. What is Social Media?• Humanization of Business• Who do you like to do business with?• We can out-care the competition.• People connecting and collaborating with one another and your brand. – Loyal stakeholders & life-long customers
  5. 5. Why does social matter?"American households now spend as much "Were entering an era of reciprocity. We nowtime online as they do watching TV, according have to engage people in a way thats useful orto Forrester Research. Yet in 2010, only about helpful to their lives. The consumer is looking15% of media ad budget money was spent to satisfy their needs, and we have to be thereonline. Online decision-making is skyrocketing; to help them with that. To put it another way:online marketing budgets arent.“ How can we exchange value instead of just sending a message?"- Winning the Zero Moment of - Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Google,Truth, Google, Inc. Inc.• Time spent on social networks surpassed portals (Google, Yahoo) in June 2011.• Determining how to measure social media ROI will be a major focus of 2012.• 41% of B2B companies using Facebook have acquired a customer from it.• US Internet users spend 3 times more time on blogs and social networks than on email.• Businesses with more than 1000 followers get 6 times more traffic than those with less than 25 followers.• 42% of companies have acquired customers through Twitter.• LinkedIn drives the most referrals to B2B sites. - Source: Hubspot, 2011
  6. 6. The Pull Is Cool• The old style of push marketing is still effective if you can afford it, but not like it was before the year 2000. Push Pull
  7. 7. Very Cool• Over the last few of years, pull or inbound marketing has gained ground as an effective marketing method.• Generally, it’s easier and more cost-effective than push marketing.
  8. 8. Social = Leverage flickr: M_Shahab
  9. 9. So why should you usebusiness social media?
  10. 10. Fishing in an empty pond?
  11. 11. Your business social media is for lead generation.
  12. 12. Generate More Leads1. Get Started w/ the basics2. Create remarkable content3. Optimize the content for search (SEO)4. Promote content using social media Flickr: aemde
  13. 13. Types of content• Blog Posts• Video• Photos• Webinars• Presentations• Podcasts• Press Releases• eBooks• Whitepapers
  14. 14. Convert Visitors to Leads• Landing Pages• Calls to Action• Less is More
  15. 15. Convert Visitors to Leads LandingTweet Form Lead Page LandingLike Blog Post CTA Page Product Landing +1 CTA Page Page
  16. 16. Twitter• Micro-blogging platform• Share links•
  17. 17. Facebook• The Social Network• Share status, photos, video, etc.• Timeline• Business Pages• Engage w/ content• No self-promotion
  18. 18. Business Page Tips w/ Timeline1. Set Your Cover & Profile Photos2. Add Milestone to Identify Important Events3. Pin Important Stories to the Top of Your Page4. Post Regularly5. Use Admin Panel to Manage Page6. Respond to Messages7. Rearrange Apps8. Claim Your Vanity URL
  19. 19. Google +1. Important for Search2. Complete Your Profile3. Set Your Cover & Profile Photos4. Post Regularly5. Respond6. Build Your Circles7. Start a Hangout
  20. 20. Let’s Plan a Campaign
  21. 21. Questions
  22. 22. Contact Nick Landers Phone: 859.967.2894 Email: www.elinkdesign.comRequest a free marketing assessment: Facebook: Twitter: Google + : LinkedIn: