ALL Minutes 01-16-2013


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ALL Minutes 01-16-2013

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee January 16, 2013 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106Present: Cheryl LeJune, Sarah Walter, Maureen Cummings, Judy Dankers, Sharon Samson,Donn Peterson, Anne Criddle, Susan Chapman, Gene Chism, Noemi Silva, Evelyn Carrington,Genevieve Chism11:15 AM Call to OrderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. There were nocorrections to the November minutes.Committee Reports:Curriculum CommitteeSpring 2013 Semester is here and we have a good line up of classes. Hopefully we wont have amany last minute changes this semester....we just have to go with the flow. The fact is therewill always be last minute schedule changes due to illness or other commitments of the guestspeakers. The advisory board has had long discussions on how to better handle notifications toour members. They have come up with a new idea which will be presented by theCommunications Chairman, Donn Peterson.As always, the Curriculum Committee welcomes ALL members who would like to offer classsuggestions and help with the behind-the-scenes planning. Classes are the "heart" of the please encourage members to join this committee and make a contribution.Sarah Walter, Curriculum Committee ChairmanThere are still openings in April and May of 2013. Need to start thinking now about Fall classes(as we are no longer offering a Summer schedule). Narrow down the best days, mornings orafternoons, and then approach a potential guest presenter.Bus TripsThe bus trip committee has been very busy. We have six bus trips planned and ready forregistration on January 19.Our bus dates for the first quarter are Tuesday, January 29: Tour of Minute Maid Park and visit to Holocaust Museum Wednesday, February 27: Houston Livestock Show
  2. 2. Monday, March 18: Azalea Trail in Nacogdoches Saturday, April 20: San Jacinto Day Festival Wednesday, May 15: Shangri La Gardens, Stark Museum of Art, Stark Mansion Thursday, June 6: Painted Churches Submitted by: Sharon SamsonEvents CommitteeI have a wonderful group of volunteers lined up for Orientation/Open House on Saturday,January 19th. (9 AM to noon – get registered, sign up for bus trips and fee classes, get Spring2013 stickers) I only need a few places filled. I would like to have a meeting on Friday, January18, at 6pm in the Conference Center to show you your position and give details for SaturdaysRegistration. We need a little help getting things put on the walls for this event. Come if youcan, it is not mandatory. I will go over info at 8:30 am Saturday.Respectfully submitted, Kathye AllenHeritage LiaisonSusan Chapman will continue to post bulletin board announcements and give reports on ALL toher Heritage group.Communication and MembershipGene reports that we have 594 members on our rolls. I show 476 current contacts, 182 noncurrent and 10 guest contacts. Yielding a total of 668 contacts (eight more were added thatmorning).I have been busy getting the spread sheet set up to send out the spring schedule to ourmembers and working on the first ALL the news that will go out.As you are aware we have been looking at another vehicle to send information to our membersin the hope that we can address some of the issues that plague us all the year.The next ALL the news will carry information about Library programs and the spring schedulefor the Center for the Arts. It is hoped that the administration of the system recognize thesupport that ALL provides the programs here on campus.Also, some time has been sent looking at options to getting information out to our members.There will be another meeting tomorrow to discuss how this is to be done and within what timeframe. (See Action Items)The issue of parking permits for members of ALL is still unresolved to my knowledge.Respectfully submitted, Donn Peterson
  3. 3. OutreachWe do not have anything to report at this time.Connie Nelson and Judy DankersThey were contacted by Eagle’s Trace requesting that we bring programs to them. We have todecline as that service is not available.PublicityI didnt do a publicity release for spring registration. I did do releases for the last threeregistrations and none of them made any papers that I saw. However, since somehow we wereable to attract 100+ new members for the Fall 2912 registration, I felt that we were in goodshape in getting new members.Joan CamensonMeet You ThereI did not have a Meet You There event in November or December. I was away most ofNovember and December is too busy for most people. I am planning on a field trip to PearlFincher Museum of Fine Arts on Friday Feb. 8 at 10:30 and lunch at Hasta La Pasta, which isnear the museum. The museum is located at 6815 Cypresswood Drive, Spring TX 77379. Therestaurant is at 6915 Cypresswood Drive, Spring TX. Meet You There had a tour planned for lastJune 2012, but it was cancelled due to no interest. Hopefully this will be a better time of yearto have it.I will not plan an event every month, maybe every other month.Maureen CummingsMaureen is planning to retire after this semester.Action Items1) We are reaching our limit as a group on email address numbers and two emails sent out aweek. And now we have to send out more for updating things like class cancelations and lastminute room changes. Donn Peterson has created a blog to take the place of ALL the news.Starting on February 14, our regular blog ( will contain a link to ournew weekly ALL the news blog (, which will also have a link back.Some of us will just need to learn a new thing.2) Advisory committee chairs have received invitations to a Chancellor’s Reception on Friday,January 25. Some questions to ask will be about parking on campus and background checks forpresenters.3) There is an official campus parking office now. Plans are for us to have an ALL specifictemplate under the guest category. We are not to worry about it until further notice. You cango into the system now and register as a student if you want but there is no hurry. If you didthat for last year, you would need to repeat it as it has now expired.
  4. 4. 12:05 AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduledfor Wednesday, February 20, 2013, at 11:15 AM in HSC, room 106.Respectfully submitted,Anne Criddle, Secretary