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All Advisory Committee Minutes 08-17-11

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee August 17, 2011 11:15 AM LRNC, Room 131Present: Donn Peterson, Carol Edwards, marsh Dugger, Susan Chapman, Anne Criddle, KathyeAllen, Cheryl LeJune, Carolyn Severson, Peggy Presnell, Connie Nelson, Sharon Goldsberry, LetaTowle, Sarah Walter, Gene Chism, Genevieve Chism, Lou Master, Evelyn Carrington LindaGabrielson, Lily Gaytan, Judy Dankers11:15 AM Call to orderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. There were nocorrections to the July minutes.Committee Reports:CurriculumWe are still working on the Spring 2012 curriculum. Several people have lined up classes….butthere are many more time slots to fill. Committee members – please continue to work onsetting up classes…..make those contacts and get something scheduled.Attached is the current working copy of the calendar showing what has been scheduled thus farand what openings we still have to fill. As before, please complete the Speaker Info Sheet foreach class you set up. This info is important and needs to be completed as soon as you set up aclass….we need the details on the speaker.Thanks go to those helping on the committee. Remember, we take all volunteers – just let meknow you are interested and I’ll put you on the list.Sarah Walter ALL Curriculum Chairman Phone 281-859-6077 Email sarahwalter@sbcglobal.netCommittee Members: Cheryl LeJune, Connie Nelson, Cynthia Hobart, Don Hobart, DonnaMcCarty, Gail Peart, Judy Dankers, Leta Towle, Linda Gabrielson, Peggy Presnell, Sarah Walter,Sharon Samson, Susan Chapman, Suzanne Altenberg.Invited to join the Curriculum Committee: Elsie Markuson, Jo Anne Yeakley, Josie Don, KathyeAllen, Marie Dennis.Bus TripsOn August 9 we visited the Doc Porter Museum of Telephone History and the special exhibit onTexas at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. ALL member Johnny Thompson was one ofour guides at the Telephone Museum. We were very impressed with the size of the museum.This museum is definitely worth another visit. Lunch was at a real New York style Deli on
  2. 2. Westheimer: Katz Deli. The food was great. Our ticket to HMNS gave us admission to the Texasexhibit as well as the museum’s permanent exhibits so our group had many options as to howto spend their two hours.On Sept 13 we go to Newman’s Castle in Bellville and tour historic Bellville.Here are the bus dates for the fourth quarter.October 1: Gonzalez Come and Get It FestivalNovember 6: Wurst Fest (choice of majority of bus committee)December 22 – Santa’s Wonderland in Bryan/College Station- Ann LinerVolunteers are still needed to plan the October and November trips. The cost of each trip and arough idea of the trip length needs to be determined prior to registration on September 10. Aworking meeting of the bus trip committee will be held, together with the events committee, onTuesday, August 23, at 10 AM, location TBA.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: Ann Candela, Peggy Presnell, Connie Nelson, Carol Edwards, JoanCamenson, Susan Chapman, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, Liz Gannon , Marsha DuggerLouise Rugaard, Ann Liner,EventsRegistration for Fall classes will be held Saturday, September 10, from 9:30AM to noon. Aworking meeting to plan for this event, together with the bus trip committee, is set for Tuesday,August 23, at 10 AM, location TBA. Communications will be notified when details are set sothey can pass the information on.Kathye AllenHeritage LiaisonNothing to report at this time.Susan ChapmanCommunication and MembershipThe change in leadership from Gene Chism to Donn Peterson has gone smoothly. Our email listneeds to include Sharon and Tanya (front desk of CE). Also, there are some links currently listedthat are not working. Also, we may need to put in an announcement that there is no need forALL members to try and register for ALL classes before September 10th.It was felt that a clarification was needed to be made about the two kinds of communicationsent out to ALL members from this committee. Pertinent articles from committee chairs wouldneed to be written up and sent to Donn Peterson.
  3. 3. ALL the News: This is to list and comment on the coming week’s ALL class schedule. It goes outearly Thursday mornings and the deadline for submissions is Wednesday at 6PM.For ALL to Read: This is for information of general interest involving the ALL program and/orLonestar College events. It is not for personal announcements. This is sent out early Tuesdaymornings and the deadline for submissions is Monday at 6PM.Some people have asked to be added as a guest to our email list. A problem is likely to come upwhen we reach over 500 email addresses. While it is free to use, there is a limit of 500addresses per submission per 24 hours. We may have to pay for a Google account to go over500 addresses or split them into two group mailings.Donn, Gene and Cheryl were to get together after this meeting to discuss communications,including still pushing to have a membership number so we can pull a roster of members andhow to efficiently add new members’ information at registration.Outreach We have distributed a few schedules. We will meet August 17th, regarding the LSCfoundation with Darcy Mingoya. Otherwise we are having a great, but hot summer.Connie Nelson and Judy DankersPublicityJoan Camenson submitted a draft of a press release for our Fall 2011 registration.ACADEMY FOR LIFELONG LEARNING TO START 7TH SEASON registration to be on Saturday,September 10, 2011.The Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) is a learning organization for active adults who are 50and up. Courses are held at the Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus, located at 9191 Barker-Cypress and West Road. Registration for Fall 2011 will be Saturday, September 10, 2011, from9:30 to noon in the LSC-CyFair Conference Center, Room 151.The annual membership fee is $20 and entitles participants to take Lifelong Learning courses atLSC-CyFair free of charge or at a reduced fee; participate in social activities, use the collegesfitness room when available, and attend the colleges theater and music productions at areduced price.Over 50 courses will be available, and cover a wide variety of topics including cooking, driversafety, crafts, water color, health, politics and travel. Fall classes start on September 12 and runthrough December 13, 2011.Members of the Academy of Lifelong Learning participate in learning new topics and keeping uptheir skills in topics they know. Many of the courses are given by ALL members, people in thecommunity or by professors at the college.
  4. 4. For more information, contact program manager Noemi Silva at 281.290.3460, or emaillsccfce@lonestar.eduSubmitted by Joan CamensonMeet You There ReportOn July 26, twenty-one people took a tour of Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art and seventeenpeople went to lunch at Hasta La Pasta.On August 7, thirteen people went to Willie’s Grill and Icehouse then we went to see“Hairspray” at the LSC CyFair Theater.Future dates for 2011:August 22, 2011First showing of the day – Cinemark 12 Cypress – will see “The Help”Lunch will be after the movie at Candleri’sSeptember –Lunch at Puerto Rico RestaurantOctober 10: 10:00 AM - Tour at Kleb Woods12:00 PM - Lunch at Julio’sNovember 8 – Bowling at Copperfield Bowl and lunch at FudderuckerDecember 6 - Old Town Spring and lunch at the Tea RoomEVENTS AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGEAdditional Items1. Bank Status – Cheryl will meet with Darcy Mingoya this afternoon to discuss our account,how to get donations, etc.2. CE Office status – The Continuing Education office is partially set up in the new CASAbuilding. There are 350 copies of the ALL mail out catalog there.12:15 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduledfor Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 11:15 AM. Room assignment will be announced at alater date.Respectfully submitted,Anne Criddle, Secretary