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Our leadership coaching is designed for effective leadership skills by providing leadership training. Join our online Effective leadership for developing leadership skills and coaching skills

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Leadership Training | Leadership Skills | Effective Leadership

  1. 1. ™http://www.learning-leadership.com Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 1 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. ™ Agenda• My background• Overview: Learning Leadership programs• Your expectations, challenges• Why Emotional Leadership? What is it?• Workouts• Arrangements for enrolling & support• Take-aways
  3. 3. ™Hemant Karandikar (Pune, India)• Strategy advisor, CEO & Leadership Coach, Brand & Design advisor• Founder of Exponient Consulting and Learning Leadership,• Brand & Design advisor at Design Directions Pvt. Ltd.• Leadership experience in multi-national & multi-cultural environments• Previously Managing Director Global Weighing, India (owned by GE Capital & Advent) and General Manager at Philips India• Experience in R & D, innovation management, UI design, manufacturing, marketing & sales, leadership development, and process improvements, company de-merger, startups, & transfer of ownership• B. Tech. From IIT Bombay Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 3 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. ™ • Based on Regenerative LeadershipWhat is it ? model • Online action learning & coaching programs (any time, any place) • For B-Schools (e.g. MANA 5350) and companies • Best leadership practices, cumulative learning of hands-on leader-managers • Efficient, effective, and jargon-free content • Programs address needs of business owners, CEOs, management teams, and executives at various levels • Coaching by leaders and experts with rich experience Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 4 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. ™Regenerative Leadership 5
  6. 6. ™ Bias for actions• Good thinking is important...• Deciding our actions make us think more deeply & more creatively• A teacher or a coach can help us better when we have thought through our actions• Actions, whether taken or not, bring us face to face with reality• Only actions can make a difference• A set of actions is your leaderss agenda Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 6 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Outcome of Learning Leadership programs Leaders OWN agenda Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 7 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. ™What it can dofor you • Helps you capture your emotional and objective reality and make it accessible for further thinking • Helps you anchor your thinking in implementation of values • Helps you unload or download unresolved issues for clearer thinking • Helps you to think creatively • Makes your thinking action oriented • Allows your coach or teacher to help you better >>> Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 8 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. ™What it can do (Contd.)for you • Helps you in applying powerful leadership principles and best practices to your work situations • Helps you become better leaders •Helps your careers • Helps your organization in change management Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 9 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. ™What are the • Attend a leadership training or development programother ways ? • Learn through case studies • Read books on the subject • Observe a great leader and emulate • Learn by trial and error • Play leadership games and participate in adventure activities All these have some drawbacks. They do not establish any process. There is no tangible output to for review and improvisation Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 10 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. ™What is uniqueabout • Direct work based exercises (Workouts) for specific competencies (ActionLearning Learning) • Workouts lead to actions in leaders areaLeadership? of work • Workouts are tool boxes for incorporating best practices in strategy formulation & implementation, process improvements, values, team building etc. • Avoids use of jargon (e.g. Balanced Score Cards, Six or Lean Sigma, TPM) and helps clear understanding of principles and their application with measurable results >>> Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 11 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. ™What is uniqueabout • Individual online account for reading material, forums, workouts for developingLearning own content, and inputs by the coach • Can be combined with on-site coachingLeadership? • Learning at leaders pace, place, and convenience • Extract leaders own agenda from workouts by a click • Evidence of learning in the form of filled in workouts Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 12 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. ™The Programs • Emotional Leadership o learn to deal with negative emotions, generate positive emotions, and improve quality of interactions and communications. foster cooperation, creativity, and productivity. Lead your own life.This program is used in both o For all. B-school and corporate settings >>> Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 13 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. ™The Programs • Regenerative Leadership - core o Grasping reality, assessing oneself and understanding others, understanding work processes, and creating a leaders agenda • Regenerative Leadership - advanced o Work process management and These programs are used in improvement, work allocation, and corporate settings mobilizing resources. Developing people. Convert key result areas and job accountability into a leaders agenda taking into account realities and ideas. >>> Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 14 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. ™The Programs • Regenerative Leadership for Entrepreneurs and Business owners o Entrepreneurs and business owners face unique challenges -strategic, financial, and about their own leadership skills. Their ideas and offerings evolve. They need to build This program is used in an organization and commit corporate settings investments, yet remain flexible. A solid strategic framework and coaching helps them achieve their objectives Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 15 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. ™ How to develop Regenerative Leadership?• Coaching by expert teachers & business leaders• Personalized, anytime, anyplace web based coaching through ™• http://www.learning-leadership.com Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 16 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. ™Emotional Leadership Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 17 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. ™ Your expectations & challenges what are they?• People related?• Financial?• Technical?• Market related?• Knowledge & skills?• Attitudes & values?• other... Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 18 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Workout: Recall some incidents Think of a couple incidents, related emotions and effects on you Make notes Can you think of any actions? 19
  20. 20. Workout: Shedding baggage Think of someone whom you may have hurt andto whom you are going to approach for a better relationship (imagine this) Write a script about how this will play out. Imagine this like a movie.
