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All minutes 5.16.12


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All minutes 5.16.12

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee May 16, 2012 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106Present: Cheryl LeJune, Connie Nelson, Donn Peterson, Susan Chapman, Joan Camenson, Kathye Allen,Sarah Walter, Donna McCarty, Connie Nelson, Anne Criddle, Maureen Cummings, Peggy Presnell, GeneChism, Marsha Dugger, Genevieve Chism, Sharon Samson, Evelyn Carrington11:15 AM Call to OrderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. There was anexplanation to the end time of the April meeting as stated in the minutes. It reflects the additional timeCheryl spent afterwards with Kenya White. Today’s meeting would be deliberately shorter to allowmembers to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon sponsored by Friends of the Libraryafterwards.Committee Reports:CurriculumWe have just finished classes for the Spring Semester 2012 and we had a successful Focus Day on May14th. The class schedule for Fall 2012 is 98% full…..just a few time slots still available. If you have aspeaker in mind that you want for Fall, let me know this week. Otherwise we will close the scheduleand it will go through final edits and submission to the System Office as is. The open time slots at thistime are as follows: Oct 16, Tue, 10:00 – OPEN Nov 19, Mon, 10:00 – OPEN Nov 19, Mon, 1:30 – OPEN Nov 27, Tue, 1:30 – OPEN Dec 18, Tue, 1:30 – OPEN Dec 20, Thurs, 10:00 – OPENI want to thank all of you who contributed ideas and classes for the Fall Curriculum Schedule. One thingto remember is that it is very important to work as early as you can so you get the preferred dates foryour speakers. Also, please follow through as quickly as possible with the Speaker Info Sheets….that iswhat allows us to start the formatting of the schedule text. Don’t just say that Professor Jones is goingto speak about such-n-such – it’s not “real” until you submit the Speaker Info Sheet showing the Date,Time, Speaker Name, Speaker Contact Info, Topic and 1 or 2 sentences about the topic. It only takes fiveminutes for a committee member to complete the Speaker Info Sheet. But if you delay on this issuethen your delay added to everyone else’s delay leads to major delays and last minute rushing trying tofinalize the schedule. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of completing the Speaker InfoSheet in a timely manner.Summer Registration will be next week. The class schedule is much lighter in the summer to allow ALLmembers to enjoy summer vacations and time with grandchildren while they are out of school. Be sureto come by the CASA building (front section nearest the Library) to pick up a copy of the SummerSchedule and sign up for Bus Trips. There are two classes that will require sign-up for Summer.
  2. 2. Beginner Mah Jongg will be limited to 24 participants (6 tables of 4 players). Build-A-Birdhouse will belimited to 15 participants to allow room for people to work on their project….a class fee of $15 ispayable by check or cash when you sign up for this class.Thanks go to everyone for volunteering in the behind the scenes work required to make the ALLprogram a success. I really believe that we have the most successful program within the LSC System.Submitted by Sarah Walter - ALL Curriculum ChairmanHome Phone 281-304-2788, Cell Phone 281-323-8086, Email sarahwalter@comcast.netBus TripsBus trips are planned for the following dates:May 31st (Thursday): Aquarena Springs and Wimberley Glassworks in San MarcoJune 26 (Tuesday): Moody Gardens in GalvestonJuly, 31, (Tuesday): Federal Reserve Bank Tour, Weather Museum, Asia Society and Asia Society TexasCenterAugust 13 (Monday): George Bush Memorial Library and Museum, driving tour of Texas A&M CampusSeptember 16 (Sunday): Texas Gatorfest in AnahuacSpecial thanks to Louise Rugaard for planning the May and July trips and Ann Liner for planning theAugust trip.Registration for the July, August and September trips will be during summer registration, the week ofMay 21.Our next bus selection date is July 10.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: Joan Camenson, Marsha Dugger, Liz Gannon, Ann Liner, Kathy Morley, LouiseRugaard, Sharon SamsonEventsOn Monday, May 14, 2012 we had our Focus Day “it’s A Small World”. We had speakers form fiveConsulate-General offices in Houston: Indonesia, Japan, Switzerland, Senegal, and Turkey. Each countryprovided us with interesting information about their country’s culture, food, religion, economy andclothing. A big Thank You to Peggy Presnell, Cheryl LeJune, Sara Walter, Judy Dankers, Connie nelson,Susan Chapman, David Timmermeyer (and more) for all their hard work on Focus Day.Our next event is Summer Registration. I need a few places filled. (A signup sheet was sent around). Iam going back to work full time in the fall. I need someone to step up to take over as Event CommitteeChairman. I will be a part of the committee and help whenever I can. If you know someone who isready to get involved, please let me know. (Susan Chapman and Louise Rugaard were suggested)Submitted by Kathye AllenHeritage Liaison – No ReportCommunication and MembershipGene shows that we have 655 active members as of May 15, 2012
