Looking back at 2012. what is coming in 2013 ver0.1


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Looking back at 2012. what is coming in 2013 ver0.1

  1. 1. LEARNING CAFEWORKPLACE TRENDS FORUMLooking back at 2012. What is coming in20136 December Thursday, 12 – 1.15 pm, EST
  2. 2. Webinar Information ParticipationDate & Time: 6 Dec 2012Webinar ID: 167-581-272 Any questions pleaseConf Call : +61 3 8488 8981 send it via Q&A box orAccess Code: 264-335-630 raise your hand. Phones or PC speakers on mute till you are readyParticipants Toolbar to speak. This session is being recorded for replay. This is a discussion amongst peers, we would love your thoughts and comments.
  3. 3. Integrate Making Learning, Practitioners Learning Building L&D Performance Forum Work in the Capability & Real World Knowledgeperformance professionsCommunity of experienced learning & Blog Magazine Capability Webinar Building Discussions Workshops Learning Cafe Personalised and Flexible UnConference Coffee Catch Ups Sydney Feb 2013 Twitter Linkedin Facebook
  4. 4. Learning Café UnConference 2013 • A professional development event with a difference. Facilitated sessions by Experts No exhibitions or sales. Innovative structure Limited seats – 100 ($300 Early Bird 275) Contemporary topics and trends 95% wanted to come back next year. Focus on Effective Developing Leveraging Synthesis &Stream Leads Performance Learning our profession Technology Integration Michael Eichler. Bob Spence Nicola Atkinson Rob Wilkins Peter Davis Jeevan Joshi Head of Learning Thought Leader Head of Learning Head - Learning Learning Cafe IAG Group Ashurst Aussie Home Loans
  5. 5. CapabilityDevelopment Blended Learning Approach PractitionersStrategic Focushappening onthe day ?What is
  6. 6. Webinar RegistrationsPanel ANZ Australian Unity Blended CBA CBH Group Dept of Family & Comm Services E&Y IAG ING Direct PWC Sean O’Toole SAI Global Michael Eichler Les Lisz Siemens Starwood Hotels Director of L&D Sydney Adventist Community Sr Manger – National L&D SuncorpServices Division - Learning & Manager at the TP3 NSW Dept of Australian Red Cross Vinculum Group Leadership Devp UTS Family & IAG Blood Service WestpacCommunity Servs * More Moderator Jeevan Joshi Chat with Your Background the panel questions
  7. 7. Our Online Panel Discussions in 2012 EffectiveLinking Learning Outsourcing of Learning on aLearning to the Gamification Learning tighter budgetBottom Line Enabling Technology Focus on Performance Influencing Branding of Performance Learning70:20:10 Learning Support Learning Stakeholders Capability
  8. 8. Blog themes..Performance Support and Social UniteInformal learning: formal recognitionWhen Social means Business … The rise of unstructured & Walk a mile in my shoes and Learning informal learning Councils Assumed Constraints and Elephant ThinkingGartner’s top tech 2012 predictions: Impacton learning at 3 levels Fortitude – the mix of intuition, courage and boldnessThe Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessonsfrom Real Implementations Changing theOpen source in corporate learning – The Cutting the learning mindsetneed to take it seriously. technology hype
  9. 9. From Learning Café Conversations Technology has enabled 2012 2012Learning spend has delivery of greaterremained static but the volumes and hastraining money is being provided more flexibility -spent in smarter ways. Virtual Classroom is being increasingly used. 2012 2012Effectiveness is being L&D is undergoing a slowachieved through listening but discernible structuralto business and change. Experience withchallenging stated technology enabled/perceived learning needs learning is now a key skill.when required
  10. 10. Overall Trends LearningLearning Activity & Spend Volumes Source of funds Importance of Perceptions about Learning Effectiveness
  11. 11. Observations - Sean• Leveraging the value with large scale change management processes• Investing in demonstrating ROI with long term evaluation processes• Developing a range of L&D options retain and promote minority groups (Aboriginal staff) within the social welfare sector.
  12. 12. Effectiveness of Learning Governance,Frameworks and Instructional EvaluationEvidence Based Design Management Class Room Online Innovations
  13. 13. Observations - LesA move from Learning: To Performance:• Content • Context and application• Cost • ROE• Volume • Value• Just in case • Just in time• Water cooler chat • Global chat• Service provision • Business partnership• Learning separate from work • Learning and work integrated
  14. 14. Industry Trends -Sean• Ongoing development of senior executive staff (occurring across the NSW public sector)• Developing the career pathways for Aboriginal people in the social welfare sector• Increasing the profile and options for informal learning experiences via internships with new hires.
  15. 15. Focus on PerformancePerformance Business Case Links to other Coaching & Focus and Bottom Line Functions Mentoring Leadership Technical Compliance Onboarding
  16. 16. Industry Trends - Les• Further movement along each continuum• Further blurring of boundaries between learning, knowledge management and work• Coaching managers to implement 70/20/10• Further change in the skill mix required in our industry - business acumen, focus on performance rather than learning and demonstrating value
  17. 17. Leveraging Technology Use Links to other Effectiveness Innovation Demand Functions Online LMS Mobile Content
  18. 18. Developing Our ProfessionStanding of the Profession Diversity Capability EngagementDelivering Value CPD
  19. 19. Learning Café Observations• Budget for learning will remain same or reduce but more will be demanded from the money available.• Learning will have opportunities to deliver value to the bottom line if they recognise the opportunities.• Emerging learning delivery methods such as gamification is likely to by pass L&D, unless it is proactive.• L&D as a profession in Australia requires a higher benchmark for CPD to evolve and grow.• L&D professionals not making the “digital leap” will face challenges posed by user and technology demands.
  20. 20. www.learningcafe.com.au http://bit.ly/lcafedec12 Looking back at 2012. What isblogs coming in 2013 6 Dec, Thurs 12 pm ESTfree resourcesWebinar recording, ebooks, L&D frameworkslearning conversationsworkshops learningcafemagBuilding Effective Employee Social NetworksUnConference 2013 http://bit.ly/lcafefbSydney Melbourne