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Learning cafe workplace trends forum change management ver 0.3


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Learning cafe workplace trends forum change management ver 0.3

  1. 1. Learning Cafe Workplace Trends ForumManaging theChange ofLearning 3 May, Thurs 12 pm EST Next Forum28 March, Thursday, 201312 - 1 pm, EST Learning Design Is it delivering the promise ?
  2. 2. ParticipationParticipants Toolbar This is a discussion amongst peers, we would love your thoughts and comments. Any questions please send it via Q&A box or raise your hand. Phones or PC speakers on mute till you are ready to speak. This session is being recorded for replay.
  3. 3. Integrate Making Learning, Practitioners Learning Building L&D Performance Forum Work in the Capability & Real World Knowledgeperformance professionsCommunity of experienced learning & Blog Magazine Capability Webinar Building Discussions Workshops Personalised and Flexible When you want it. How you want it UnConference Coffee Catch Ups Sydney Feb 2013 Twitter Linkedin Facebook
  4. 4. Learning Café UnConference -Developing Our SummaryProfession –Pierre De Villiers Deloitte Jeevan Joshi – L CafeEffective Learning Leveraging TechnologyBob Spence Ryan Tracey – AMP Focus on Performance YouTube Channel Michael Eichler- IAG
  5. 5. Learning Café Awards Recognise , encourage & sustain, excellence & innovation in organisational LearningDeveloping Improved Supporting Experienced andthe Learning Business credible panel BusinessProfession Learning Team Results and Outcomes Robust Selection Development Methodology Through Performance FrameworkPierre De Villiers Learning Michael EichlerDeloitteNicola Atkinson Intervention IAG David Le PageAshurst OthersOthers March Awards announcedLeveraging Effective AprilTechnology Organisational Learning Integrated Awards open Learning Mid MayJeevan Joshi Learning Technology Submission sLearning Cafe Design TBC May End-Rob Wilkins Architecture ShortlistingAussie Home Loans. interviews Early June Awards announced Details –
  6. 6. Learning Design Next Online Workplace ForumIs it delivering the promise ? 3 May, Thurs 12 pmHave we restricted ourselves to simple Sydneysequential design frameworks which areadequate for complex and integrated learning ? ExperienceIs learning design mostly focussed on Sharingcompliance or systems training ? BetterAre our Learning Design processes mature and Practicesdo we keep improving them ? ExperiencedWhat are some of the some of the emerging Panelmodels ? Can be borrow from game and socialmedia design ? Register at web site orDoes the capability of Instruction and Learning need to be enhanced ?
  7. 7. Webinar RegistrationsPanel Allestis Australian Customs and Border Protection Australian Public Service Commission Australian Red Cross Baxter Healthcare Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Cape Group Coca-Cola AmatilMichelle Ockers CBA Mark Busine Dept of Business & Innov Rowena Maxwell Ernst & YoungNational SupplyChain Technical General Manager – GrainCorp Change Team IAG Capability NSW PwC Manager QBE AMP DDI. Seertech SolutionsCoca-Cola Amatil Serco Sodexo Siemens Ltd Sinclair Knight Merz Moderator & Skillsoft Smart Sparrow Design Sodexo Jeevan Joshi Telstra TP3 University of Sydney UTS:INSEARCH Chat with Your Westpac Background the panel questions * More
  8. 8. Change Management Timeline Jeeves
  9. 9. Current trends Jeeves More or Increased Use of Engagement and Awareness of the methodologies, earlier integration need for and value tools and with project language management Training and Leadership Resources certification supportProscis 2012 edition of Best Practices in Change Management
  10. 10. What are the current approaches/trends for managing change forLearning initiatives ?
  11. 11. Models ADKAR by PROSCI Lewins 3 Stage Model 7-S Model McKinsey Awareness Strategy DesireRefreeze Unfreeze Structure Systems Knowledge Shared Change Values Ability Staff StyleOther Models Skills Reinforcement• Kotter’s 8 step change model• Chin & Benne’s “Effecting Changes in Human System”.• Beckhard & Harris Change Formula (DxVxF) > R
  12. 12. Your experiences with ChangeManagement for Learning Initiativesor Projects.
