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Advisory Committee Minutes - September 2012


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Advisory Committee Minutes - September 2012

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee September 19, 2012 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106Present: Cheryl LeJune, Sarah Walter, Donn Peterson, Sharon Samson, Kathye Allen, JudyDankers, Anne Criddle, Susan Chapman, Gene Chism, Evelyn Carrington, Linda Gabrielson11:15 AM Call to OrderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. There were noadditions/corrections to the August meeting minutes.Committee Reports:CurriculumThe Curriculum Committee is busy scheduling classes for the Spring 2013 Semester. Severalmembers have scheduled great classes, but we need many more classes. So I encourageeveryone to continue talking to people and get classes finalized as quickly as possible. We onlyhave about four weeks left to get classes scheduled! The target end date is Friday, October19th. Then we have a week to get the information compiled and drafted into the final formatfor the LSC System Office. Please call or email me when you have a prospect so I can check tosee if the requested date is still available. Also remember to complete the Speaker Info Sheetwith contact info and a class description.Thanks to everyone for helping with this behind the scenes process of scheduling classes. Keepthose ideas coming!! An updated working calendar is attached.Next Curriculum Meeting - Wednesday, October 3rd at 11:15 in the classroom HSC 106.Submitted by Sarah WalterALL Curriculum Chairman, Email sarahwalter@comcast.netBus TripsOn September 16 we went to the Texas Gatorfest in Anahuac, followed by dinner at the historicMonument Inn. Rain was forecast for the day but we got lucky and the weather was great. Welearned many interesting things about alligators and were able to touch one. Many of the grouptook the optional air boat ride and /or Trinity River boat ride. At the Monument Inn we enjoyeda great meal, outstanding service and fellowship.Our bus dates for the 4th quarter are:
  2. 2. Wednesday, October 17: Cocoamoda (gourmet chocolate factory) and chef inspired lunch,docent led tour of historic district and a visit to the POW camp at Hearne;Saturday, November 17: Civil War Weekend at Liendo Plantation;Saturday, December 8: Candlelight Tour of Sam Houston Park.On October 2 we call for the bus dates for the first quarter of 2013. A planning meeting isscheduled for Monday, September 24.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: Joan Camenson, Marsha Dugger, Ann Liner, Kathy Morley, LouiseRugaard, Sharon SamsonEventsWhat a Great Registration/Open House we had on Sept. 8. We had an army of volunteers tohelp us make things run smoothly. I want to thank all the new and previous volunteers. Wecould not have pulled it off without your help. Everyone smiled, we Welcomed people to theA.L.L. program, answered lots of questions, helped those who looked lost, got them in the rightline to register, sign-up and pay for classes, we gave them a cookie, and wished them well whenthey left. What a Fantastic group of Volunteers!!I thank you again and look forward to Spring Registration.Submitted by Kathye Allen, Events Committee chairComments were shared that this was the best and biggest registration yet. Sarah’s orangeforms were a great help. Linda Gabrielson suggested that next time a printed copy of a bird’seye view be given to all volunteers for a better understanding of the rooms, flow, and areas ofspecial interest. Total attendance was approximately 380 with 104 first time members. Totalmembers registered to date are over 450.Heritage Liaison: Nothing to report though new residents at the Heritage have signed up forALL this Fall.Communication and MembershipOur membership count remains much the same. We now have 686 contacts on our email listwhich will change shortly.We are waiting for the fall registration forms to leave the college registration offices. Once theyare received we will begin to incorporate them into our email list. This will be time consumingsince each form will require at least one entry in our records and most a lot more.
  3. 3. The registration on Sept. 8 seemed to go very well. Thanks to David T and Maureen C thingswere, for the most part, smooth at the new registration table. Having Maureen working in frontof the table meant that a lot of questions were taken care of before they got to Dave or me.Submitted by Donn PetersonOutreachThe Outreach Committee members hosted the Welcome table for the Fall Registration. It was avery busy day. We thank Flo Horton and Carolee Holloway for volunteering to help and also, toJoan Moye who has assisted us several times.Submitted by Judy Dankers and Connie NelsonPublicity: Nothing to report.Meet You ThereSept 17, 2012, Monday, at 12 noon, met at Salt Grass Steak Restaurant in CypressAttendance: 3 (including me). Hope this is not an indication for the rest of the year. The lunchwas very good and the conversations were interesting. The new restaurant is very nice and thefood was excellent, as well as the service.Will plan another lunch for mid-October and hope the attendance is better.Submitted by Maureen Cummings, Meet You There ChairpersonOf note: Over 200 hours of time were given by ALL volunteers during the 2 week registrationperiod for regular students this Fall. The college is very grateful for this help.12:00 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduledfor Wednesday, October 17, 2012, in room HSC 106 at 11:15 AM.Respectfully submittedAnne Criddle, Secretary