  21. 21. ™ Why talk about emotions at all?Our emotions affect ourselves & others• Energy• Interest• Commitment• Decisions• Digestion• Sleep• Communications & receptivity• Relationships• Creativity Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 21 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. ™ Emotions Emotions drive us,often unknown to us Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 22 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. ™ Why Emotional Leadership?• Most immediate outcome of leadership is in the form of emotions e.g. Inspiring people• Great leaders inspire people to achieve big change• People stretch and extend themselves only when they feel that their work is worthwhile. Great leaders make this happen. Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 23 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. ™ What is Emotional Leadership?• Emotional Leadership (EL) = Emotional Intelligence (EI) + Emotional Capabilities (EC)• Understanding own & others emotions• Dealing with negative emotions• Tapping energy for beneficial & worthwhile change through positive emotions• A vital part of Learning Leadership programs Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 24 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. How to develop Emotional capabilities• Recognize emotions• Observe and learn what excites, bores, inspires, discourages, causes happiness, causes sadness, causes calmness, and causes anger• Welcome "outsiders"• Engage with your negativity• Develop humility• Read fiction, watch movies, attend concerts -talk about them, empathize about the characters• Get yourself a coach or a mentor -a neutral & experienced person will provide salient feedback
  26. 26. ™People behindLearning Leadership Hemant Karandikar Prashant Ranade Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant Ranade. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. ™Prashant Ranade (Michigan, USA)• Corporate director (public/private co.s) and President/CEO. (US based) Board positions: Syntel Corp, and NxOpinion• Senior executive positions at Siemens, Rockwell Automation• Domain knowledge: Industrial, manufacturing, health sciences, supply chain/logistics management and technology.• Experience in engineering, sales, marketing, manufacturing and R & D for Products, Solutions & Services businesses with P & L responsibility• Successful in turnaround, restructuring, growth, new product environments as well as M & A and integration• Global experience, skilled at creating/developing high performing teams• Effective leader, strategic thinker, operationally focused and results oriented• Founder of Indus –ventures• B. S. Engg( IIT Bombay, India). MS ( U of Cincinnati, Ohio) and MBA (Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio) Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 27 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. ™ Registration & enrolment• Visit http://www.learning-leadership.com• Click creat new account• Fill in & submit the form• Click the url in the email that you will receive• Inform your username & registration email id to Seema Bhushan bseema@mail.cox.smu.edu• Invoicing will be done via Indus Ventures, LLC - a Texas based Company. Seema Bhushan (who is sitting in class today) will talk about invoicing and payment at the end of my presentation• Your enrollment to Emotional Leadership will be completed by Seema and our team Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 28 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. ™ ConclusionsWhat are your takeaways? Copyright © 2009 Hemant Karandikar & Prashant 29 Ranade. All rights reserved.
  30. 30. Thank you! 30