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Internet marketing strategy presentation


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Internet marketing strategy presentation

  1. 1. Developing A Strategic Internet Marketing Strategy December 13, 2010 Stowe, Vermont/Hershey, PA 717-715-7158
  2. 2. The Web is A Community Not A Newspaper Social Networks Entertainment Store Fronts Target Audience Needs Informational Professional Sources Organizations
  3. 3. The Web is A Community of Individuals, Businesses and Institutions Target Audience Advocates Influencers Target Audience Needs Networks Critics of Individuals
  4. 4. The Web is A Community Where Individuals Go To Fulfill a Need Knowledge Entertainment Target Friendships Audience Needs Professional Purchases Networking
  5. 5. A Solid Foundation Starts With Planning• Goal – What is my quantifiable goal?• Objective – What am I trying to achieve?• Strategy – How am I going to achieve my objective?• Tactics – What tools, on what timeline will I use to develop my strategy?
  6. 6. Strategy Drives Tactics• Reach and Engage • Generate Non-Sales Influencers Revenue• Drive Traffic to Website • Establish Private• Improve Customer Networks to Dialog With Service Target Audience• Develop Thought Content • Up sell Customers to Leadership Multiple Products• Enhance Sales • Convert Website Hits to Distribution Sales • Create Brand Awareness
  7. 7. Once Your Define Your Strategy Identify Target Audience and Create Defined Buyer Persona Direct Audience Influencers Find Your Audience on The InternetTopics, Keywords, Social Groups Blogs, Store Fronts, Articles Watch, Listen and Learn Engage Cautiously Develop Tactical Execution
  8. 8. Define the intent of your content?• Sell Products• Request Information from Prospects• Create Product Awareness• Identify New Prospects• Respond to Negative Publicity• Generate Advertising Revenue• Communicate to Existing Customers• Position Your Company as a Thought Leader
  9. 9. Develop Knowledge Based Tactical Plan• SEO Search Engine Optimization• SEM Paid Search Marketing• Advertising• Blogging• Social Media Engagement• Video Marketing• Public Relations• Thought Content Development• Website Enhancements and Features
  10. 10. Your Tactics Are Built Using The Tools Available…Now It’s Time For The Paint Chips Social Content Advertising Media Tools Facebook Blogs Google Maps Google Adwords Twitter Websites Banner Ads LinkedIn Squidoo Paid Search Vertical Sites You Tube Affiliate Advertising Directories, Digg, Webcast, Podcast, Videos Press Releases Delicious
  11. 11. Example: New York City Boutique Hotel Tactics: -GoogleTarget Objective Strategy AdWordsAudience • Find and • Utilize -Technorati• Young Couples Engage Keyword -Paid Search Influencers Search for -Blog Content• Retirees • Increase Influencer -PRWeb Traffic to Site Development -Facebook • SEO -Twitter • SEM
  12. 12. Traditional marketing is made up of thoughtfully crafted messages that you deliver to your target audience Internet marketing is a two way dialogue between you and your target audience and by the way you are not alone…… -Influencers -Raving Fans -Current Customers -Unhappy CustomersThe good news is that you always know what your target audienceis thinking and experiencing right away. The bad news is that you always know what your target audience is thinking and experiencing right away.
  13. 13. Thank – YouAny Questions? Lana Burkhardt & Associates 717-715-7158