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Creating a Professional Development Learning Hub for your School


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Teachers and administrators struggle to find time to work and learn together in meaningful ways. There are plenty of meetings scheduled. Many teachers leave these meetings though with the feeling of “could have spent my time doing more important things”. How do we squeeze in one more meeting to help teachers grow as professionals? How do we add one more opportunity for teachers to learn important new skills, listen to one more educational consultant, one more expert on a new initiative? How do we give teachers the time to learn with and from their own colleagues? How can teachers learn from what is going on in the classroom next door?

Build a Professional Development Learning Hub for your school!

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Creating a Professional Development Learning Hub for your School

  1. PD Buildinga for your school 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Build a Hub Document Share Feedback Connect Learn Together Silvia Rosenthal Hub
  3. FlipGrid 1 Download the FlipGrid iPhone or Android app. 2 3 Register for an account. Enter a Grid Code: 4 Record your video pdhub
  4. an online Hub SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches Build 1.
  5. Why crowdsource anytime customize personalize engage curate learning share anywhere conversation in make visible SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches an online Hub Institutional Memory reflective culture
  6. crowdsourcing
  7. Institutional Memory
  8. FlipGrid Reflect on the WHY behind a professional development hub? What are the reasons you feel your school would benefit from a hub to document, share and reflect for your faculty and administrators?
  9. Characteristics of an online Hub documented shared open for feedback archived searchable aid in process of writing & reflection for schools SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches
  10. Challenges time not comfortable sharing building a culture of sharing embed a culture of expectationsself-directed learning self-motivated quality of contributionsreflection techskills basic learning clear SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches of an online Hub for schools
  11. FlipGrid Share a challenge you or your school is facing in creating and growing a Professional Development hub to share learning. Share your solution to the challenge.
  12. Steps to an online Hub Platform Content Expec- tations Model Visible Build Set Choose Make Learning Support Use Basic Tech Skills for Schools SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches
  13. Platformsof an online Hub for schools
  17. Colegio Goethe Buenos Aires Argentina
  18. Colegio Goethe Buenos Aires Argentina
  19. ToolsAppSmashing Paper Fiftythree iMovie Quicktime PicCollage Garageband Clips Explain Everything Moviemaker Jing Skitch AudioMemo
  20. best practices SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches Document 2. learning failures ideas brainstorm successes process
  21. Documenting Learning Making Thinking Visible, Meaningful, Shareable and Amplified January 2018
  22. OF DOCUMENTATION AS FOR LEARNINGMake the “Do” Visible Make the “Thinking” Visible Make the “Learning Visible” LEARNING LEARNING Snapshot artifacts Display Self & others CURATION explanation, InterpreTAtion of artifacts Curation decision making for capturing & Explaining
  23. Student Learning Layers Documenting Learning Student Primary Learner Student Learning Teacher Learning Best Practices Teachers Primary LearnersAdmin Primary Learners Teacher Secondary Learner Admin Secondary Learner Community & Network Secondary Learners Teacher Primary Learner Teacher Primary Learner Institutional Memory
  24. DOCUMENTATION Metacognition Why? MakeThinkingand learningVisible Reflection Evaluation NowLiteracies
  25. CHANGEsets Cogs in motion Documenting FOR/AS Learning Policy Ownership ofLearning Now Literacies Learning Networks Evidence of Learning Branding Identity Teacher Observation Assessment & Evaluation Community Education Pedagogy & Heutagogy
  26. SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches 3. curate disseminate open visible resources Share
  27. It is no longer enough to do powerful work if Chris Lehman ” “ sees one
  28. Blogs
  29. Pinterest
  30. Twitter Amplification Curation #Hashtag
  31. Give SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches Feedback 4. timely Reciprocal commit to add value
  32. BlogCommenting
  33. TwitterRe- Tweet,Comments & Replies
  34. Quality
  35. for projects SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches Connect5. to crowdsource tidbits as a way of learning
  36. Extend Learning with Skype call w/ Bena Kallick
  37. Collaborate Together Learn 6. resources perspective link patterns contribute create find SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches add unique skill
  38. HashtagsDocumenting and Sharing School Learning
  39. isolated face2face reaching Google Hangout Crowdsource out share
  40. FlipGrid Now what? What will be your next step in learning together and sharing as a school community? What will you set in motion when you get back to school?