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Harconiţa, Elena. ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher education (CBHE).


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Harconiţa, Elena. ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher education (CBHE). Project Kick Off Meetings 7th - 10th March 2016, Brasov, Romania.

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Harconiţa, Elena. ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher education (CBHE).

  1. 1. ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher education (CBHE) Project Kick Off Meetings 7th - 10th March 2016, Brasov, Romania. 1 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY of Balti Alecu Russo State University Republic of Moldova
  2. 2. BĂLŢI is a city with the status of municipality, the capital of Development North Region in Republic of Moldova • It is the second largest in terms of area and economic importance after Chişinău. • The city is in the middle with a Bălţi steppe plain relief fragmented, 138 km north of Chisinau, 65 km from the border with Romania (EU) and 120 km from the border with Ukraine. • Sometimes also called „the northern capital", it is a major industrial, cultural and commercial centre and transportation hub in the north of the country. • The word Bălţi appears in the Polish comments written on the Polish-Ottoman war of 1620. • Chernozem soils predominate in Bălţi, that’s why in the city activates Research Institute of Field Crops „Selectsya", specializing in improving crop selection. • Research Institute of Field Crops „Selectsya“ is the holder of the largest collection of patents and inventions in Moldova.  It is a historic city with old churches from 1795. In 1935, King Carol II of Romania and Crown Prince Mihai of Romania, the future King Michael of Romania, attended the consecration ceremony dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helen Cathedral, built by Bishop Visarion Puiu of Hotin.  In 2011, Bălţi had a population of over 150 000 inhabitants.  According to the 2004 Moldovan Census, data on ethnicity of persons is as follows: Moldovans - 52.4 %, Romanian - 1.8%. Among the Slavic peoples , 24 % are Ukrainians , followed by Russians - 19,2% and Bulgarian - 0.2 %. 2 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  3. 3. • Today, in Bălţi are 13 lyceums and 6 professional education institutions offering the last 3 years of high school education and 2 years post-high school technical education. Also, 14 secondary schools, 7 professional or professional-technical schools. • State University is founded in 1945. • The last year USARB and the Library celebrated its 70 years. • The University trains professionals in forty-three specialities at four faculties: Faculty of Filology, Faculty of Exact, Economic and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Arts, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences; • It has trained more than seven thousand of teachers (70 000) during 70 years. • The University provides specialist training for the national economy at all levels: Licentiate, Master”s and Doctoral studies as well as continuing development for in-service professionals; • Over six thousand students(6000), over six hundred(682)Mater`s students and fifty Doctoral students reside at the moment in the world of science and education. • The scientific and didactic expertise of the academic staff is represented by eight Doctoral Habiltate, one hundred Doctors, five University Professors and eighty Associate Professors; • The University collaborates with universities from Europe and other continents, as well as by the projects technically and logistically supported by the European Council, the Francophone University Agency and the European Union programs for higher education: Tempus, Erasmus-Mundus, Jean Monnet, Moodle etc. 3 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  4. 4. The Scientific Library was founded in 1945, at the same time with the University (originally Teaching Institute) • Being an integral part of the educational process and scientific research, classified by the Government to be of the highest category, The Scientific Library is a: • Departmental Librariansip Center • Regional Depository of the World Bank • Member of Electronic Resources for Moldova (ERM ) Consortium • Participant in national and international projects including: • Memory of Moldova – a component part of the National Digital Library MOLDAVICA • Tempus MISISQ – Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality (2013 - 2016) • ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher education (CBHE) • in Moldova - Library Network Support Services: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries - regional project, the purpose of modernization and strengthening of libraries, improving the competences of staff librarian in higher education institutions from Moldova, Armenia and Belarus. • Modernization of academic library services in Moldova, SIU Eurasia (The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education) 4 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti The Library is located in a unique four-story modern building, with an area of about six thousands square meters (6000 m2) equipped with notable technical equipment. The Library ensures the comfort and aesthetic norms for ten thousands (10 000 )users per year. The users visit the Library by about (300 000) three hundred thousand times and borrow more than (800 000) eight hundred thousand documents through 12 reading rooms (763 seats) and 4 loans .The Library website shows about (60 000) sixty thousands virtual visits, four hundred and sixty thousand (465 000 ) pages views and two million and seven hundred thousand hits (2.7 million accesses)
