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Opportunities for Community Based Learning @ Hatboro-Horsham


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A flyer created to give to students and parents interested in considering a community based learning experience.

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Opportunities for Community Based Learning @ Hatboro-Horsham

  1. 1. Why elect Working Initiatives Pathways to Success Pathways to Success (WIN)? Community Learning Options: One of the distinguishing elements of a Service Learning I .5 Credit Work in a job related to your career goals • Hatboro-Horsham education is the Get paid (Juniors and Seniors) • opportunity for high school students to learn Clarify career goals • in the community by electing to participate in Gain experience to add to your resume • Service Learning II .5 Credit Service Learning, personalize their senior Become more prepared for the job • (Seniors) year by creating a one-of-a-kind Internship, market and post-secondary education experience work that complements academic Make contacts for a future job search • Senior Internship I 1 Credit Possibility of permanent job offer upon experience and future goals through Working • graduation Initiatives (a work-study option), volunteer in WIN credit is determined by classroom Senior Internship II 1 Credit • the HHHS community by electing Hatters time (1 credit) and hours of work (15+ Helping Hatters or learn during the summer hours per week = 1 additional credit, 25+ Bridges (Summer Internship) .5 Credit after your junior year through Bridges (an hours per week = 2 additional credits). (after junior year) alternative student internship opportunity). Meets the criteria for graduation project • service hours Why participate in Working Initiatives (WIN) Service Learning? (Seniors)2222222 2 Credits Why consider Hatters Helping 333333333333333 3 Credits Hatters (H3)? Links school to real life experience • Hatters Helping Hatters (H3) Allows you to quot;make a differencequot; in the • (Sophomores, Juniors and H3 is a new opportunity for students who • community Seniors) want to serve within the high school. Enhances your critical thinking skills • Examples of opportunities include but are .5 Credit • Improves interpersonal and human • not limited to: tutoring other students, relations skills working with teachers and special needs Provides you with an opportunity for children in the high school, supporting the • To learn more about each course TV studio, designing and developing web career exploration and potential job and to find out which one is pages, assisting with technology, contacts developing databases, and working in right for you go to page #52 in Provides you with a greater understanding • various high school offices and/or with of social issues the Course Selection Guide. the athletic director. Opportunities are Documents work experience and skill • limited and are needs based. > development Pass/Fail • course selection Meets the criteria for graduation project • Does not meet the criteria for graduation • service hours project service hours.
  2. 2. Why complete an Internship? Pathways to Success Colleges and employers alike are coming to • expect to see internships listed on the resumes of potential students and Community Learning employees. An internship is a great way to get an • inside glimpse of a company, an industry and a particular occupation. It can help you discover if the career you are considering is right (or wrong) for you before you spend time and $$$ on post- secondary educational programs. Many times internships turn into job • Post-Secondary Education offers. All the more reason to do an internship and to take the job very seriously -- it is the first impression you make on someone who may be a future employer. Senior Internship meets the criteria for • graduation project service hours. Bridges: students eligible to participate in • Bridges Internship program (limited availability) may use this experience to Questions? meet the graduation project service hours Service Learning Contact Mrs. Fox Internship in the Student Success Center Bridges Sue Fox Community Learning Coordinator Hatboro-Horsham High School Working Initiatives (WIN) (p)215.420.5684 / (f) 215.420.5524 Hatters Helping Hatters