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Inspire Management at Scrum Australia 2013



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Inspire Management at Scrum Australia 2013

  1. 1. INSPIRE MANAGEMENT Bernd Schiffer 10/04/2013 Scrum Australia
  2. 2. REST ORGA Pro Re Nata IT IT IT Soft- REST ORGA ware Studio IT IT IT permanent changing Enter- REST ORGA not Scrum Scrum prise IT IT IT
  3. 3. But what about the rest of the organisation? Enter- REST ORGA prise IT IT IT
  4. 4. Scr um
  5. 5. Sc ru m
  6. 6. Scrum
  7. 7. Sc ru m
  8. 8. Be Agile everywhere in an organisation.
  9. 9. The Story of the Reason by Douglas Adams
  10. 10. I’ve seen too many Agile adoptions die, because the organisation didn’t change! Graves in the Sun by Sascha Wenninger
  11. 11. The Monkey, Banana, and Water Spray Experiment by G. R. Stephenson
  12. 12. Eureka! aka Aha! effect
  13. 13. Egg of Columbus Columbus Breaking the Egg by William Hogarth
  14. 14. PUNISHMENT
  15. 15. PUNISHMENT SW ER A N - ishment P un p it al Ca
  16. 16. you just me
  17. 17. you just me SW ER A N m e - ou a nd en y tw e st Be Ju
  18. 18. The Nine Dot Problem Task: Connect all 9 dots using exactly 4 straight lines, without retracing or removing your pen from the paper.
  19. 19. The Nine Dot Problem Task: Connect all 9 dots using exactly 4 ER SW retracing orx straight lines, AN without bo - t pen removing your he from the si t de paper. nk ou Thi
  20. 20. Col- laborative Teams Money Infrastructure AMI Decisions Customer and Innovation Mastery
  21. 21. Open Salary Structure Particular case of Open Books, where employees know each others’ salaries Open Books and are able to reference Business figures are accessible them in a company wide Profit Sharing by employees, and employees context. Employees are substantially are trained to understand these business figures. benefitting from the companies profit. Peer Salary Determination Salary Self-determination An employee’s salary is An employee’s salary is determined by peers chosen by determined by themselves. the employee. Money
  22. 22. Organisational Retrospectives and Retreats All employees of an organisation frequently gather to reflect their past, plan their future, and connect to their present. Collaborative Open Space Technology Meeting form to exchange Infrastructure ideas and connect people without having a formal agenda. Slow Communication Way of communicating asynchronously to have more uninterrupted flow moments.
  23. 23. Organisational Partitioning The organisation consists of teams, Team Empowerment and every employee is part of one Teams are autonomous, self- team. organised and cross-functional. No Job Title or Happiness Index Description A niko-niko calendar is used to Employees don’t measure happiness within a team have job titles and and company wide. job descriptions. Reverse Accountability Hiring through Team Managers are accountable to Fresh engagements are hired employees. and dehired by the team. Teams
  24. 24. Konsent Concrete Experiments Form of decision making within Changes to the organisation are made teams or whole organisation with concrete experiments including a where a decision is made when specific time to run and a hypothesis nobody has a reasoned veto. the outcome can be compared to. Simple Rules True North A minimal set of rules instead of A range of unreachable goals a huge amount of documented helps the company to channel instructions to make regulations energy by having a direction. within an organisation. Delegation Clarification of the level of delegation is essential for collaboration. Decisions
  25. 25. Mastery Peer Feedback Employees have peer groups which give regular feedback on the employee’s performance and help him or her on their further journey. Mentoring and Coaching Mentors help employees to find their next career steps, and coaches help employees to grow personally. 360 degree evaluation This is feedback trough the wisdom of the crowd. All of the company’s employees give small feedback to everyone they know in the company. Chess Kings and knight by Andreas Kontokanis
  26. 26. Slack Net Promoter System Work time in which an Having a tight feedback loop Work on Sight employee is free to work with the customers about Every employee on whatever he wants. products and services. has contact with the customer. Innovation Days Time span in which the whole organisation concentrates on creating concrete innovations. Customer and Innovation
  27. 27. Organisational Sociocracy Retrospectives/ Open Retreats No Books Job Title/ Description Reverse Accountability Open Profit- Salary Col- Sharing Structure laborative Teams Money Open Infrastructure Slow Space Communication Hiring Happiness- Technology Index through Peerbased Salary Salary Self- Team Determination Determination Team Empowerment AMI Slack Konsent Concrete Delegation Experiments Decisions Peer Work Customer Feedback Innovation on Sight and Innovation Days Simple True Rules North Mastery Net Mentoring 360° Promoter & Coaching Evaluation System
  28. 28. Semco • Delegation • Simple Rules • Team Empowerment and Organisational Partitioning • Hiring through team • Reverse Accountability • Open Books • Profit Sharing • Salary Self-Determination
  29. 29. • Hiring through team • Slack • No Job Classification • Peer Feedback • Peer Salary Determination Valve
  30. 30. Atlassian • Reverse Accountability • Happiness Index • Innovation Days • Peer Feedback
  31. 31. What happens when you inspire others! Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party
  32. 32. Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party
  33. 33. You can’t copy culture! Source:
  34. 34. Do Management Experiments + =?
  35. 35. Inspire! found on
  36. 36. Sources for Management Inspirations AMI Introduction • Article: Agile Management Innovations – a Primer • Video: How Agile and Lean Changed My Organization In-depth description of an AMI Community • Article: Slack to the Rescue • StoosNetwork AMI Background • Book: The Human Side of Enterprise by Douglas McGregor (about Theory Y) • Book: The Future of Management by Gary Hamel (about Management Innovations) • Book: Drive by Daniel Pink (about what really motivates us) • Article: Autonomy at Work - the Pull Principle AMI Companies • Book: Maverick by Ricardo Semler (about Semco) • Handbook: Valve's Handbook for New Employees • Post: 4 tactics to change from directive leadership to a self-correcting organisation
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