  5. 5. 5 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  6. 6. The Library Organigram contains 5 subdivizions and 5 Centres : Collection Development, Catalogueing / Indexing, Organization/Storing Collections, Collection Communication (Reading Rooms, Loan Departments, Literature in Foreign Languages Office, Musical Documentation Office) , Bibliographic Documentation / Information, Research. Speciality Assistance and Centres: Information and network activities, Media Centre, Marketing. Editorial activity, Information Literacy, Cultural Events. Including: • United Nations Documentation Centre • European Information Centre • NATO Information and Documentation Point • Romanian Cultural Institute collection • Goethe Institute – Bucharest collection • The collection Journal Donation Project, New- York- SUA . 6 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  7. 7. SERVICES AND OPPORTUNITIES  Studies in specialized reading rooms;  loan services, bibliographic and information research;  Informational assistance; Department days; Information days;  The university/master”s, doctoral student”s monthly; the editorial saloon Bălţi University teacher”s scientific and didactic contributions;  bibliogrphic presentation and informative e-bulletins of new acquisitions;  selective dissemination of information for researches (DSI);  diffirential service for the administration(SDC);  assigning Master”s papers the CZU index;  the course Fundamentals of Information Literacy, the program the New Customer/tutorials, listening using headphones, editing scientific theses using the Libarary”s computers. 7  Copying/Xerox;  Creation of bibliographic lists, developing bibliographic indexes at request ;  Assigning of UDS (CZU) index to the master theses;  Scanning documents;  Serving non-users (outside the University community);  Printing documents;  Recording information on floppy disk, CD, DVD, flash memory;  Retrieval service and electronic delivery information as a request-offer;  Interlibrary national loan;  Conditions for the preparation of works in Microsoft Word (tables, graphs, charts), excel, power-point, access;  Terms of the wording the texts in the different languages : French, Russian and Romanian; Scientific and Cultural activities ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  8. 8. HUMAN PERSONNEL, 2015 Category Higher category The first category The second category Uncategorized TOTAL 16 19 11 6 53 8 53 employees, including 46 librarians, holders of qualifications degrees , realize the main objectives of the Library that are creating the potential of necessary resources, informing, assisting in professional training, providing access to documents on different supports, to national and global databases, diversifying and modernizing the Library”s services and products. 8 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  9. 9. The collections consists 1 021 919 copies Titles over 300 000 (three hundred thousand) Value 11 876 285, 89 lei Documents Collection Development  Ten thousand copies in five thousand titles are annually procured; 322 titles of periodicals publications are subscribed to.  Access to electronic documents is provided via subscription to EBSCO database, UNO, World Bank, NATO, Eubookshop, Cambridge Journals online, DOAJ, Royal Society Journals and Archive, Polpred and others, all in all 60 databases and 150 000 e-documents. 9 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  10. 10. 10 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  11. 11. Radu MOŢOC, the engineer, the Secretary of Pro Basarabia and Bucovina Association, the Branch ,,Costache Negri” of Galaţi,the Honorary Member of the Senate USARB . He brought for 20 years about twenty and one thousand (21 000) Romanian books worth over a hundred thousand euros (100 000) . Dr. Alexandru BUDIŞTEANU-architect, Chairman Emeritus of the ESU-Romania, Chairman of the International Council of the English-Speaking Union, Doctor Honoris Causa USARB. He promised to donate his library , which include eight thousand and eight hundred (8 800 )documents 11 Ioan NICORICI Ion PROCA Mircea DRUC Ioan Călin DIMITRIU Leonid GHEORGHIAN The undeniable value are private collections Ioan NICORICI and Ion PROCA (Moldova) Mircea DRUC and Ioan Călin DIMITRIU ( Romania) Leonid GHEORGHIAN ( Germany) and Dan George DIMITRESCU (Sweden) ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti Professor Dr.Thomas WILHELMI from Switzerland. He directed to Bălţi students original books in German and French languages, who formed the collection in his name and is focused also on the philological field that bears his name.
