Minutes 4-20-11


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Minutes 4-20-11

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee April, 20, 2011 11:30 AM MOD 2, Room 101Present: Cheryl LeJune, Anne Criddle, Gene Chism, Kathye Allen, Sarah Walter, Carol Edwards, CarolynSeverson, Donna Baroiu, Alex Baroiu, Leta Towle, David Timmermeyer, Donn Peterson, Don Hobart, RoyLazenby, Gene Juergens, Susan Chapman, Connie Nelson, Peggy Presnell11:30 AM Call to OrderCheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. Corrections were madeto the March minutes. Anne Criddle asked that those in attendance clearly write their names on theattendance sheet to keep from having them spelled wrong in the minutes. Also, that members emailtheir reports to her when they have something to present, in order to have these recorded correctly.Committee Reports:CurriculumTime is running short to finalize the Fall Curriculum….just another week. September and October lookgood…..but we need more classes for November and December.If you have scheduled one or two classes….thank you….but that really isn’t enough. Let’s look at thenumbers. Fall Semester covers 15 weeks. Assuming that we try to book a morning class and anafternoon class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and one afternoon class on Wednesday thatmeans 9 class slots per week x 15 weeks = 135 class slots. Even when you take into account the multi-part classes such as Mah Jongg, Dominoes, Art, Senior Guidance and others….that still leaves at least 80unique slots. I’m asking each committee member to keep working toward getting more speakers.Don’t just say – “that would make a good class” – get out there and make the arrangements to make it areality.Once you have a committed speaker you have conquered the hardest part…..but you are not finished. Ineed you to complete the Speaker Info Sheet and email it to me. Completing the Speaker Info Sheetshould take only 5 minutes…..just fill in the requested information on you as the facilitator and thespeaker’s contact info and give a brief description of the class.So the word of the day is H E L P ! ALL members have been very enthusiastic about classes andevents…..let’s keep that spirit going.Submitted By – Sarah WalterCommittee Members: Cheryl LeJune, Connie Nelson, Cynthia Hobart, Donna McCarty, Elsie Markuson,Gail Peart, Jo Ann Yeakley, Josie Don, Judy Dankers, Kathye Allen, Leta Towle, Peggy Presnell, SarahWalter, Sharon Samson, Susan Chapman, Suzanne Altenburg.St. Luke’s Hospital at the Vintage may be willing to offer health classes on Tuesday evenings, 6-7PM.Maybe these could be opened up to the public.
  2. 2. Bus TripsOur trip on March 27 was to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. We had lunch first atNutty Brown’s. Unfortunately the service could have been better. It did not seem like the restaurant wasprepared for us, despite Carol Edward’s several phone calls to them. The tour of the Wildflower Centerwas excellent, though. However, several people forgot to show up. We left with 5 empty seats. In thefuture, we will encourage those on the wait list to show up at check-in time with the correct cash as oneor two no-shows is not unusual.On May 16 we will have sign up for four bus trips. They are as follows, along with the person responsiblefor the planning:June 2 - Nacogdoches - Liz GannonJuly 19 - Waco - Carol Edwards Texas Ranger Museum and Mammoth SiteAug 9 - Telephone Museum & Houston Museum of Natural Science - Sharon SamsonSept 13- Bellville/ Newmans Castle - Marsha DuggerSubmitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: David Timmermeyer, Ann Candela, Ginny Harwell, Peggy Presnell, Ann Candela,Connie Nelson, Carol Edwards, Joan Camenson, Susan Chapman, Judy Vela, Cynthia Hobart, DonnaMcCarty, Liz Gannon , Marsha Dugger, Susan Scott, Louise Rugaard, Ann LinerEventsSummer Open House and Ice Cream Social is on May 16, from 3:00 to 5:00pm. I will be sending emailsto ask for volunteers for the event. I need 22 volunteers. I am sending a request to 30 members. FocusDay on May 2 needs four volunteers. We will also register for Summer classes at this time in theConference Center.Submitted by Kathye AllenFocus Day: Judge Emmett and Commissioner Radack are confirmed. I will make contact this week todetermine if there are any equipment needs but I anticipate none. Many thanks to Susan for doing agreat job of coordinating everything. I need to know who is in charge of registration. (Connie Chuisano281-373-0970)The most wonderful part of ALL is the way everyone pitches in and works together to get the job done.Thanks to all for everything you have done in helping to get this program together. Its a real "team"event and its success will be due to all our efforts. Thank you.Peggy Presnell, Focus Day ChairHeritage LiaisonArrangements for the Focus Day on May 2 at Heritage Lodge at Towne Lake are quicklyprogressing. Friendswood Development Company has planned the menu for our complimentary lunch,printed 250 copies of the program, and will provide a surprise giveaway for each attendee. A tour ofHeritage Lodge and Village Builders model homes in Heritage is being planned. More details arediscussed in Peggy Presnells report.
  3. 3. Submitted by Susan ChapmanLiaison with Heritage at Towne LakeCommunicationsGene Chism continues his weekly distribution of ALL the News and For ALL to Read via email. We areattempting to inform 535 members of our activities. The administration has asked that we include thePresidents Committee members in our newsletters.Please remember to inform us of your committee meetings so we can recruit more participants.Submitted by Leta Towle, Gene ChismOutreach Nothing to reportPublicity : I did contact Kelly Norton, Media Coordinator for LSC-Cy Fair and asked for a photographerand also provided her with text information about the Focus Day event, specifically speaker names andtopics.Submitted by Joan CamensonIt was suggested that we see about getting students to come and video the event.Meet You There ReportOn March 14th twenty people had lunch at Julio Mexican Cantina and nineteen people toured ArborGate.Future dates for 2011:April 25 9:30 AM - Arrive at zoo 12:30 PM - Have lunch on the zoo premisesMay 8 1:00 PM – Late Lunch TBA3:00 PM - Lone Star College CYFAIR Main Stage Theatre – Musical Theatre: Little Shop of HorrorsJune 6 11:00 AM – Lunch 1:00 PM – Tour of C.A.M.July 11: Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts and lunch TBD Movie and lunchAugust: Open Movie and lunchSeptember: OpenOctober: Kleb Woods and lunch TBDNovember: OpenDecember: Old Town Spring or Old Town Tomball and lunch TBDEVENTS AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGEAction/Additional ItemsFall Registration: Saturday, September 10, 2011, tentatively set for 9:30 AM to noon in the ConferenceCenter.
  4. 4. Our “wish list” for our new classroom has been sent to Kenya White.ALL Bank Account – Cheryl will set up a meeting for those involved (Roy, Sarah, Sharon) to discuss someissues.It was determined that while we can’t control what the college does with its student’s information, wewould keep our members email addresses for ALL business only.Roy Lazenby announced a meeting for every campus ALL program for the opportunity to shareinformation. It will be held at the North Harris College campus, Tuesday, May 24th from 1-3 PM.12:25 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:25 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled forWednesday, May 18th at 11:15 AM. Room to be determined.Respectfully submitted,Anne Criddle, secretary