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Edjewcon Globally Connected Educator


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Let’s explore the why and how of globally connected learning. From Global Competencies, connections, collaborations and communication to tools and projects designed and created for your students to investigate the world, bring in perspective, knowledge, skill and disposition.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Edjewcon Globally Connected Educator

  1. Globally ConnectedSilvia Rosenthal Tolisano Educators
  2. onnected globally c t does a look like?Wha educator
  3. Ignorance)of)HOW)the)Country)fits)into)a)Wider)World
  4. Only)37%)of)young)Americans)can) find)Iraq)on)a)map
  5. )20%)of)young)Americans)think))Sudan)is)in)Asia
  6. 50%)can’t)find)New)York)on)a)U.S.)map
  7. 6)in)10)young)Americans)dont)speak)a) foreign)language)fluently.
  8. Young)people)in)the)USA)are)unprepared)for)an) increasingly)global)&)interconnected)future.
  9. 9)in)10)(89%))do)not)correspond)regularly)with)anyone)outside)the)US.
  10. In)an)era)of)ubiquitous)interconnection,)global)awareness)does) not)mean)simply)learning)about)other)cultures,))foods)and)Scott McLoud holidays.
  11. 21st)Century)Teachers)&)Learners)))recognize)that)everything)is)connected
  12. Investigate the World
  13. Recognize Perspective
  14. Communicate Ideas
  15. What does it mean to globalize the classroom?
  16. How can I prepare my students for THEIR future?
  17. How can I become a globally connected educator?
  18. Global Issues and News
  20. Be)Web)Literate:)Add)Global)Perspective)to)your)Searches
  21. Use Translation Tools
  22. Offer Collaboration & Help
  23. Don’t be a Wallflower
  24. Don’t Shout out into the World
  25. Upgrade
  26. Seek Collaboration Partners
  27. Connect, Trust & Share
  28. Participate in Global Conferences
  29. My#Personal#Learning#Network#
  30. Resources
  31. Teddy%Bears%Around%The%World%
  33. Flat Classroom Projects
  34. Global AwarenessProjects & Reflections
  35. Student Blogging Challenge
  37. Image&Credits&•  Upside&Down&Globe& photos/jenmaiser/ 3694740123/&•  Drill&by&Mike&Fisher& photos/grade6kms/ 5103565561/&&&