Professional development of librarians in the plovdiv region


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Professional development of librarians in the plovdiv region

  1. 1. Stefka Ilieva, Regional Library “Ivan Vazov” Plovdiv
  2. 2.  Bulgaria is a country in Europe, situated on the Balkan Peninsula. To the north the country borders on Rumania, to the east – on the Black Sea, to the south – on Turkey and Greece and to the west – on Serbia and Macedonia. It’s population - 8,000 million people. The capital city is Sofia. Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic, with a National Assembly. The President is Head of State.
  3. 3.  The city of Plovdiv (330 000 inhabitants) is situated on the banks of the Maritsa River.
  4. 4.  The second largest city in Bulgaria; it is a cultural and historical center. This is a city with ancient history. Beginning of the town is about 4000 BC. Landmark is the Old Town; there are many old houses and museums. There is also the building of the ancient amphitheater, 4th century BC created.
  5. 5. The library moved into this buildingin 1974.
  6. 6.  Regional Public Library is a universal, public library and is the second biggest and oldest library in Bulgaria. In 1974 it was moved into a new building. Now the Library has 1 500 000 library units, 13 000 users, 3000 children, 100 000 visits, 136 staff. There are 11 departments in the Library: Acquisitions and Periodicals, Cataloging, Reader Services and Book Stores, Arts Dept., Regional Studies, Children’s Dept., Methodological department, Reference and Bibliography Dept., Automation of library processes, publishing department and Administrative department. There are eight reading rooms with a total of 300 seats.
  7. 7. Zlatka Ivanova- headStefka Ilieva-metodologistAngelina Stavreva-metodologistTania Pileva-metodologist
  8. 8. Methodologist is a library expert who contributes to professional development of librarians trough individual consultations upon request, by providing expert assistance in libraries.
  9. 9. The Methodological department takes a leadership role in coordinating regional wide planning and development of library services. A staff of professional library consultants works closely with public libraries to help define and meet the wide variety of information needs.
  10. 10.  Public libraries-198  School libraries-35 Academic libraries-8  Special libraries-7
  11. 11. Strategic plan;Library Rules;Library Statute;Job profile
  12. 12. We complete detailed statistical information about libraries and submit it to local authorities for making management decisions.Together with my colleagues we conclude annual contracts with local authorities to carry out expert- consulting services to public libraries in the region of Plovdiv
  13. 13. -Seminars;-Workshops;-Business meeting;-Trainings;We organize qualification for all librarians in the region
  14. 14. Since 2008 the department is included in the “Bill and Melinda Gates” project “ Global Libraries- Bulgaria”
  15. 15.  The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Programme is a joint initiative of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the United Nations Development Programme supported by a USD 15 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria is designed to facilitate access to information, knowledge, communication, e-contents and community services through Bulgarias public libraries network. Within five years, the program help Bulgarian citizens integrate into the global information society.
  16. 16.  In accordance with the policy of lifelong learning and the objectives of "Glob @ l Libraries Bulgaria" by mid-February 2011, training center for the Regional Library "Ivan Vazov" Plovdiv after a invitation to the site of the library started training for citizens of the city in two modules: "Working with a computer "and "Internet for Beginners. "
  17. 17.  960 global libraries providing public access to IT equipment and the internet. 49 global libraries providing public access to IT equipment and the internet in Plovdiv region. 7 equipment packages based on library space and population size (3 to 25 computers for users per library). Microsoft software donated for all workstations.
  18. 18.  180 librarians trained in ICT in Plovdiv region. We develop new services for citizens and communities through the library: Help for unemployed people to find jobs; Filling in applications for financials subsides; Lists of medications approved by the Bulgarian National Health Insurance; Fund and health related information; Health insurance checks; Help for young people to find in schools and universities; Searching for information on EU-funding;
  19. 19.  We provide trainings for librarians in five modules: Information and communication technologies; Management of Library; Services in a modern Library; Work with communities; Advocacy and lobbying for libraries and project management.
  20. 20.  In 2011 and 2012 the program focuses on training librarians and implementing contemporary services which libraries can provide through ICT to citizens and local communities. The teaching component that we have always had in our profession, which started with explaining how to use our libraries to locate books, and led to training on how to use online databases, will continue to expand as the gap grows between those who have access to information and those who need access to information.
  21. 21. 4000 Plovdivul. “Avksentii Veleshki” № 17,Phone. : +32 654 913 ; 654 939Fax : +32 654 902E-mail : omnbiv@gmail.comSkype : metodichen1IURL:http: //www.libplovdiv.comMonday – Friday8.00 – 16.30