  12. 12.  The on-line catalogue contains 377 887 registrations or 73 % of all the titles, including: monographs, periodicals, AV, RE (212 711), analytical Bibliographic notes (16 176).  Scanned Summary: bout 7000 tables of contents of journals and books in English, German and Russian related to the major subjects of the University  Musical works from vinyl database of music creations 12 Institutional Digital Archive - ORA (Open Research Archives) USARB developed on DSpace platform, collects the full-text of scientific and didactic publications of Balti academics, giving them in open access. Institutional policy of Alecu Russo Balti State University on Open Access ( was recorded in the International Register ROARMAP (Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies) Colecţii/subco lecţii Autori, subiecte, datele de editare ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  13. 13. Open LibraryDigital Library The papers of Bălţi academics (teaching staff and librarians) are registrated in open libraries and open platforme: Open Library, Calameo, Issuu, Scribd. 13 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  14. 14. • bibliometric services, setting Hirsch index of authors teachers; • identification of journals with impact factor for publishing articles in the fields of the profile; • finding and presenting the ISI Journals databases accessed and in the collection of periodicals, in particular from the collection of Journal Donation Project (New-York, USA), information about scientometric databases and the way to use them. Ion GAGIM • h -index 4 • g- index 7 • hc- index 3 • hI - norm 4 New opportunities for academic researchers : 14 Pavel Topală h - index 4 g - index 5 hc - index 3 hI - norm 3 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  15. 15. INFORMATION LITERACY IN THE CONTEXT OF HIGHER EDUCATION  From the simple promotion of librarian and bibliographic knowledge in traditional manner realized in 1968-1990, joining us from the experience of Europe's libraries (Germany-1960; Poland-1963; Hungary-1966, Russia-1966, ) academic librarians have passed the training scheduled for users with the start of the process of informatization.  2012-in accordance with the Rector's order nr. 05-596 of 26. 10. 2012, discipline „The Base of Information Literacy" was included in the plans for education in all specialities as a mandatory discipline training skills and general competencies, volume of 30 hours (1 credit) (at the education day-10 hours of direct contact and 20 hours for individual work, part-time education-6 hours of direct contact and 24 hours working individually; for assessment 2 hours for each group, regardless of the form of studies, through the notation accepted/rejected).  All responsibility in promoting this discipline revert to Scientific Library.  Every year 9-10 librarians promote about 400 hours. 15 66 electronic sources developed by academic librarians of Moldova were included in the 2nd edition (number of pages 668) Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide, published by UNESCO in Paris in 2014. ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  16. 16. The course of Information Literacy 16 International Week of Open Access to Information ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  17. 17. INFORMATION DAYS The editorial saloon Bălţi University teachers”scientific and didactic contributions Master”s, Doctoral,Student”s Monthly 17 FRANCOPHONIE DAYS ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  18. 18. Scientific Publications, scientific-didactic works of librarians PUBLICA ȚII - 555 Cataloage 6 Materiale promoționale 250 Bibliografii, biobibliografi i - 100 Dicíonare-4 Lucrări didactice -6 Monografii - 35 Reviste – 2 Resurse electronice 152 The librarians’ scientific research is carried on according to the following research directions: Participatory Management: principles and practice; Integration and training, Professional comumunication: The Modern library for the users of the XXth century, Development of informational resources: politics, pecularities experience/effects. The Publishing activity has been intensified in the latest 15 years. The journal of library sciences and information sciences Bibliological Confluences,, monographs, bibliographies, catalogues, dictionaries in the collections: Bibliographia Universitas, Facultas Biography-USARB, Vestigia Semper Adora, Information Literacy, Doctors Honoris Causa, IN HONOREM, Bălţi University personalities, Bălţi academics, Bălţi University writers, Culture promotes, ABRM-20, Professionalization. ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  19. 19. INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL COLLABORATIONS The representatives of the Library are involved in the activity of the National Library Board (CBN), Board of Libraries from higher education and specialized institutions, Librarians ‘ Association from Republic of Moldova(ABRM), Standardization Technical Comite No.1,,Librarianship, Information, Documentation”. The Library collaborates with about 30 partners from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine, Russia, France, Lithuania, and Germany. This considerably contributes to the growth of collections. About 26 projects of investment, research/development and organization have been realized in the recent years. Scientific Library USARB actively participate in building a modern, dynamic and informed society through everything achieved. 19 ,,Alecu Russo” State University Scientific Library of Balti
  20. 20. The project team Elena Harconiţa- institutional coordinator  Strengthening and modernization of the library ; raising of qualification of the library staff; managerial activities relating to the administration and coordination of the project; polici - es and strategies to the project; effective communication in the project; dealing with the academic community for the creation and implementation of library services that will support the process of education and scientific research in higher education; dissemination and use of project results at the institutional and national level in order to promote knowle- dge, experience, training opportunities and special abilities. Aculina Mihaluţa- researcher, trainer, administrative  Development training programs on adaptation of librarians, promoting the culture of the educational information to members of the academic community, participation in the elaboration and implementation of tutorials; realization of functions of the secretariat. 20
  21. 21. Igor Afatin-technical staff • Ensuring access to network support in the project, connections to the platform and e-learning programmes, installations and necessary, techni-cal equipment , implementation and providing innovative online services . Valentina Topalo- researcher, trainer • Training activities of librarians, communication and training academic community members, translation activities , development and promotion of promotional materials about the project. PROJECT EXPECTATIONS : 21 1. New knowledge and international partnerships . 2. Enhancing the role and importance of the library in academic environment in the university and in society. 3. Diversification and optimisation of info-librarian services . 4. Libraian training English cource, up to date Information Litteracy, on-line services. 5. Skills and experiences at international standards.