  3. 3. My records show that we have 539 contacts in paid status and 136 in non-paid status for a total of 677contacts. We continue to carry a handful of contacts in a guest status. These "guests" are people at thecollege who are supportive of ALL.As always we continue to provide a vehicle for sharing of information for other programs on campuswhich are of interest to our members.We are currently in the slow period between the spring and summer semesters. However, we still carryinformation regarding Texas Dominoes and Mah Jongg as well as LIFE programs.Submitted by Donn PetersonOutreachConnie met with about 16 members of the Bear Creek Energizer Group and passed out ALL literature tothe group. She discussed the program and answered questions. Connie and Judy went to the Prince ofPeace Catholic Church for a program with about 60 members in attendance. They presented general ALLinformation. Connie showed various crafts from our CyFair ALL classes. The group enjoyed this part ofthe program and showed interest in learning about Gene Chism’s Clothespin Cross and Birdhouseclasses. We left brochures and web site info for the group. Most of this group lives closer to other LSClocations. We assisted with the Focus Day Welcome table.Submitted by Judy Dankers and Connie NelsonPublicityArticle submitted as an "after the fact" press release:ALL, THE ACADEMY OF LIFELONG LEARNING, HELD ITS 5TH FOCUS DAY ON MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012 ATLONE STAR COLLEGE-CYFAIRThe Academy for Lifelong Learning at LSC-CyFair presented its fifth Focus Day to the ALL community.The theme of this years Focus Day was "Its A Small World." In keeping with this theme, representativesfrom several countries visited the campus and shared insights into their countrys culture, food anddress.The speakers were from their Consulate-General offices in Houston, were from Brazil, Indonesia, Japan,Senegal and Switzerland. Dr. Audre Levy gave welcoming remarks. The event was chaired by Dr. Peggy Presnell. Cheryl Le June isthe chair of the advisory committee for ALL.The Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) at LSC-CyFair is a volunteer driven membership organizationwith currently over 500 members. The membership fee is $20 per academic year, from September toAugust. Classes cover a wide variety of topics including history, communications, music, the arts,cooking, crafts and more!For more information on ALL, call Lone Star College-CyFair at 281.290.3460Submitted by Joan CamensonJoan will also do a press release for the Fall registration.
  4. 4. Meet You ThereMay 6, 2012, thirty people attended the performance of the “Phantom of the Opera.” Six people wentto dinner at Sakura Tokyo afterwards.Future dates for 2012:May 19 @ 11:00AM - Tour of Purple Elephant - 1:00PM - Lunch at the Bake ShoppeJune 18 – Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts and lunch at Hasta Las PastaJuly 16 – Movie TBA and lunch at On the BorderJuly 29 @ 3:00PM - LSC CYFAIR Theater Production –“Once on This Island”, Dinner afterwardsAugust 12 @ 3:00PM - LSC CYFAIR Theater Production – “Joseph and the Amazing TechnicolorDreamcoat”, dinner afterwardsAugust 27 – Bowling and lunch at Willie’s IcehouseFuture Ideas: Tour of the Igloo Plant, Tour of the TWRC Wildlife Center, Soap Box Derby, Culinary Lunchat CYFAIR High School, Tour of Cypress TopEVENTS AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGESubmitted by Donna McCartyMaureen Cummings will be taking over the responsibilities of “Meet You There”. Donna McCarty wasthanked for her past wonderful service.Additional ItemsCheryl thanked those volunteers who helped with the Student Symposium (to be a semester event fromnow on), Focus Day (particularly Peggy Presnell), and the student SOAR leaders who helped us with ourFocus Day.There will be no advisory meeting in June (taking a summer break).11:45 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 11:45 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled forWednesday, July 18, 2012, in room HSC 106.Respectfully submitted,Anne Criddle, Secretary