Training Seminars [Nov Dec 2007 Schedule]


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Training Seminars [Nov Dec 2007 Schedule]

  1. 1. Training Seminars Nov-Dec 2007 Schedule
  2. 2. Introduction This is a schedule of training seminars to be conducted by Jayz Internet Solutions during November and December 2007. All seminars for 2008 will be announced during January 2008. The seminar descriptions found in this schedule are only brief overviews; more detailed seminar brochures are available on request. Tailor-made seminars can be arranged for companies and organisations. Location Currently all seminars are conducted at the Bandwidth Barn (BWB) in Cape Town central. We are open to requests for seminars at other venues, please contact us to enquire. Expansion During 2008 many seminars are planned for the Gauteng and KZN regions. If you want to have a seminar hosted at your venue, or if you would like to assist us in finding venues in these regions, please contacts us. A Web Strategy Company Jayz Internet Solutions The company was established in 1999 and is currently focused on providing Web Strategies for small businesses. We offer Development, Consultancy, and Training services in the areas of Web 2.0, Web Marketing, and Customer Service. The Trainer Jamaaludeen Khan has a long career of training in both formal and informal training environments. He has held several positions lecturing on various subjects in IT at the national institution Rosebank College (2004, 2005, 2007). He is an expert in web technologies and passionate about marketing and networking. He writes regularly on technology matters at the Jayz Internet Solutions blog, visit it at View his LinkedIn Profile here: View his Facebook Profile here: Training Seminars Nov-Dec 2007 Schedule Office: 021 409 7097 | Fax: 086 660 2894 | Email: | Web: Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Title Date Times Description Cost The Web 2.0 Sat 08.30 - This training seminar seeks to clarify Web 2.0 R750 Explosion 17 Nov 14.30 (blogs, wikis, rss, podcasts, etc) – what it is per and where it’s going. It is essential for person companies to embrace this phenomenon – the Mon 08.30 - benefits are huge, and knowledge of the Web as (6 hr 26 Nov 14.30 a platform can supercharge internal and session) external relations and communication. Companies may have been talking about Web 2.0, but many have not implemented it yet. Using Tues 10.00 - Social Networking is fast becoming an essential R450 LinkedIn and 20 Nov 13.00 aspect of business and networking. LinkedIn per Facebook for and Facebook are extremely powerful tools if person Business they are used effectively. This 2 hour training Sat 10.00 - seminar covers the basics of creating powerful (3 hr 1 Dec 13.00 business networks of quot;connectionsquot; and session) quot;friendsquot; online. A Web Strategy Company Advanced Wed 08.30 - Blogging has become a key feature of Web 2.0 R750 Blogging 101 21 Nov 14.30 – and thousands of new blogs are created every per single day. This seminar seeks to explain the person Sat 08.30 - concept and meaning of blogging, and how to 8 Dec 14.30 go about setting up a successful blog. Social (6 hr Media, RSS, Blogging Best Practices, and session) Podcasting are some of the areas which will be covered in the 6 hour session. The seminar is designed for non-technical business people who want to empower themselves and participate in the “Blogosphere” – and do so effectively. Using Sat 10.00 - LinkedIn is a very powerful Social Networking R450 LinkedIn for 24 Nov 13.00 website for experienced professionals. LinkedIn per Recruitment boasts over 15 million profiled users who are person Tues 10.00 - networking online – and who represent over 11 Dec 13.00 150 industries. Each user is a “high-quality (3 hr passive candidate” – and this is a goldmine for session) recruiters and HR departments. Using Online Tues 10.00 - Customer Service is of paramount importance R750 Technologies 27 Nov 16.00 in any industry, and has become more crucial per to Enhance with the advent of the Internet. Being part of a person Training Seminars Thurs 08.30 - Customer global marketplace means competing on 13 Dec 14.30 Nov-Dec 2007 Schedule Service international standards, and customers are (6 hr becoming accustomed to high standards of session) service. This seminar is open to all, but is designed specifically for the Tourism Industry in South Africa. The course approaches the subject from an online technologies angle, and suggests methods of enhancing the customer experience by means of web interaction, email communications, sms, and networking online. Office: 021 409 7097 | Fax: 086 660 2894 | Email: | Web: Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Notes Training material and refreshments are provided at all seminars Seats for all seminars are limited, early booking is essential All costs quoted include Vat at 14% 20% Group discount when 2 or more delegates from the same company are attending 20% Discount for all delegates from registered Non-Profit Organisations More detailed seminar brochures (for each individual seminar) are available on request Bookings Booking for these amazing seminars is simple. Choose your booking method: 1. Online bookings - Click to 2. Email bookings - Send an email to 3. Telephone bookings - Call 021 409 7097 Testimonials A Web Strategy Company I’d like to thank you on behalf of all of us that attended from SMC Enterprise. The course provided us valuable insight into web 2.0 and how we can better market, not only our company, but also our products. Junaid Osman – SMC Enterprise ( ------------------------------- Thank you for a fantastic workshop yesterday. I found it very informative and am eager to start putting to practice the things I have learnt. Please keep us informed on future workshops, I especially would like to attend the one on Facebooking for business. Linda Brown – Liquid Lime Studios ( ------------------------------- Shukran for the informative workshop this morning. Will be using some of the info for a white paper im busy writing now ;) Training Seminars Helped alot :) Nov-Dec 2007 Schedule Rafiq Philips – iDrive ( ------------------------------- Thanks for the interesting workshop this morning - I enjoyed it very much! Now I just need to get familiar with this stuff - and have fun doing it. Thanks again. Keep me posted of any other workshops you may have. Laura Denton – The Performance Network Group ( Office: 021 409 7097 | Fax: 086 660 2894 | Email: | Web: Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Jayz Internet Solutions Address: 5th Floor 125 Buitengracht Street Cape Town A Web Strategy Company Office: 021 409 7097 Fax: 086 660 2894 Mobile: 076 604 2778 Email: Web: Training Seminars Nov-Dec 2007 Schedule Office: 021 409 7097 | Fax: 086 660 2894 | Email: | Web: Page 5 of 5