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We have a bus for each month of the third quarter as follows: Tuesday, July 31; Monday,August 13th, and Sunday, September ...
Heritage Liaison – No ReportCommunication and MembershipGene reports that we now have 651 members who are current with the...
students’ work. Contact Cheryl LeJune, lejunec@sbcglobal.net, with questions and/or      to volunteer.   2. Student Servic...
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2012 April ALL Minutes


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2012 April ALL Minutes

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee April 18, 2012 11:15 AM HSC, Room 113Present: Cheryl LeJune, Sarah Walter, Donn Peterson, Susan Chapman, Maureen Cummings,Judy Dankers, Connie Nelson, Marsha Dugger, Peggy Presnell, Gene Chism, Donna McCarty,Kenya White11:15 AM Call to OrderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members. There were no correctionsto the March minutes. Due to a conflict with another ALL class, the meeting was moved to HSC,Room 113.Committee Reports:CurriculumThe updated Fall 2012 Calendar is available at the meeting. There are still some open classtimes in December. Ive asked the committee members to finalize their program suggestionsand Speaker Sheets by next Friday, April 27th. Everyone has worked hard toward makinganother semester of fun and meaningful classes.Thanks to all committee members.Comment from Kenya White: The college system will be closely reviewing room utilization inorder to most effectively use the space. Any changes are not expected until Spring 2013, so nochanges expected for the ALL Fall 2012 schedule.Submitted by: Sarah WalterBus TripsThe April 16 bus trip was scheduled to go to the Rosenberg Railroad Museum and then toGundermann Acres Organic Farm. Due to heavy rains in the area the previous night and thefarm portion of the trip had to be cancelled. We had some very interesting docents at therailroad museum. Highlights of our visit were a fancy box car owned by the first prime ministerof Canada, a very elaborate model train and a tour of a caboose. Lunch was at Another TimeSoda Fountain & Café. Both the museum & café opened that day just for our group. A specialthanks goes to Don Hobart for all of his hard work in arranging this trip. A refund of $10 wasgiven to those on the trip since we were unable to get our produce basket.Bus trips are planned for the following dates: May 31st (Thursday): Aquarena Springs and Wimberley Glassworks in San Marcos June 26 (Tuesday): Moody Gardens
  2. 2. We have a bus for each month of the third quarter as follows: Tuesday, July 31; Monday,August 13th, and Sunday, September 16th. A committee is scheduled for Friday, April 27,at noon, in Tech 124A to plan these trips.An issue facing this committee is the high number of cancellations. Out of the 39 peoplewho originally signed up and paid for the trip, 15 cancelled. Seven of those 15 cancelled by thedeadline and will receive a refund, the other eight will not.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: Joan Camenson, Joan Everson, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, LizGannon , Marsha Dugger, Louise Rugaard, Ann Liner, Kathy MorleyEventsPeggy presented the plans for our next ALL Focus Day, It’s a Small World.The Events Committee is working on Focus Day, May 14, 2012, from 9:15 to 2:30. Focus Daywill be in the Conference Center at the College. We will serve coffee and water in themorning. Peggy and I have worked out the following schedule. This is still a work in progress.9:15 - 9:30 Welcome and Introductions9:30 - 10:10 Indonesia10:10 - 10:50 ??? India ???10:50 - 11:00 Break11:00 - 11:40 Japan11:40 - 12:20 Brazil12:20 - 1:00 Lunch on your own in Cafeteria 1:00 - 1:40 Switzerland 1:40 - 2:20 Senegal 2:20 - 2:30 Closing and Thank YouWe are waiting to hear from India. Any suggestions?I am working on a list of volunteers for Focus Day.Kathye will put together another list for Summer Registration for May 21 - 25, 10am - 2pm.Cheryl do you want volunteers for 1 hour service or 2 hour service? CAL: 2 hoursI will send an email next week to ask for volunteers.Submitted by: Kathye AllenAdditional discussion regarding Focus Day with Kenya White regarding the protocol involved atthe college; whom to invite (Dr. Levy, Linda Head, Dr. Carpenter?), having the StudentAmbassadors handle the Welcome Table, inviting our international students, etc.
  3. 3. Heritage Liaison – No ReportCommunication and MembershipGene reports that we now have 651 members who are current with their dues.At the current time, I show 136 non-paid contacts and 534 paid/guest contacts for a total of670 total contacts.The summer schedule is available on the ALL web site so I have set up my spread sheet of theclasses and events for the weekly ALL the news.We continue to provide publicity for other college programs by including them in our ALL thenews and For ALL to read.Submitted by: Donn PetersonOutreachWe attended the LSC Foundation information class presented by Darcy Mingoia on 3/29/12.On May 10, 2012, we will meet with the Senior Group at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church foran overview of the LSC ALL Programs. Approximately 60 persons are expected to attend.Submitted by: Judy Dankers and Connie NelsonPublicity – No ReportMeet You ThereMarch 31, 2012, eighteen people attended the performance of the “A Dream of Red Mansions.Thirteen people went to dinner at China Inn afterwards.Future dates for 2012:April - TBAMay 6 @ 3:00 PM - LSC CYFAIR Theater Production – The Phantom of the OperaMay 12 – Tour of Purple Elephant and lunch at the Bake ShoppeJune – Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts and lunch at Hasta Las PastaEVENTS AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGESubmitted by: Donna McCartyAdditional ItemsVolunteer Opportunities for ALL Members: 1. Student Symposium, May 3rd, from 3pm-6.30pm with dinner after. ALL members are being asked to host the rooms where students, nominated by their professors, will present their work. Commitment can be from 1-3 hours. Several ALL members were hosts last year and really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to and help present the
  4. 4. students’ work. Contact Cheryl LeJune, lejunec@sbcglobal.net, with questions and/or to volunteer. 2. Student Services – Melissa Rosson, Manager of Student Information Services, has asked if any of our ALL members would be interested in helping cover the Welcome Desk in the Student Services area. For our members who are looking for a reason to get out of the house a few hours a week and provide a great service to the community and the college, this would be a good job for you. The main responsibility is to welcome students and their families to campus and help point them in the right direction. Contact Cheryl LeJune, lejunec@sbcglobal.net, with questions and/or to volunteer. 3. Last weekend, several ALL members helped with the Discovery College events on campus; the student registration and the instructor Job Fair. The ALL volunteers helped talk to potential instructors and answer questions they had. We also helped direct people to the right place.12:55 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:55 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduledfor Wednesday, May 16, 2012, in room HSC 106.Respectfully submitted,Cheryl LeJune, Chair