  13. 13. CCA Supply Chain Technical Academy Michelle Future State Current State National approach to capability Significant recent capital investment, management, supported by Supply supported by sound Operational Chain Technical Academy. Readiness program. Academy to provide national Ongoing capability development – technical learning and assessment State responsibility: independent, materials, and certification programs, inconsistent approach. Tendency for and to create an effective learning new capability to degrade over time. environment. DevelopingMission TechnicalBuild deep, flexible technical capability across SupplyChain, and develop technical excellence in our people. Excellence
  14. 14. SCTA – Key Impacts MichelleIdentified through consultative impact assessment and stakeholder analysis.Key Impacts Description Knowledge and practices of adult learning to be developed andAdult Learning embedded in all technical capability roles, SMEs, trainers &Knowledge assessors (who are in all in operational roles).Roles & Modified and/or clarified responsibilities for a range of positions.Responsibilities One new role. One new position only.Processes & New or modified processes, use of existing tools in new orTools different ways across all SC functions and geographiesCapability Skill requirements defined in a single national Capability matrix.Matrix/EA These need to be aligned with Enterprise Agreements.AlignmentNational learning Development of national learning programs (which will replaceprograms some at State level), supplemented with State programs. Resourcing/funding of development and maintenance of learningTraining programs. Investment of time and budget in training and skillinvestment assessment at State level.
  15. 15. SCTA – Strategic Level Change Michelle Creating Climate for Change Strong Executive sponsorship Coalition – Academy Steercom & Capability Community Joint development of vision, branding, tagline Change management plan Engaging & Enabling the Organisation Communication across all levels SME engagement & development Common skill definition Leveraging / replicating current best practice & platforms Design, development & implementation of priority programs Trainer & Assessor training Implementing & Sustaining Change Further program development & maintenance Ongoing communication Capability KPI/Reporting Communities of Practice Key role succession planning
  16. 16. SCTA – Strategic & Project level Michelle • ADKAR model formally adopted by CCA Supply Chain (unlike Kotter). • ADKAR training module as part of Operational Excellence program (OE is CCA’s continuous improvement program). • ADKAR change plan produced for development and implementation of specific learning programs at national and State level. • Also applied as a second ‘perspective’ on overall strategic change.
  17. 17. Challenges Case Study Mark• Insufficient involvement to build needed commitment Professionals Services Firm• Managers don’t understand - What Worked Well changes that need to occur• Piecemeal approach to • Communication change dissipates attention • Guiding Coalition• Unwilling to change • Alignment of Systems and established systems Processes• Managers dont know how to manage change • Sustain the Energy and• Employees don’t understand Focus how change will benefit them • Skills to manage change• Employee’s don’t understand and operate in the new their new roles/ environment responsibilities
  18. 18. Do the changeapproaches differ fortechnology enabledlearning ?
  19. 19. AMP L&D example - Application of Burke & Lewin Model to CRM & BPMS Project Rowena Unfreeze Change RefreezeUn-Freeze: Change: Refreeze:• ‘A Day-in-the Life’ packs for • Continuation of access to full • Recognize success each team eLearning & QRG Library • Implement post change• Ongoing engagement /Comms • Complete ‘Model Office’ Activity support model• Procedure updates Workbook in system training • Lessons learnt• Working Groups environment • Make enhancements • Attend short F2F training• Access to full eLearning tutorial • Internal advocacy and and QRG Library session ownership • Completion of another 2• Complete Online Assessment 1 • Usage tracking/reporting System Simulation• Super User upskilling • Communications Assessments • Content integrated into BAU • Post go-live support Induction programs • Working Groups • SME Groups • Product Champion Groups • Buddy system
  20. 20. CRM & BPMS L&D example cont’d Rowena
  21. 21. Many Learning professionalsare skilled in changemanagement (and visa versa).Does this result in better resultsdue to closer integration ?
  22. 22. Are the change approaches forLearning meeting the needs to beresponsive and agility ?
  23. 23. Learning Café Point of View• Change Management and Learning at joined at the hip.• Adequate attention and budget is not allocated to Change Management for Learning initiatives.• Change Management given very little attention for online Learning (build it and they will come !) Resource for Learning Café• Change Management needs to become more “agile” and “personalised”. Community
  24. 24. 3 May 2013, Thurs 12 pm ESTfree resourcesWebinar recording, ebooks, L&D frameworkslearning conversationsworkshops learningcafemagBuilding Effective Employee Social NetworksUnConference 2013 Melbourne
  25. 25. Learning Café Awards Awards to recognise and encourage and sustain excellence and innovation in Learning Improved Business Experienced and Learning Team credible panel Outcomes Development Through A Robust Selection Framework Learning Methodology Intervention March Awards announced April Organisational Integrated Awards open Learning Mid May Learning Technology Submission s Design May End- Architecture Shortlisting interviews Early June Awards announcedDetails –